3 Legendary Movie Manhandle Kisses to Model Your Kisses After | Girls Chase

3 Legendary Movie Manhandle Kisses to Model Your Kisses After

Chase Amante

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manhandle kiss
3 classic manhandle movie kisses that made women melt on-screen and in the audience. Plus, the breakdowns for how to kiss women the way these men did.

Eight years ago we introduced manhandle kisses, those magical, manly kisses that turn a resistant or hesitant woman to one who melts into you.

Watching/seeing is often better than merely reading, though, so today we’re going to look at a few examples from cinema history.

First, a caveat on manhandle kisses: if you can’t read women well, don’t use manhandle kisses. Save them for when your experience levels are up and your instincts honed. If you’re in the West, be somewhat careful with manhandle kisses regardless your skill, instinct, and experience levels. Most Western women fortunately aren’t false rape accusing nutbags, but there is a moral panic in swing in the late 2010s English-speaking world, and it’s gotten trickier than when we ran the first manhandle kisses article way back when.

If you can avoid being a complete doofus about these kisses, though, a manhandle kiss is an awesome, mighty way to make a splash with a girl who was on the fence about kissing you... or who’d grown gun-shy after all the buildup to the kiss.

Below you’ll find three (3) legendary manhandle kisses taken from movie history – plus, the analysis to go with them.

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