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A Young Man's Progression Through the Game

Chase Amante

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progression through the game
Follow the journey of a young man from shy and dateless, to improving with women, to living the dream… and what happens after.

Dan trudges off to his Thursday morning class, another long day in an endless sea of them ahead. The sole bright spot for him is the girl with brown hair and glasses. She will be there. She’s always in his Thursday morning class.

When he gets there, he grabs a seat, then looks around, waiting for her to show up. She hasn’t shown up yet. The class slowly fills. Some kid takes the empty seat to his left. Damn, he thinks. I hoped it’d stay empty until she gets here. Close to class start time, he sees the girl with brown hair and glasses walk in. He stares at her; her eyes search the room, looking for seats, then briefly meet his. He thinks he sees her smile, but she quickly looks down. She hurries off to a far corner of the room to take one of the few remaining empty seats.

All class, Dan thinks about her. He waits at the end of class, packing his books up slowly. He glances over toward her – it seems like she’s packing up slowly too. At last, after most of the class has filtered out, Dan makes for the exit, and so does the girl with brown hair and glasses. He lets her get right in front of him. She doesn’t look at him, but she glances down and wipes her hair back over one ear. He can’t tell, but he thinks she might be smiling. He feels like he should say something – this is his chance! – but he doesn’t know what to say. The both file out of the classroom; she heads off in one direction. Dan’s headed the other. He slowly walks away from her.

He doesn’t feel bad though. He feels even more certain she might like him now. And next class – he knows – will be the one he makes it happen in.

The semester passes this way. Many days the girl with brown hair and glasses doesn’t notice him or give him any signs, and he thinks she’s lost interest. Sometimes she gives him some little look, or plays with her hair while almost glancing in his direction, and he thinks she must like him still.

Once she sits two seats over from him, and he almost says something to her. He spends the entire class full of nerves, pushing himself to say something. In the end, he tells himself it’d be too awkward trying to talk over two seats – he’ll wait for a better opportunity. Next class, he’ll get a better opportunity.

As summer turns to autumn, then autumn to winter, the semester draws to a close. The fallen leaves on the ground are covered by a light dusting of snow. Finals are over, and it’s time for the students to head home for the holidays.

“Maybe the girl with brown hair and glasses will be in one of my classes next semester,” Dan tells himself.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.



William Blake's picture

hip swing and orgasmic correlation DOI link is broken! But if you delete the last / at the end of the link, it works.

Chase Amante's picture

Good catch, William - corrected!


Atra's picture

...brown hair and glasses? Tons of women have highlighted hair and contacts....

Chase Amante's picture

Who said anything was wrong with brown hair and glasses?



Atra's picture

Now deleted.

poll's picture


Can one be like Tony Stark?
He's at his core a nerd with nerdy interests (physics etc.) so he most likely spends his time with his inventions etc. Like all scientists and driven men, his mind is at all times consumed by what he is doing.

Yet how does he manage to build this charisma? Most people like him, with genius intellect level and focused on science/math types of stuff are NERDY AND BORING. So is Stark's charisma realistic given most people like him are too busy to focus on developing it?

I'm a nerd btw and I'm really interested to know if one can be Tony Stark.

Thank you.

Chase Amante's picture


Are you familiar with Howard Hughes? He's the real life charismatic "genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist" Marvel's Tony Stark is based on.

There's also Richard Feynman, the humorous, charismatic Nobel-prize winning quantum physicist who worked on the atomic bomb. He talked a fair bit about how he worked out a strategy to pick up women; there's an article on his technique here.

So yes, definitely possible. Totally doable. Only reason for a brilliant guy to lack charisma is if he doesn't care to invest any time to develop it. Hughes and Feynman are just a couple of standout examples; there are plenty of others if you go looking.


Kola's picture

Hi Chase! Hope you are doing good man!

Do you know any "sexy things" to do with glasses? Not game changing things but small, fun sexy mannerisms that may channel interest.
Girls do these things to tease and it has got something appealing about it. Check this out : http://i.imgur.com/nGrFZfl.gif?1
What can we guys do with our glasses that may replicate that kind of effect?

And just to be sure, having the temple tips touch your tongue like the example above is not sexy for guys right?

Chase Amante's picture


Off the top of my head, you can adjust them (best: don't push up on the bridge of the glasses; instead, use thumb and forefinger to grasp the frame around one of the lenses, then lift up and out a bit, before placing back into position), and that calls attention to you and does so in a "I am checking you out" sort of way.

You can also raise them flirtatiously:



Sam Bergeron's picture

Great article!

Not only was it inspirational, it was also really fun to read! I’m gona get out there and try even harder tomorrow.


visitor's picture

Very good article. touching. very lifelike and easy to read. and imagine the situations. a nice view for the game. More stuff like this would be nice time to time. thank you.

there’s always another girl to meet.

jdog93's picture

Good one! It may be interesting to write an article about the guy that hears about game but never goes on the journey. That could be pretty powerful story for guys to hear.

A-jay's picture

I second this. It's good to know what's coming for the optimistic guy. But I think it will be just as great to know what another guy might be missing out on.

Chase Amante's picture

jdog and A-jay-

Thanks for the suggestion, gents. I might do this. Have to be careful with it to avoid straying into the land of melodrama though ("... and because he never learned game, he spent the rest of his life alone / married an ugly fat chick who divorced him and took all the money, assets, and children").

I think I'd probably focus on the guy as a sort of Mr. Settle. He settles for okay game, settles for an okay job, settles for an okay chick, settles for an okay you name it. Or maybe do the guy who foregoes game and concentrates only on career/business... I've dealt with quite a few guys like this who don't want to bother with dating skills and hope career/business/money can carry them the whole way, and they end up with plenty of money but still having terrible relationships even if the girls they find are not necessarily bad people. Maybe talk about a guy like that.

I'll mull it over some more and see if there's a good note I can hit here without getting too dramatic or looking like some kind of biased "game is the only way" piece.


Lion_Dick's picture

Thats a good story Chase.
Great perspective.

Theres a lot of gravity for me in the conclusion, that life does go on.
If you let it, life can pass you by which,
I've let happen for the last 5-10 years.
Not awake, switched off to a lot of things - pre GC that is.

Your articles here on GC have kick started the beginning of a much better life for me.
You've motivated me and empowered me with this secret language that i could never quite see.

Emotion's picture

Hey C,
It's obvious that articles like this want to provoke emotional chord to strike. For me the last part strikes the most, as a harsh reminder of "it will pass". It's easy to forget yourself while being 20+ but getting older is there around the corner. Great reminder for not wasting time. Maybe I will fall back to routine of ignorance, but that paragraph striked me emotionally harder than anything I've read in past 3 years. Wow...

Art's picture

This was beyond refreshing to read—thanks, Chase!

Has anyone noticed how women can sense if you don’t foresee a future relationship and put their guard up/ auto-reject? And then the women you DO want to become intimate with can sense a ‘strings-attached’ neediness, causing an imbalance? I’d love to get some insight on balancing attainability when being handsome yet shy. I get all kinds of signs from women that I’m excited to unlock, yet they can tell if it’s “real” or not very quickly and move on if the vibe isn’t real.

Thanks again for everything over the months and years, also looking forward to talking with Cody Lyons about shy guy approach. Loved the podcast about earnestness/ resolve. That describes my vibe exactly.


Chase Amante's picture

Glad you liked!

Has anyone noticed how women can sense if you don’t foresee a future relationship and put their guard up/ auto-reject? And then the women you DO want to become intimate with can sense a ‘strings-attached’ neediness, causing an imbalance? I’d love to get some insight on balancing attainability when being handsome yet shy. I get all kinds of signs from women that I’m excited to unlock, yet they can tell if it’s “real” or not very quickly and move on if the vibe isn’t real.

Yes. This is absolutely a thing. Women can sense what your intentions are. The stronger those intentions are, the better they can sense it (because the stronger they are, the more they show).

I'll see if I can do an article on it. Though the best way to solve it is to go 'intentions free'; outcome independent, essentially. The other way to solve it is to improve your poker face - and actually you should try to do both, since you will always meet women you get stronger intentions toward, and at that point you need to be able to remain cool and somewhat inscrutable.


Heidi's picture

There are some movie characters out there girls comment on being really hot. Sometimes, I don't get it why they are considered sexy.
Here are a few cases:
1. Jack Sparrow- He's dirty, drunk and walks funnily. Why would girls find him sexy? Is it because they know its Depp?
2. Joker (Heath Ledger)- I mean, his face is covered with paint and he's crazy.
3. Loki- Isn't him a bit too feminine? Long hair, effeminate face?
4. Sean Connery's Bond- Craig and Brosnan are much better looking, plus Craig has an incredible physique. Yet, the majority of women agree that Connery is sexier. Why is that?

They are all cool characters but super sexy? Or maybe girls say sexy but actually mean cool?

Chase Amante's picture


Nope, Jack Sparrow is not because girls know he's Depp. Edward Scissorhands and the Mad Hatter are Depp too, but girls don't find them sexy. Sparrow has a number of qualities women find attractive:

  • He's a womanizer. Women like womanizers
  • He's a pirate who takes stuff from others and bests people
  • He does flashy/sexy/interesting things with his hands
  • He does this sexy squint thing and mocking shrugs/grins

Ledger's Joker moves with a predatory prowl (sexy), his mannerisms are extremely powerful and deliberate (sexy), his eye rolls and contact are uber dominant (rolls his eyes and looks away all the time / acts bored while others are talking), he meta frames everyone (continually tells everyone what they are doing at a higher level than those people consciously think), and dominates everyone around him (extremely sexy).

Loki is a stereotypical Byronic hero (something women find intoxicating). Brother in the shadow of a more powerful brother destined for the throne, with a tragic background (discovers he was an abandoned infant, and the "monster parents tell their children stories about at night"), who hurts people in a bid to be loved. Long hair is sexy so long as you have the masculinity to back it up, and Loki's maneuvering for the crown and willingness to challenge his powerful older brother in single combat certainly marks him as sufficiently masculine.

As for the Bonds, Craig and Bosnan are boring (though I enjoy their movies). Being pretty or having abs is good if you are it or can get it, but it does not come close to raw sexual magnetism. Sexiness comes down to a lot of non-raw-looks-based features... I talk about some of them in this article.

I also analyzed Connery's sex appeal in particular in this one.

They are all cool characters but super sexy? Or maybe girls say sexy but actually mean cool?

Generally speaking, the cooler a girl thinks a guy is, the sexier she thinks he is too. The two go hand-in-hand. A very cool man = a very sexy man.


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