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Pickup Priorities: What to Focus on in Each Phase of a Seduction

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priorities in pickup and seduction
Knowing what to focus on in each phase of a seduction will facilitate a smooth end game. Get your priorities straight, and all else will fall into place.

Hey, guys. I’d like to finish off our discussions on frame control for now and transition into other subjects. Today’s article will cover priorities in pickup.

Instead of making an overly long series on frames, I decided to move on to a topic where frames play a major role but focus on a universal issue that I see many up-and-coming seducers struggling with – their priorities.

They may know all the right theories and the right tech. Perhaps, to some extent, they have their calibration in check, and their timing is decent. It is true that if you have all these covered, you are already pretty good, and you are probably getting a lot of results. However, I often see those guys not having their priorities straight. In other words, they focus on the wrong things at the wrong time or focus on the right things, but at the wrong time.

Yes, you will have different priorities. Are logistics important? Hell yeah! But are they important when you have not yet talked to the girl? Yes, they are still important, but you have other things to worry about.

That was an extreme example, but it gives a good impression of the theme of this post. So, what we will do in this post is to go through a textbook interaction and discuss step by step the best priorities to have within different phases as you progress.

Now, obviously every interaction is different, and many exceptions will occur. Of course, it’s impossible to cover every potential scenario. So I will give you an idealistic model on how most interactions take place, and how you can correctly prioritize things. Even though some interactions will follow different structures, I believe these rules will give you a good starting point that applies to most of your interactions. And even if your interactions follow the typical textbook course, there may be nuances that force you to make exceptions and change your priorities – something that is required quite often in pickup. In this case, do not be afraid to fail, as failure will give you invaluable field experience.

Therefore, this is yet another argument for why field experience is vital, because it gives you a better idea of how to adapt to different scenarios, including less common ones. But for now, let’s talk about the general rules.


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