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How to Use a Wingwoman to Pick Up Truckloads of Girls

We’ve all heard of going out with a wingman. That one friend (or two) whom you can always rely on to have your back and give you that extra bit of courage to brave day game or the bars and clubs.

Your wingman evens the playing field and can help you bring home a pair of cute girls. But… not always. In fact, if we want to consider what actually happens, most wingmen won’t even help you some of the time. In most situations you’re much better off going out alone and finding both self-reliance and success that’s suited to you.

However, what’s not talked about enough is supercharging your success… with a wingwoman. This can be a fun and effective way to boost your results with women, and have a great time in the process.


Today we’re going to talk about the wingwoman method: why it works, whom to choose, and how to go about it for the best results.

Colt WilliamsAbout the Author: Colt Williams

Raised in the American Midwest, Colt Williams made a name for himself in dating with a style based on soulful poetic seductions and playful dance floor antics. His style is all about inspiring girls and drawing them into one’s world. You can book phone coaching with him here, or get a copy of his guide to getting laid on Tinder, the product of months of study and experimentation by him on the medium.


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Richard's picture

Fantastic article Colt!

I absolutely love wingwomen!

Everyone who doesn't already do this, do it!

Troy's picture

Hey Colt, I have a question for you. How do i know where to start using the articles on the site. I've recently worked on overcoming my depression. I recently started making friends. It wasn't this way before when i was bullied and teased which left me friendless and deep in depression. I dont mean to vent about the negative. I really believe that constant practise makes perfect and in getting more stripes. I've read all the articles on However i am at a sticking point and i just dont know where to start applying the articles on here. There is a lot to learn and a lot that can go wrong. I know this would be different for every person in terms of a complete beginner, somewhat intermediate and up to advanced.
Ok, i might say that for a begineer if depression or bitterness is the problem then they work at that first. Then for the advanced last sticking points is mastering relationships, dating multiple women, female orgasm and advanced female understanding.
Well this sounds like a great thing to finally reach, however as i learnt from this site that we should focus on 1 habit at a time and not doing more than 3 things at a time. So how do i know what habit to build before the next. Let me give you an example: fashion, preselection, making friends, eye contact, body language, facial expressions and everything else on here to learn e.t.c.
How would you put these examples in order from easiest to hardest things to learn, to maximize work efficiency and to not tackle the cart before the horse eg. having lots of sex before making girls comfortable. What would be great for the readers on the sight is an article showing most of the articles on the site in the sequence of beginner to advanced as a guide. Hopefully you understand what im saying. I think you and Chase would be able to break this down and be perfect for the job. It feels good that we get bang for our money so Thanks Colt for the work you do and keep up the good work.....
Cheers, Troy :)

Farr's picture

I always thought having a lot of female friends was a good thing, but never really considering using them for something like this. This is just brilliant and felt so right. I will definitely consider it, however I am not one for clubs really, but I am sure it could work in the city or something.

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