How to Dress Case Studies Series, Pt. 1: Flings with Good Girls | Girls Chase

How to Dress Case Studies Series, Pt. 1: Flings with Good Girls

Chase Amante

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Darius Bright's picture

how to dress case study
In How to Dress Case Studies 1, Darius puts together 3 outfits for a guy whose aim is fun, casual flings with “good girls”.

Hey guys,

This will be our first “How to Dress: Case Study” article in what I hope to be a very cool and interesting three part series.

In this case study, we’ll be constructing an image tailor-made to help its wearer have more flings with what he’d consider “good girls.”

Because this is the first piece, let me quickly explain what you’re about to find. Over the last few years, I’ve shared with you a wide variety of articles meant to show you how you can use clothes and fashion to maximize your attractiveness:

And with this article series I’d like to show you how all the know-how we’ve covered so far comes together in real, actual situations. In other words, we’ll take three different guys and tailor their image; we’ll build specific outfits that would work superbly in their lives.

Now, because I didn’t want to just make up these unique situations, I reached out to some of my own site’s long-term readers and asked if they would like to participate.

From those who responded, I picked three unique situations in terms age, complexion, body type, climate for which we’ll tailor the image, and their goals with image and women. This way we’ll be able to cover a lot of ground and increase your chances of finding some useful tips you can implement in your image.

Lastly, to keep the privacy and anonymity of the volunteers, I won’t be sharing their full photos or full names. The subject from our first case study I’ll refer to as S.


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