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How Should I Dress? Men’s Guide to Sexy Going-Out Attire

how should I dress
How should I dress if I want to meet girls and look good? If you ask yourself this, you’re on the right track. That’s because styles change based on their target audience.

It’s that time of day again – time to go out and meet those beautiful women!

As you’re getting prepared you hit the shower, brush your teeth, shave or style your facial hair, then style your haircut and maybe spray on some cologne.

You’re feeling refreshed, and as you look in mirror you can’t help but catch yourself thinking “Looking good, man, looking damn good.”

Then you open your wardrobe to choose the outfit for the occasion.

Except, which one?

Most of us have our favorite go-to outfits that we rely on to get the job done as we’re heading out to hit the streets, a bar, or a club, or simply for meeting that cute girl over drinks later in the afternoon.

We go for this outfit (or outfits) without much conscious thought and hope that the overall image we end up with will work well enough to give us a chance to work our magic. At least this is how most guys tend to approach their image and style.

But with this article I would like to give you an alternative, showing you that you can use your image – the way you dress and present yourself to the world – as an advantage to do some of the “heavy lifting” before you even get a chance to open your mouth.

On top of that, I want to show you firsthand how much control you really have over how you appear to the world and how easy it is to better manage the first impressions you’re making when you’re out in the field.

My last goal with this article is to debunk the myth of “the perfect look” and “one-size-fits-all” advice, then help you answer a seemingly simple question: “How should I dress?”

Darius BelejevasAbout the Author: Darius Belejevas

Darius Belejevas is the dating industry's go-to expert on looking fashionably sexy. He upgrades clients' looks... And turns them into head turners and lady killers. You can learn more about his master class in looking sexy via the link below:


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Mr. B's picture

Seeing as I'll be in Boston this winter, I need to dress warmly.

I think this is badass as fuck:

Would you say that this is a sexual look?


Mr. B

Darius Belejevas's picture

Hey Mr. B,

I mostly agree - it does look cool! Few things: you'd need to be above average in height to pull it off, also the ripped jeans part should probably be skipped for winter :)

If you'd like more tips on dressing in winter, I have a full guide on it:


Mr. B's picture


Just finished reading your winter article - thanks for that :). When you say above average height, what's that mean?
I'm at 5'11", bald (which apparently adds an illusion of 2" or so, and people think I'm 6'-6'1" because of it.

Also, is it cool to rock deep red in every outfit? If so, in my mind, the logical way to do this without needing too many clothes would be to make the coat a deep red and wear it all season.


Mr. B

Darius Belejevas's picture

Long coats like that will visually create an illusion of being slightly shorter, so you need to have the baseline height to afford to lose a couple of cms.

Yes, red is a great color, though I personally prefer burgundy as its easier to wear in an outfit as it plays nicer with other colors (if, on the other hand, you go for potent red, you're bound to build all your outfits around it). A coat in dark red / burgundy would look great if you can find one.

Agent's picture

It's been really long since you've posted man... nice to see you back!

Man you've got an attractive physique! That's just about the look girls go nuts for.


Darius Belejevas's picture

Hey Agent,

Thanks man!

It's nice to be sharing my articles with you guys again :)


Lawliet's picture

Hey Darius,

I'm glad to see your articles again!
I came across them and then realized you haven't been here.
It was a loss to the site, but here you are again.
Welcome back.


Darius Belejevas's picture

Thanks, Lawliet!

It's a pleasure to hear that you've been enjoying my work.


Lawliet's picture

Hey Darius,

After rereading your article again and again, I have some questions for you.
I realize the element I've been missing the whole time, despite of all my HARD HARD work on fundamentals, girls don't look at me.

Your illustrations really helped me get WHAT it means to be top sexy look.
Also, your tip in your book "Don't wear worn clothes!"
It just all came together! *Click* in my brain.

Without further ado, here are the questions.
Hope it won't be too long (I tend to be a detail-oriented person)

1. What are your thoughts on hoodies and certain type of casual wear (I'm not sure what it's called, but there's category of casual wear that LOTS of people wear you never addressed, and hoodie is one of them)? Caps also another.

I have never seen these in your articles at all!

2. What's your thoughts on hats?
You haven't addressed this much either.

In the summer time or any sunny day, I have read your article on making perfect skin.
One of them is protection from the sun.
So I went to even use an umbrella during the summer time.
Now, that's not very fashionable, needless to say.
Girls ran away, it was hilarious!

Digress, I was in a suit for my job (hate formal wear, like casual unfortunately), but it still looked good.
So I walked next to a girl, open by "oh I just noticed you", and then she ran away!
Maybe my umbrella.
But I was laughing so hard!

Anyway, what are some hats that can protect our face from the sun and look good?
And let's not go into those sunscreen face masks now... ;)

3. Making my own minimalistic wardrobe

Even though I'm working, I want something that also can be packed in a suitcase and go just like you!
However, I'm also not earning a billion dollars to buy excess amount of clothing and seeing which one fits better together.

What are some guidelines I can use to build my 6 outfits just like your examples?

For day and for nighttime :)

3b. In your book, you mention about standing out.
I have the balls to do that!
I yearned for that while waiting for you to come back ! (Ok, needy much! But I know you know the answer I'm searching for a year)

Guidelines to standout in what we wear

4. Clothes care - keeping your favourite pieces long lasting and not worn quickly
This continues on your "Don't wear worn clothes" from your book.
You mention wearing Hugo Boss T shirt, and it's no good anymore.

Hugo boss is expensive!
And we aren't millionaires...yet
Anyway of keeping them long lasting so our wallet doesn't cry in the long run?

5. Combining clothes to build a remarkable look!

In the article, you say first impression is key!
I wouldn't agree more!
But each look require different combo and different "what works and what not"

How do we build a spectacular combo look for any theme we want?

6. Lastly, you mention certain look attracts certain girls!
You wouldn't believe how much I bug Chase about calibrating for different girls.
Can you list the characteristic for each and know which theme look fits which girls?

7. Also I have serious acne spots (actual lump scars) below my jaw (between neck and jaw)
It's one of my insecurities and I think it affects my fundamentals. What should I do?

8. For skin care, how do we make our skin have a clean look?
In your book, you say you have acne scars, but I don't see them!
Your face looks so clean!

I have acne scar and black dots too. What do you do to get that refreshing look?

9. Finally, budget wise.
I don't have money to get hugo boss (yet!).

What are some ways to get really max our fundamental in looks department without becoming a bankrupt vagabond lover?

Your book helped me a lot! Thank you so much again!
You are definitely one of my most respected teachers!

I know you have other books too, and I'll get them as soon as I have the money!
Can you help me resolve all these questions?
I'll put all my effort in and none of your advice will go wasted!
This might be what I need to push pass that sticky point.
You'll save my life (literally I was almost giving up)

With all respect in the world,

Darius Belejevas's picture

Hey Lawliet,

I won't be able to answer all of your questions here, at least not going into proper depth as some of them deserve an article on their own (or have their own sections in my course). But we'll get you started:

1. Hoodies are great for going to the gym, wearing around the house, outdoors-y activities and so on but in terms of creating sexy outfits they are pretty bad - most of them are baggy, have big pockets around the torso that make you look like you're sporting a beer gut and often have goofy, meaningless prints them (i.e. sports team name, date, etc.). In theory, I'm sure there are great looking hoodies that don't have those issues but finding one is like finding a unicorn.
1a. Caps are fine if you're 16 or so, but this should be the cut-off age in most situations. Stylish hairstyle beats caps any day. That said, it is possible to pull them off and have a great look but in 9 out of 10 cases it makes the look worse, not better.
2. As for other hats. Most guys - myself included - cannot pull off hats like fedora and look great, it really takes an X factor to do so. Beanies and such can be great in colder weather, especially if you can't sport a stylish haircut.

As for protection from sunlight, in the article I was talking along the lines of wearing sunscreen, umbrella seems a bit much :) Unless you some severe skin condition.

3. This is the topic that I won't be able to properly cover here as majority of my course The Wow! Factor focuses exactly on that and it took me few hundred pages to really cover every nuance and consideration.

That said, the simple way is to create a few "I'm getting laid tonight!" looks (amazing looking outfits that present you in the best light and are tailored for specific situations/vibes) and add a few interchangeable-versatile items on top (usually tees/shirts/maybe an extra pair of jeans) so that you don't have to stay at home when its laundry night.

4. I've only recently started investing in better quality clothes. For better part of the decade I mostly wore clothes from H&M and Zara price range, which is definitely affordable. Even that long-sleeved shirt from Hugo Boss was bought from Nordrstrom Rack that sells overstock and it was like 50-70% off. That shirts lasted several years of heavy wear until it finally reached the point where I would consider it "worn out". In other words, over its lifespan it cost me pennies a day. If I'm unable to afford that, I'd focus on increasing my earning potential first.

And yes, taking good care of clothes will prolong their lifespan but eventually all clothes will need to be replaced, just like you replace something like toothbrush.

5. Once again, that's hundreds of pages worth of question haha Check out the style inspiration article ("6 outfits to wear...", "5 outfits to rock..." on GirlsChase and I have a lot more on Sexy Style for Joe), in those articles I explain why certain clothes work/don't work, where to pay attention in those particular cases. Alternatively, check out how the "pros" are doing it on instagram: or Pinterest. Pay attention to the combinations and see how they are combing clothes in an outfit.

6. I'll consider writing an article on this :)


8. There are no easy answers but you should start with building a morning/night skin care routine that includes washing and moisturizing at the very least, exfoliating is also advisable but in most cases not daily. On top of that, watch your diet, stay hydrated, get plenty of rest. Over time your skin will start clearing up, just be patient. In severe situations, it makes sense to visit a professional to investigate in person and advise.

9. (See answer to 4.)

Hope this helps :)

Ergon's picture

Hey Darius!

Good to see you back. I always learn something from all your articles (even the ones that are not about fashion).

I just have a few questions. For your dress up looks are you wearing black skinny jeans or chinos? I can't really distinguish from the picture. Also, is your vest plain black?

I've been trying to adopt a more dress up image lately, because I've notice I dress like your bold outfits, but doesn't work that well precisely with the smart stylish women haha.

Darius Belejevas's picture

Hey Ergon,

In these examples I'm wearing black slim fit jeans form Zara (slim fit from Zara feels like skinny fit on most other brands as you can see). The vest is in dark grey and subtle check pattern. I currently own two vests and both are in check.

Here's another variation of a dress up look but with skinny smart chinos in navy check (from Selected)

Hope this helps,

HG1940's picture

Thanks for the article and the free ebook.

Question, what is your opinion on the early James Bond suits? There is this excellent blog on Bond suits where the author criticizes Daniel Craig skinny suits and Sean Connery on the other hand gets high scores for excellent fit. Do you think Sean Connery suits are outdated? I would really like to know. Maybe this is no relevant because, I mean, I seldom use a suit myself, but fit seems an interesting topic. Are suits boring for ladies? I really like Sean Connery as a raw model.

Darius Belejevas's picture

This is a really interesting topic and yes, I remember the outrage after Daniel Craig was put in a skinny suit.

But first, no, suits are by no means "boring". Actually, a well-cut suit can be extremely sexy in the right situation. The thing is that probably only 10% of guys (maybe less) have the lifestyle where they can wear a suit on a night out, without looking way over the top overdressed.

Now, regarding Mr. 007,

Looking purely from aesthetics, I can't agree that skinny suits are in any way inferior to classic cuts. On the contrary, when you have the body like Daniel Craig in his James Bond movies, its easily the most sexualized, flattering cut he could rock.

That said, we could make an argument that modern skinny cut don't suit the Bond character or that Daniel Craig as an actor is too old for these and should stick with classic cuts. You could even say that skinny suits are impractical in the movie's universe as it would slightly restrict Bond's movements and it's kinda a big deal when you're in a life or death situation. I don't necessarily agree with that (after all, we did update the Aston Martin in Casino Royale, just like we did with his "gadgets"), but I can appreciate this line of reasoning and it does make sense.

I think the problem - if you can call it "a problem" - is that a lot of men glorify the traditional/classic cuts and deem them the epitome of menswear. I don't agree with that, just like I don't agree that we should go back to the last century when "men were men, and women were women" as it has a distorted, one-dimensional understanding of what masculinity is/can be.

Now, do I think that the traditional cuts are outdated in general? No. I think they are superior if you're in your 40s, 50s and beyond or simply need to go for the most professional look. And it's the same with using Sean Connery as a raw model - sure, past a certain age he could be a tremendous model to look up to but not when you're in your 20s or 30s, as it will generally end up being incongruent. In other words, don't try to look/act older and wiser before you actually have the life experiences to back it up.

HG1940's picture

Thanks for the amazing and detailed reply. More questions though. I do have the age, I do not look the age, or so I've been told. Nor do I have the wisdom or success. that is one reason I guess I cannot pull it off. Just one other thing: I am not as muscular as Mr. Daniel Craig, I am slim, should I go for slim fitting clothes anyway?

Your comments make sense. We men always try to do old school or make laws and rules. What we think is sexy is never as accurate as what women actually appreciate and deem sexy.

Thanks again.

Darius Belejevas's picture

"Wisdom and success" are relative. What I meant was life experiences and that's something we all get - more or less - as years go by, whether we like it or not :)

As for your question. Yes, I'd probably skip skinny suits, but slim cuts are a good place to start and see how you feel/like the look. As you're slim, you don't want to rock a suit that looks like you could fit two of you there.

HG1940's picture

Thanks Darius, I look forward to more of your articles.


Lawliet's picture

Thanks Darius for your answers!
I'm very grateful for your help. It means a lot!

I would love to see your course and book!
Sadly, no money yet. Hoping if you have promotion or discount, otherwise, I'll just have to wait until I get enough :(.

About #4, is there a procedure to makes clothes last longer?
Washing machine vs. dry clean or handwashed.

Re: Haircuts
You briefly mentioned about your haircut in your book.
How do you know a haircut fits your face?

$60 haircut a month is expensive!

Re: Raincoats and winter jackets.
You know those water proof jackets for wet regions? (pun definitely intended)
What are your thoughts on those?

Re: Article on types and style
Looking forward to it!
I'm East Asian and somehow can't get Asians in Van...

Re: Skin care
I followed your article on moisturizing and exfoliating and washing it.
But there's some people who have skin that catches people's look, and some who don't stand out.
I saw your picture and it definitely has that special aura!

Whereas when I saw myself on camera, my skin doesn't.. "stand out".
I'm not sure what exactly it is, but it's more darker despite of me being East Asian.


Darius Belejevas's picture

- Regarding clothes maintenance. First and foremost always read the labels and see what recommendations they have, different fabrics require different care. In general you will want to wash the clothes as infrequently as you can (without wearing sweaty/dirty clothes) by rotating them and letting them air-dry when unworn. I machine was most of my clothes but on lower temperature and the gentlest setting it has. But yeah, read the labels, some clothes can't be machine washed at all.

-Regarding haircuts: I currently spend 21 eur per haircut, every 3-3.5 weeks (shorter hairstyle require more frequent "touch up"). Though the price will naturally vary based on where you live.

-They make sense in terms of utility and I've seen great looking designs, just like I've seen horribly ugly ones, it really depends on the specific item.

-Skin care. It's hard to pinpoint what exactly causes that "special aura" but in general its the result of your lifestyle: having quality sleep/rest, at least decent diet, exercising, low stress levels all play a significant role in how "glowing" your skin gets.


Lawliet's picture

Online, and in stores, there are lots of resources for women to improve their looks!
Then I read this on your Wow! Factor, and it was exactly what I'm going through!

For guys, there isn't much!
I realized this a few months ago as I worked on myself.
It frustrated me so much! Being determined was no easy feat but then no indications of what looks good?
Oh brother!

Then ask women and friends, and they say "Just be yourself".
Oh shut up. I'm tired of this.
I spent years on myself and I'm definitely not giving into Average Joe.

And now I'm so glad to see someone also put the effort and have come out on top!
Thank you Darius!

Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to wait on it :(
Ugh, it's like a tantalizing fruit hanging above!

Vermin's picture

Hey Darius,

Great to finally have you back man!!!!
I was wondering what you thought about Double Monk Strap boots and leather black converses? I'm only 20 so I thought that the Monk straps would be abit too formal for girls my age and that they much prefer guys in converses seeing as almost 80% of people I know rock them. If you also need to know, I'm mostly going for an edgy look( going for the younger ladies).

Darius Belejevas's picture

Hey Vermin,

I like double monk strap shoes in general. But yeah, if we're talking about dress shoes then they are quite heavily on the "dressed up" side. That said, I've seen monk strap Chelsea and Biker boots and they look just simply freaking cool and aren't restrictive in terms of age (they can be quite difficult to find/expensive though).

As for leather black converse, yeah, I think they look good, though I personally prefer the traditional black & white (or red/blue & white) converse designs - they just have so much character about them. Superb piece of footwear for younger guys, going for a casual/edgy look.

Lawliet's picture

Thanks for all the useful advice bro!
I had followed your skin guide on eating healthier for months and maybe that's why my face has gotten darker.
I just remember it's probably the natural tan you talked about when we eat our veggies!
So I guess it's good?

Thank you your replies! Most appreciated!


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