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The Four Flavors of Swag

A studly swagger is more than just a walk. It’s an entire way of being. And you’ve got choices. There are four (4) kinds of swag you can adopt: circumstantial, jerk, and more.

A man’s swagger is his foundation. It is the gait of his being and reflects everything about him – how he sees the world, himself, and the relationship between the two.

Even when you are standing still, the way you walk is clear. Because the way you walk isn’t always the way you move one leg in front of the other.

It’s about how you stop and turn, how you grab things, the way you move your hands when you speak. It’s the way you stand. It’s the way you speak.

And in this article, we will discuss how to make your movement swagalicious.

Why? Because women pay attention.

I remember once at a party, the girlfriend of my fraternity brother told me as I walked up to her:

“Hector, I knew that was you I saw earlier!”

“How’s that?” I replied.

“I saw you walking around the party earlier. The way you walk through a crowd is unmistakable.”


“You...” she paused to think. “You look like you know what you’re doing. You’ve been here before and know how it all works.”

All I could do was smile. That was one of the greatest compliments I could be given.

Now, there are many flavors of swag. Let’s begin with the most basic.

Hector CastilloAbout the Author: Hector Castillo

Hector Castillo is the web’s top expert on getting laid in college. In his small town university, he went from World of Warcraft nerd to president of his fraternity in 4 years... And on the way, he bedded close to 50 women. His book King of College is due out soon. And he’s available to book for phone coaching right now – to take his potent sexual direct game and put it right into your hands.


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jackblack0126's picture

by Edward Slingerland about ancient chinese philosophy and the four schools of thought as to how to achieve perfect spontaneity (e.g., in The Zone, in Flow, Sprezzatura, Swag, etc.....) The 4 schools match up perfectly with your types. Genuine Man = Confucianism; Jerk = Laozian; Circumstantial = Mencian; and No Swag = Zhuhangzian (aka "Taoist"). It's uncanny. Obviously there is no correct answer. As you say, each has its strengths & weaknesses. And how boring would the world be if everybody was cool?

Pistol's picture

Hector, another great article. It is awesome to see another millennial erudite in the same fantasy narratives that have impacted me so much as a man- and pontificating on the ethereal nature of a true swag. This is where I believe the fifth level comes in- heroic swag.

The fourth level is when all effort ceases, one becomes totally comfortable with being uncomfortable. His physiological responses don't bother him because his mind is so dominant over his body. He's so fucking cool that he can do some goofy dorky shit and make it swag. But perhaps a fifth level would be the cohesion of this charming nonchalance with great heroic valor. Like I'm envisioning a 21st century dude saying some honorable shit Aragorn would say, totally meaning it, but with a slight mischievous smile cracking through. A flair for the theatrical and noble but with a humorous edge, like you know its a bit ridiculous but you don't give a fuck.

This is because as discussed on GC, a mission is a vital part of becoming a great man. A man whose mission is heroic in nature will be stronger than a man whose mission is based upon selfishness. A great hero will walk with a swag like a cloak formed by all those whose love has interwoven into his being.

Your jab at Chomsky also made me lol. I get your point but I'm sure he could make some scholarly chicks wet at a debate as he linguistically slaughters his foes. I have some issues with him as well but I have to respect the man.

A bit off topic but another thing I've noticed dude- literally every time I've grabbed a girl's ass I've gotten a positive response. I think this is an underutilized thing and really makes for a fun dynamic

You and Chase have a bit of a yin-yang vibe, the wise, tranquil sensei and the wild student brimming with talent. Keep it up dog your swag is off the charts and your literary style is a blast to read

Dumbass College Freshman Incorporated's picture

I'm pretty sure that's all the game I need for the next two months. I hesitate to even call this game. That's how you know it's good ;)
Please stop knocking these out of the park so me and my (in)sanity can get some rest.

Agent's picture

Hector! Superb article, as usual !

Is there any chance to see you in Chase's new program?

Agent ;)

Jimbo's picture

Sometimes I can't help myself from going jerk-swag (i.e. displaying overt swagger even when it's uncalled-for, just because). I just feel like it, like I'm so in the mood for it I can't help it. However, what I do is coat the whole thing with humor and playfulness so as to make it more acceptable and fun for everyone around. You do it in caricature but still do it, that makes people kind of suspect you're just joking but you're ultimately acting like you're the shit so they're not really sure -- saying stuff to your buddies like "you wanna go bro?! you wanna go right here?!" and then you mess around physically like push each other forcefully then laugh, to give one example. The guys remain somewhat intimidated but also kind of amused. Because otherwise when you go full jerk the guys will simply go cold on you and turn their backs, some of them permanently, and it's just not worth the lays you might get out of that, at least to me.

So yeah IMO playful arrogance is the way to go when you feel like going jerk-swag, because it still titillates the chicks (as it does take confidence even to do a caricature of the meatheade persona you're talked about and display dominance) while injecting just enough fun to not make the mood awkward or too tense and have everyone shun you. I guess that's why the cocky-funny works so well in seduction.

Jimbo's picture

Jerk-swag aside, that feeling of swag, smoothness, effortlessness, and dominance is the main reason I push myself to be good at shit, be it dancing, skating, or pool game. Nothing gives me that boost and certainty like gaining full mastery of something to the point of doing it on auto-pilot eyes closed.

Jimbo's picture

It's from a porn intro, but still: (don't miss the ending)

Jimbo's picture

Another thing I noticed is that it's the younger women who are mostly impressed by that. I'm currently seeing an older woman (38, divorced; I'm 26), and when I display my cocky, fratboyish, self-assured side (sometimes I'm just in the mood to do so), she's like unimpressed, unlike the younger chicks, including when you're approaching them the first time. When you go all swagfag the older woman gives you a face like, "Okay chill your tits, chachi."

Jimbo's picture

What Kanye was doing in the beginning of that video sounds more what girls would term "be yourself".

Jimbo's picture

This is why guys who talk a lot of shit before a UFC fight have to back it up and win by a margin equal to their shit-talking, else they suffer the wrath of critics (and if they lose, their dicks will shrink back into their bodies after the media and public abuses them).

Check this:

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