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A Few Thoughts on MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Ways

Chase Amante

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What is the MGTOW movement all about? Do MGTOWs reject women, love, sex, and society? Or is the phenomenon about something else...?

On my article “Quit Letting Girls Off the Hook So Much”, Jimbo asks for my take on the MGTOW movement:

That whole MGTOW movement. It seems to have gained steam lately. Their two main talking points are: – Women want to spend their prime years screwing around bad boys and then when they become less desirable they want to settle down with a good man to provide for them. So screw it, I’m not gonna be neither! – Marriage is a trap wherein in a woman grabs her man by the nuts because of all the divorce laws that favor her hugely nowadays and also because of her greedy nature. So screw it, no marriage from this guy!

Yeah, the whole MGTOW thing is an interesting phenomenon.

I’ve clashed with MGTOWs on occasion when they get into the whole ‘rah rah join our cause’ routine... I’m not really the club-joining sort.

But the rah rah MGTOWs aren’t necessarily representative of the movement overall. So what I’d like to do today is take a look at the ‘men going their own way’ movement and share some thoughts on it from a somewhat broader perspective.


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There is no Mgtow movement. No dues no leader, no meetings and no rules, though some do for themselves (see 4 stages of Mgtow< not a thing). There are a few websites that started a forum for men but are not the keepers of the name. The definition adapted or used by many Mgtow Is taking self ownership and choosing to live life outside the the expectations of society (ok I fudged, I forget the whole verse). But it is roughly that. It’s a trap, live for yourself. Many, including me, know that women are way to much a risk for little reward, and it’s getting worse.

Minus the newly divorced raped MGTOW many like me, will say they love women. But. We have also done the math. And seen the bias. It’s not worth the risk. The only way to win is not to play. Even dating is high risk with the Ontario courts have ordered support for an ex girlfriend to the tune of 50k a month for ten years. Never married, no kids. His sin was giving her money, paid her mortgage, lavished her with expensive gifts and vacations. So it’s his fault for treating her good, but now dating is high risk.

Many guys who adopt the general principles of Mgtow have been destroyed in family court or screwed over in some way by women. Like AA those newly crushed men rant, say mean things say bad words and in the sharing the burden is slightly lifted. Reading the postS Like AA gives men little glimpses of shared experiences and know they are not alone. Eventually they will get it out and move on with the freedom of MGTOW and live life their own way.

And thanks for being you, for the first few paragraphs it seemed you were making some valid points though done in a sarcastic or snippy flippant way. But then you let the shine out and started shamming men and passive aggressive condemnation with multiple ref to virgins. After that I just stopped reading. The “I do what I want” summation of Mgtow was obviously a sarcastic statement.

If the rest of the article was a 180 and was a fair impartial assessment then I apologize, but it’s been waited hundreds of times with the same mantra. So just like going my way, I can also stop reading things That are The same BS, But hell I really don’t care much anymore. I sometimes drop in and see if anything new happened, and low and behold the UK are tabling a law to make misogyny a crime! Or dating a new way to redistribute men’s money. Or even the APA defined masculinity as a mental impairment or disorder. Imagine that, arrested for misogyny and jailed, then court ordered to a mental health assessment where you are found to be mentally ill with masculinity.

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