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i was also a little sceptical of something that means so many different things is no movement.  And I was right it’s not a movement, It is a general philosophy for men that want to take control of thier lives and live life by thier terms,  some go full celibate, some go PUA, some date but keep it casual and avoid commitment, the list goes on.  I guess I identify with MGTOW since in rough terms I’ve practiced it for over 20 years.  Whatever name you call it I witnessed the destruction of masculinity, loss of family, money, kids pension all over and the common thread was every man went away in shock of how one sided the law is.  I was raised very traditional with my mother mostly home and my dad working 3 jobs to support 4 kids and a wife. My father was the opidamy of masculinity.  Powerful farm kid married young worked to death to fulfill his many duties and it broke my heart to sit there are watch my mother destroy him Dailey.  He was no wimp, trust me he laid me out cold the first time I fingered I was tougher with 8 beer in me at 15,  but he would sit there and take shit and you could almost see his shoulder slump carrying the weight he did.  I don’t know a single man that would stick around through that.  He stayed because that’s what men do.  The studies show that even bad patients are better the one parent.  They were married 48 years until my mothers death and in some way I think there was love.  Next I watched my older brothers get divorce raped, then as a soldier I saw returning men come home to a empty house maxed out credit and no kids.  I also saw the stupidity of quota hireing in a organization that can put you life in extream danger if the soldier beside you only had to do 3 push-ups to pass the extra low standard fitness testing.  The list goes on and after my first deployment to a shit hole I could not stand the grossly entitled females running around blaming men for everything.  So I just stopped caring, stopped dating, and lived my life. But it’s got progressively worse for men in the west.  to the point that when I was wounded and had to retire after 26 years of defending my country only to find its gone to shit, men have lost due process and are assumed guilty, complaints by women can destroy your life, my government is forcing feminist ideals down men’s neck refusing programs to men who won’t sign a pledge that glorifies some truly horrific social justive laws. I came to the conclusion that I wasted 26 years of my life sacrificing my body and mental heath on spoiled diluted Canadian idiots.  So Mgtow for me, is just that, for me.  I feel truly sorry for boys and men entering the reproductive years,  if I had more money I’d be in Panama now, screw this place