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4 Things That Will LOSE You Your Girlfriend

So let’s say you do a great job with everything we’ve covered so far in the relationship series. You romance a girl, make her fall in love with you, weed out relationship drama, and build yourself a happy, healthy, rewarding relationship. There’s no way for you to lose a girlfriend now… right?

Well… not quite.

As it were, there are exactly FOUR ways to lose your girl, and quickly.

And you don’t have to do all of them.

You just have to do ONE of them.

lose a girlfriend

Because in the case of relationships, just ONE of these is all it takes to break Humpty Dumpty to pieces and cause you to lose your girlfriend for good.

Below, I list out what exactly of these four ways are… and what the one exception is to this rule of four.

Ricardus DominoAbout the Author: Ricardus Domino

Ricardus was one of the most prolific and respected coaches in the men’s dating advice industry. He’s dated some of the planet’s most beautiful women, ranging from a Miss World contestant, to a model for Coca-Cola, to one of “Brazil’s Next Top Models.” His specialty is daytime street stops. He is most remembered for his “Are you single?” opening line. Ricardus is currently retired from the dating advice industry.

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Ironically, one of the most commonly visited pages on this website is How to Get a Girl Back.

If you go to the comments section, you'll see plenty of people asking for advice about how to either not lose their girlfriend or how to get her back after they've already lost her. The answer is plain and simple: you do nothing. For those of you looking for more reasoning on why this is the best answer, you can also check out my post in the comments section of that page which is linked below:

Do Not Chase to Get Her Back

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Great artical chase, I really enjoy some of your insights into dating and getting girls. Would you do me a favor and work on a arrival about confidence and how to build it up? I understand how important confidence is but I would like some futher insight on it.


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"Or worse – she may not have any intentions of breaking up, but her biochemistry catches up with her and she develops a crush on another man. I’m not trying to tell you that this will happen, but it can "

Ricardus, wasn't there a whole article on how to keep things like this from happening? More specifically the article was the "How to keep your girlfriend from cheating" and it explained how to keep a girl attached to you and ONLY you.

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Hi Richardus and Chase,

I started using these techniques this year after struggling to lose the nice guy persona. It has worked, I dated four girls this year. Two for a few weeks and two for a few months. Thanks for all the help!

But I do have a significant issue that I am trying to get past. These girls seem more than willing to hook up with me quickly as your techniques attest, but after a few weeks of hook ups (including good sex), they reject me on the basis that I start acting like their boyfriend.

This baffles me. For example, I would text the most recent girl maybe one or two lines every other day, we would hook up when we actually met up and she would have no problem being all lovey dovey with me. When she broke up with me, it was over text on a day she had suggested that I come over. She said that she was on her period, in a bad mood, and she didn't want to lead me on but it was really easy to do to someone as nice as me. I thought it would get back to normal after her period, but she didn't answer my attempts to communicate with her for over a week and then said that she didn't like the supposed pressure to hook up and just wanted to be friends. She acted so attracted to me when ever we were actually together, so this made me really really confused.

Similar things happened with the previous three girls, and now I am convinced that it is something that I am doing or maybe not doing. Have you guys ever encountered someone with this type of issue. I don't know, what to call it, maybe lack of post-game, heh. I have never actually had an official girlfriend, but I have dated one girl for a year. Odd, huh? Another girl in my past have even called me 'my love,' but when it came down to becoming an item, she said that she loved me with all her heart but wasn't in-love with me. These girls ranged from extremely attractive to moderately attractive, with a whole range of personalities.

I would really appreciate some insight.

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She is testing you because she actually likes you.

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Great, insightful article Ricardus. At the end you sugest moving full steam ahead and not chasing in order to be seen as more attractive and less needy, which I totally understand. However, how would you recommend approaching this if the girl felt unappreciated, or just created drama / broke up to see if you "would be willing to fight" ?

Would not chasing still apply here? Could setting up a meeting or somehow showing you're seeking her in order to fix things and put up the proverbial fight work against you?

I'm currently in this situation and have conflicting thoughts as to how to approach it. On one hand, the girl broke up a few days ago with me and seems to have wanted me to try to fight for it a little more (I didn't at the moment because it caught me off guard); on the other hand, I haven't chased nor contacted her since then (nor has she), but I'm considering meeting up with her in order to discuss/fix things.

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Hi Ricardus!

I have a question, Ricardus... If a woman tells you why she leaves, will you hear the truth or some story that she thinks you want to hear? And if her female friend asks her why she left, will she tell her the truth?

Why this question on you? Sometimes your ex tells a friend... and you get the information from that friend and it´s different from what your ex told you (if she told you at all). I was even in a funny situation where I broke up with a woman. A year later I talked to her female friend and told her about the breakup. And she was surprised because she knew from my ex that she had broken up with me, not the other way around.

What´s your opinion on women´s "explanations"? How much do women rationalize or even flat-out lie?

Thanks, Tomas

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hi i posted a similar question on another article also . I have been wondering if a girls run for another guy for emotional needs does this means looks similar to rebound phase of lack of commitment break up . I had situation for a really important gilr for me and i had those depression times that she had sex with some one when i was all alone in a very far country and that was really bad . So i want to clearfy may she going to have phases like longing or just start to erase everything in her mind

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and 80% of the ones that don’t reach it within the first five years.

and 80% of the ones that don’t, reach it within the first five years.

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Hi Chase and Ricardus,

It occurs to me that the article on getting an ex back should revolve around the points mentioned here! In my own situation, the 3 reasons contained in the article, I couldn't decide which of the first 2 applied to me, because it seems like there were aspects of both! The points raised above seem to be more geared towards reasons in a relationship for things going bad! Four reasons, as opposed to the article's 3! And 4 very unique reasons at that! And maybe, maybe it would be a good idea to go in depth into being in a relationship again with someone you recently broke up with, the emotions and tests and so on and so forth that are to be expected, since we know there's no happily ever after, and everything, including the 'playboy' lifestyle, is a full time job! And if that person cheated, and is with someone else, but won't fully 'let you be' (even when you were ready to move on, or forward, without them, until they came back and reactivated your feelings) it becomes even more necessary to know about these things!

As Chase himself has stated, a lot of guys prefer to be in well-functioning relationships! I myself have done the 'playboy' thing! Hell, usually, that's how I normally end up finding the suitable long-term girlfriend, by sleeping with several girls at the same time! But there will always end up being just one! Maybe some of us are just built that way; maybe some of our priorities in life aren't what they were in the past; maybe it's a lack of time etc. etc.

It's not that I don't know how to live that lifestyle! But knowing myself, I know that I'd rather be in a successful relationship, or maybe it's this relationship that I want to see get another chance! So when I've made myself into a strong man, who knows how to control his emotions, isn't needy or too nice, only to suddenly be thrust in a situation that happened because I didn't realise I was coming across as emotionally distant, or appearing to be taking things for granted and didn't display enough emotion in the right moment, and I lose the 2 years I invested in that relationship, which was upset by life intervening, creating an external force that made things difficult that maybe certain other things were being neglected, it rather kinda sucks!

Yes, someone who leaves you has tarnished what you had, and one or both of you are diminished in each others' eyes, but nothing is perfect, which doesn't mean it can't be great! Or that you can't leave it when you're sure that the time for it to end is the right time! Life, and people, despite all we've learned about them, remain ever unpredictable! You do after all have an article that says don't be bitter!

Hope this reaches y'all, and thanks for all the great articles!



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