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Student of the Game: 7 Long Distance Relationship Tips

long distance relationship tips I’ve been seeing more guys than usual engaged in long distance relationships lately. And it’s not an uncommon situation to end up in in our increasingly mobile world - one or both partners leaves to attend school in a different city, or even country; she leaves or you leave to take a job somewhere else in the world.

And often these scenarios are okay - at least at first. But long distance relationships have a tendency to get complicated in a hurry.

Nevertheless, you may find yourself in a situation where you either need to choose to say goodbye, or choose to be in a long distance relationship with that one special girl. Is long distance a good idea?

Today, I want to give you a number of long distance relationship tips, an overview of when a long distance relationship is okay - and when to stay away - and take a look at the dynamics of making this choice.

Colt WilliamsAbout the Author: Colt Williams

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JJ's picture

Hi, nice article again :-) only too bad that it's already too late for me.
We broke up in the end of June and she's basically ignoring/not talking to me since then. We could really talk nicely with each other and had a great connection. We promised to stay good friends, but seems like that's not gonna happen..

My question is: How do you build up a nice friendship again after a break up in a LDR? Is it even possible..?

Thnx! :-)

Kind regards,

PinotNoir's picture

I know this comment is really old, but I wanted to reply for future visitors.

I just read this article for the first time and wish I had also read it sooner haha. I even had the girl chasing me. She always texted me "I miss you" and everything else. I ended up flying to see her (this is a huge mistake as it's chasing and shows no abundance and is a waste of money/time, but I don't regret having this experience in my life [but will never do it again]).

Long story short, it fell apart after many months.

We were so close, and we were friends before. I was even providing value in her life. So after we broke up, I thought why not stay friends...

But, it doesn't happen. ANY value that you can provide in her life, she can replace locally. In fact, ANY value that she can provide in my life, I can also replace locally. The only value that she provides is in being with a woman -- but that just means you need more abundance, need to ask out and date more women.

I tried to be friends, and I initiated texts probably once every week or two. When we were in a relationship (and prior in a friendship), she was almost always initiating texts, but when we became just friends after the LDR, it dropped to ONLY me initiating texts. And, I'm not a guy without friends. I have plenty of women and men friends, but this is way too much effort and energy. Trust me.

In short, if she's not willing to put in the effort to even be your friend, forget it. You can find more girls. You can find more friends. You can find whatever value she was providing.

I'm not saying burn bridges or send a hurtful message. But, don't bother initiating or trying to make a friendship work when it won't. If she texts you, spend a second (no more) to reply back and be nice, but don't waste your time, money, or energy. These are valuable commodities in your life.

Just enjoy life locally.

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