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Weight Loss for Men: 23 Tips to Blow Your Mind

Chase Amante

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weight loss for menNote from Chase: this is our second article from Eric, who wrote last week's fantastic piece "Making Your Seductions EFFICIENT;" his article  this time around is on weight loss. I've shed some pounds myself, mainly by tracking every last calorie I ate and cutting caloric intakes and portion sizes, but Eric's got far more info on this subject than I've ever come across in one place, and he's pared himself down from a pretty substantial body weight, too. Second article straight Eric's mustered up some roundly impressive stuff. Without further ado, here he is.

As I’m laying here writing this article I’m really feeling one main thing: elation. I really love my life right now. The french use a phrase to describe this ethereal feeling; they call it joie de vivre (zhwä duh veev-ruh), and there’s really only a few things that make me feel this way:

  • Women,
  • Self-growth,
  • Diet, and
  • Exercise.

I didn’t used to be this way... in fact I used to be quite overweight. And I don’t mean just a little extra here or there, I genuinely was fat. My body mass index (BMI) was close to obese (28.5) and I hadn’t exercised in 2-3 years.

I just sat on my butt every day and played video games, eating potato chips and drinking sprite all day long.

What little social life I had was gone, or took place over the Internet. My life went to shit, and while I wasn’t necessarily depressed... I certainly wasn’t happy.

So one day, I decided to change.

Today’s article is all about weight loss for men, and how you can shave all the extra pounds you’re carrying around off (not just a few of them), whether it’s a lot (like me before) or even just a little too much around your waistline.

Because today, I want to tell you how I went from almost-obese to mean, lean, and trim instead, and why today I get women telling me how great my body is.

Eric ReevesAbout the Author: Eric Reeves

Eric Reeves is a member of the Girls Chase Forums and an occasional contributor to Girls Chase. His focus is on strategy, analysis, and power dynamics in social relationships.


Eric Reeves's picture

I've actually had experiences with people sending me a lot of references to studies about teenagers, school, and breakfast. If you search on google for "No Breakfast", you'll see a boatload of stuff come up about similar topics..

It gets flimsy when you start getting through the crap the media churns out and get down to the actual studies.

Often it goes like this:

"Skipping breakfast causes weight gain"

Wait a sec.. How can we say that? It should be more like this:

"Skipping breakfast is found in overweight teens"

That makes a little more sense.. what you're getting from mainstream fitness gurus, and mainstream blogs, and mainstream trailers, and mainstream nutritionists is that they are selling to a large audience, and need to title grab.

The huge oversight happens between the study (or sometimes before the study) and the conclusion. The overweight children for example could have problems with depression and motivation for school. This then results them in odd sleeping hours, or lack thereof. They also don't follow schedules well because of this, and eat later (or at odd times). They also gain weight because all they do is play games and eat chips.

It's the smokers and cholesterol conundrum. It's hard to say if the smoking caused the heart disease or the cholesterol when you have both variables in the study.

It's a huge farce.

As for whether you want to "believe" no breakfast... that's up to you. I do think that the chemistry and evidence supports fasting. Google "Intermittent fasting" if you're skeptical -- it's much more popular than you'd think (even among bodybuilders).

Glad you liked my article Mike :)

Knight's picture

Hey Eric,
I've stopped breakfast all together since this post originally came out. I've also started to eat better, although I do overeat sometimes. Getting better now, knowing when I'm full before my brain tells me to stop.

I bought some vegetarian bacon the other day and was wondering if that's fine to eat with eggs during my eating window. Also, in the morning instead of breakfast I have two fish oil tablets, some Vitamin C and a multivitamin. Should I keep that during the morning or take them later in the day?


Justin0's picture

"Also, in the morning instead of breakfast I have two fish oil tablets, some Vitamin C and a multivitamin."

You should avoid this.
1- Vitamin C usually has some sugar added to it so you're activating insulin which you do not want in the morning.
2- Vitamin C won't give you any energy so there's no purpose in taking it.
The same goes with fish oil. It's good for your heart but you're better taking it with meals where it will be better absorbed.
3- This brings me to the multivitamin issue. Always take multivitamins with food because most of the minerals and vitamins, especially the fat soluble vitamins, are better absorbed in the presence of food.

So, to summarize you should avoid taking this combination in the morning.

Have something that will not elicit an insulin response, like coffee or anything with caffeine that will rev up your metabolism.

Kosher's picture

I decided on starting both IF and Keto fairly heavily and stringent diet with Bulletproof coffee.
I noticed just a bit of light headedness and a bit of extra sweating. I wanted to atleast try a couple small cycling sprints just to get my BPM up and see how that goes and I can evenly say that this list happened not all at once but a couple at a time and was a interesting experience

unclear thinking
heart palpitation
dizziness(inner-ear problems)
craving sweets
coldness in the extremities

It was not necessarily painful just difficult to deal with and after that I certainly knew I was in Keto. Before a 3 Km sprint was nothing. Very interesting to see the body adapt to the conditions like that.

Jo Rohan's picture

Hi, I just discovered this site and this is another great article! Its actually motivated me to get off my video-gaming chair and change my life around!

Although I do have a question in following your article's advice.

Firstly, I'm a commercial pilot and its actually a requirement by our governing aviation bodies to always keep the blood-sugar levels at a "high", as we do require prolonged focus.

Effects even as light as you mentioned such as light-headedness, sleeping problems, irritability and "fogginess" is a big no-no as this directly impacts the pilots ability to make decisions.

Because Ketosis directly opposes this law, is there any way I could adapt to ketosis without interrupting my professionalism at work?

Richard's picture

Eric, this has probably been the most information packed article I've read since graduating from high school 3 months ago. I literally read this article 4 times over 2 weeks, and have since taken a lot of notes. So basically, the way you've established weight loss is to eat fats to not induce insulin responses, by not inducing insulin responses you're liver is almost always using excess body fat for energy causing weight loss. Restricting your eating time allows for fasting, which again causes weight loss. Genius!
Anyway, a few questions,
-During your 20-hour fasting period, do you still eat fats like bacon during your hunger? Or just strictly water/tea?
-When is the best time to eat, or what is best to eat before working out? I recently started lifting weights, and doing lots of exercises to build muscle before sleeping, and I also do Karate (teaching class as an assistant instructor for 1.5 hours) and also practice it on the bag outside about 3 times a week. What can I do for this?
That's all for now,

Bill2013's picture

Fantastic article, and I'm a huge believer in IF.

One thing though...

Under Meal Timing and Intermittent Fasting, one of your points is:
-"Your insulin resistance increases throughout the day, so insulin-spiking foods should be saved for the evening (unless you’re a powerlifter and need to get fat and strong)"

I don't know about that one. Do you have references for this? I don't know that insulin resistance occurs that dramatically in a day and also if you're eating when you are truly hungry, your insulin sensitivity should be high.

Also, I use cinnamon capsules before eating at night anyway, which sensitizes insulin receptors. Any thoughts on cinnamon?

Bill2013's picture

Also, I go about 12-13 hours of fasting. I can't make 14-16 work due to my schedule.

My eating window is about 9-10 hours long. Is this still efficient IFing? It seems to work for me but I also lift weights 5 days a week (no cardio).

Bill2013's picture

You write "Fiber gets converted to fat so you may have an unlimited amount." I believe you meant fiber does NOT get converted to fat.

Anonymous's picture

Hey Eric!

If one (me) is a (quite committed) vegetarian, and won't snack on bacon, what would you suggest? Is it a problem to begin with? (in any of those options)?


JD's picture

Hey Eric,

I am going to try the intermittent diet and eat in the 4 hour range (Warrior Diet I believe). You said you had a lot of metabolism boosters and did extreme workouts and you wouldn't recommend that. My plan will be:

Eat between 4-8 or around that general area with water and green tea whenever I feel hungry outside the window.

I was planning on eating some sliced chicken breasts (maybe cooked with the special butter you mentioned) and maybe some other light meals

And exercising during the 4 hour window (trying In sanity or maybe just weight lifting) and I would have a protein shake afterwards.

Does this look like a good plan? I'm worried about doing Insanity, its a high intensity workout and with the lack of food don't know if I'd make it haha. I want to gain muscle as well as on this diet. Thanks for any help!

Anonymous's picture

I've got a small pouch of fat around my lower stomach that I absolutely cannot get rid of. What would be my best option to thin down out of these three? I have little to no fat everywhere else, it's just this one area that I have trouble with. Thanks.

Phillip's picture

Been here before. I obsessed over my monkey belly to the point where I almost gave myself and eating disorder. So from my experience whether your a male or female this is what works.

To lose that last bit of fat I warn you do NOT cut calories. Calories are irrelevant. Let's focus on Hormones instead. Cutting calories works... Temporarily. Eventually your hormones will kick in and you won't be able to stop eating and you'll just gain it all back plus more. Optimize your hormones first through diet. I highly advise a paleo/primal diet/lifestyle. What Eric laid out in the article is similar to a paleo with a few exceptions at certain parts. There are a ton of blogs about primal living. Marks daily apple is my favorite. I ate 2-3 meals a day. Don't count calories. Fill your plate 3/4 veggies and 1/4 protein or half and half the rest should be fat(butter, coconut oil,etc). On days I could only eat 2 meals I would have bulletproof coffee for a third. I would also intermittent fast for 16 hours. So for 8 hours I would eat and I space my meals 4 hours apart which is enough time to digest which is very important. Drink water tea or coffee before meals. No need to be guzzling down gallons of water just become an animal and drink when thirsty. Next is to optimize hormones through exercise. Stop doing cardio. No jogging, no running, no cycling, no elliptical. If you play sports that's fine but don't go to the gym and get on a cardio machine unless you are just gonna walk. Pick a strength training program and do it 3 times a week. I do convict condition. Throughout the week lift heavy objects. I invested in a barbell and ill do deadlifts 5 days a week. I won't do enough that I'll be sore or even tired I just do 2 sets of 5 reps(I started at 135lbs) and I'll add 5 lbs each day for 5 consecutive days. Repeat every week. No barbell that's ok find a heavy object and move it. Get creative. Now 3-4 times a week do Sprints(HIIT). Kettlebells are the best In my opinion. 12 minutes of KB swings 3 times a week is golden. Any other form of sprints will work though. Just keep the time under 25 minutes. Do sprints(HIIT) in a fasted state. Wait an hour to eat if you can so you burn fat.

•Primal diet (don't cut or count calories!) shit ton of veggies 10+ servings if you can, adequate protein and fats
•strength train 3x a week
•lift heavy objects through out the week(this is not a workout don't get sore or tired)
•3-4x a week do High Intensity Interval training while fasted(Kettle bells, bodyweight circuit, Sprints, etc)
•no long sustained cardio
•drink water tea or coffee when thirsty
•vitamin d3 and a min of 15 minutes of sunshine daily
•cod liver oil or fish oil
•positive mental attitude
•live the straight edge(no drinking, no smoking, no drugs except caffeine)
•use stainless steel or cast iron skillet(non stick skillets have chemicals that effect hormones)
•avoid plastic when possible(use glass storage containers) never heat up food in plastic!(chemicals)
•quality sleep(stop using electronics 1 hour before bed and keep cell phone away from bed)
•use tape measure clothes and mirror for progress(no scale)
•move frequently(stretch when cooking, foam roll watching tv, etc)
•walk as much as possible
•plan ahead
•Keep good Posture
•Avoid stress

I might be forgetting something but if you follow my advice you will succeed. Just eat all that healthy food and follow the lifestyle tips to optimize your hormones and your body will do the rest. That belly will melt away and muscle will grow in its place. Any question or concerns let me know I'll be more than glad to help.

totally anonymous's picture

Im pretty damn terrible with most things on this site. scratch that ALL the things on this site.
my love life is non-existant, im terrible with girls and work with computers for a living.

But. one thing I sort of know how to do is stop my body from complaining at me for food and how to push it

basically its down to willpower, it sounds cheesy but I have things to distract my mind

I'm into games so when Im hungry I will play a fast paced game like UT, that gets my brain to focus on my hand eye co-ordination and after 30 min or so the hunger mostly goes away. alternatively when playing games Ive found eating anything will do. I used to eat crisps and sweets and stuff now I can eat carrots or anything like that and I literally feel no different. benefits of literally escaping reality through a screen

same goes for other activities, for me coding, ableton or photoshop achieves the same effect once im in the "codezone" as I call it.
that said coding has turned me into abit of a caffeine fiend so be careful I guess! :)

Also found this can be used during workout sessions, im a real techno head so using that to workout to and just picturing myself back at the club makes me forget about the workout, its like my body just does what it tells it and the mind takes over. This happens all the times at raves, during the night im fine and the day after I feel like a truck has crushed me. it isnt something I ever needed drugs or alcohol to achieve that state of mind.
It will be different for everyone in that regard, really explore all types of music forgotten and undiscovered, I truly believe everyone has that one genre that can take them to this state

other tricks is using certain apps to relay interactive audiobooks like Zombies Run on android, abit trickier to do this but its all about immersion that is the trick for me.

when I was 18 there was a laser quest in my town, if you haven't heard of it its basically paintball with toy guns that shoot lasers, usually in a building set to look like something from alien or something

its mostly for kids but the one I found with my friend had been taken over by "members" that were pretty much the local skaters, it was a haven for a teenage brain chasing skater chicks and so it went from there. they ran business as usual in the day and on Sundays when business was low they would shut the doors and have a "members night". It was strangely closer to a rave than you would imagine

so this place served no alcohol, no tobacoo, in fact since it was off the record they couldn't sell a thing, officially the place was closed.
basically, we would play laser quest all night, the speakers would have either full on techno or heavy metal or just something from a film that really got people into the moment, and having all of that coming together, the music, the skate park lunacy attitude made it so we could play constantly all night and literally nearly collapse from physical exhaustion. huge jugs of water was the only thing consumed and during that time I lost weight so fast it was literally unreal. by the end of it we were progressing into techniques used by free runners. just so we could "win the game"

and thats the point im trying to make, the human mind is an idiot, if you can convince it that it wants something it will go to any lengths to get it. it will shutdown the nervous system, override basic human requirements and push yourself so hard before totally collapsing not down to a mental capacity but a full on physical one

for me its techno, raves and games that do it. for others it may be something else but whatever it is adapt it in a way that it benefits in to achive a workout or to loose weight somehow, even if its just a side effect.

I know girls that will diet all year round just so they can look smoking at comicon, its the attention and reward during that 1 event that makes the effort worth it and its their addiction and dedication to the culture itself, I'm the same with audio design, can spend hours discussing and listening to music and as a side effect you learn alot of skills and insights and mental maturity with music related to that without even realizing it.

That is a pretty damn powerful drive. does make me wonder what things the human mind can do when you disable parts of it.
I do often think if this is what Buddhist monks do when training for years and years, to train their brain so that they can manipulate it and turn it off in certain areas like a computer.

anyway just my input.
for the record right now I have let myself slip and trying to get back into my old ways, im pretty fat, have shit endurance and my arms are a typical computer geeks. that is mostly down to my boring life, the stereotype I have slipped into within society since getting "a job" and basically loosing respect for what I am.

I was visiting this site tonight to change all that but after reading this I wanted to share my story, as I realized years later that it was easy at the time, I just did not know why

take care all,

Ahil's picture

You had mentioned that anything except fat would interrupt morning ketogenesis. So would it be Ok if I had something high fat for breakfast, like a glass of high fat milk, or butter or cheese etc.?

stef jaen diaz's picture

butter and the fattest chess would be ok, (butter is perfect), milk is high in sugar and some of its proteins trigger insuline by a different mechanism than carbohydrate (milk is food to make baby cows grow fast, big and fat)

stef jaen diaz's picture

I do a ketogenic-carnivore nose to tail diet and I only eat once per day (omad), it works wonders for satiaety and to save time, I love it.
My muscles are growing with 0 excersise ( i got lazy during the lockdowns), sometimes I dinner 12 egg yolks fried in butter ( ultra anabolic)

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