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Confused About Pickup and Seduction? This Article Will Change That

Chase Amante

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conflicting advice in pickup and seduction
If you study seduction, you’ll run into conflicting advice. Truth is, it ALL works, but not with ALL women, and not for ALL guys. The solution? Focus on these 3 keys.

These are the most classic questions of all time in the seduction game:

“What do women want?”

“What kind of guy attracts women?”

Or you hear these statements:

“Women like the strong silent type.” (cough wallflower cough)

“All you have to do is figure out her relationship with her father and act it out.” (cough not field tested cough)

You can’t do that in field in the first minutes of your conversation with her to hook, much less delve into all that to work in a strategy with effective techniques specific to her in 10–20 minutes with ANY level of stealth.

There are 50 of these; one could compile an entertaining list.

It isn’t entertaining when you don’t have an effective, workable strategy you can use on ANY woman, and you are getting conflicting information.

That combined with 20 bickering schools of pickup and seduction, and it’s far from entertaining and more like torture for new guys to intermediates.

Well, if you're confused from all that, you found the right article. I’ll lay out specific “what you should be doing” guidelines to use in field while training your skills.

I have many followers and students on the forums who write these articles and shout my name from the rooftops because of what you are about to read.

I hate it when someone teases, then doesn’t get to the point immediately. In this case, it is IMPORTANT that you understand the Y of this problem. I mean the Y as in XY.


Jigga's picture

I really appreciate the ‘believe half of what you see and none of what you hear’. Do you know I heard it through the grapevine from Marvin Gaye?

Allen Reyes's picture

Yeah not sure where I heard that specific.

Bizzy's picture

I can't really figure out what you were trying to say or what this article was all about. I think almost all PUA and dating coaches complicate things to make it look as if women are kind of different compared to us. Well they aren't. They are similar. they like sex, they feel turned on by attractive men and the fact that their body count is higher than that of a man is proof enough that women act the same way we do. The only difference is that they have 1000 times more options than we have.

This is why I disagree with this statement here:

"Then you take ten women. One wants to hump what is pretty, one is obsessed with soccer and is frigid, one is obsessed with soccer and is a serial monogamist, one is a borderline nymphomaniac and only has sex with much older men, and on and on."

Women have basically the same taste on men, they behave the same way within their gender and they they go through the same phases. When they are young they like the nice and pretty Justing Bieber type o boys, when they get older they like the hot an sexy/bad boy type and when they get past 30 they settle for providers, if they can't get with the man they actually desire. That's basically almost every woman.

Chase Amante's picture


When they are young they like the nice and pretty Justing Bieber type o boys, when they get older they like the hot an sexy/bad boy type and when they get past 30 they settle for providers, if they can't get with the man they actually desire. That's basically almost every woman.

There is a general progression like this many women follow, and it is a good overall framework to hold, so long as you understand it is not an absolute rule, and that there are many, many exceptions to it.

However, it is far, far from every woman. This one, I think, might be the piece for you.


Bizzy's picture

Hey Chase

I know the article you suggested. But here is my question to you: if women weren't alike, didn't have similar tastes and act and feel the same way about men, then how come PUA and sites like Girlschase exist in the first place? I mean how can you guys teach men here how women work without generalizing their gender? If women were so different then why should I read articles titled like "Why you should never/always do/don't do this/that to attract women"?

Allen Reyes's picture

The point of the article is exactly the question you are asking. Read it again. I am talking about conflicting pua advice and how to really game outside of that.

Maybe you are anti PUA? Which is fine, but then use your time better vs arguing here maybe? I don't like Nascar, I'm not on Nascar forums saying watching it's a waste of time.

Bizzy's picture

Man, you repiled to me twice without even answering my legit questions. I guess you just don't have any answer in the first place.

Thank you

Chase Amante's picture


Imagine you know everything there is to know about cars. You know every nuance of every make and model's engines, drive trains, chasses, performance specifications, wear patterns, everything.

New Guy walks into your auto body shop and declares, "All cars follow the same pattern. They run like new after they come off the assembly line for the first two years, then break into how they've been handled for the next five years. Then they start to have maintenance problems. By the time they hit 10 years they're done and it's time for a new car."

You tell New Guy that that is a general pattern you will see with a lot of cars, but there are a ton of differences, and many cars do not follow this pattern at all. Some cars break down inside of 7 years. Some cars last a really long time with minimal preventative maintenance. Etc.

New Guy retorts with "Well if cars are really all that different, then why should I listen to any advice telling you to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles, to check your tire pressure every 2 weeks?"

You tell New Guy that it is true, some folks say you need an oil change every 3,000 miles, some say 5,000 miles, some say 15,000 miles. Once you met a guy who boasted he'd driven 150,000 miles in his beat-up old truck and never once changed his oil. But if you'll take a look at your guide to why differing advice on cars sometimes conflicts, the reasons for the conflicts will all be clear.

Then New Guy says, "I guess you must just not know anything," and walks out of your shop.

And you are left standing there going ???????

That is this conversation right now.


Bizzy's picture

I see what you are saying but a better example would be if we were arguing about whether cars break down or not at all. If I told you cars never broke down, that would be an issue here but in the end cars work the same way, they serve the same purpose and whether they break down after 7 or 10 years doesn't really matter, what matters is that they break down.

The thing is that basically almost all men make the same experiences with women, they complain about the same issues and problems with women, they go through the same phases with women, they all experience flakiness, ghosting etc and at the same time they experience the same positve moments with them. From a biology point of view men and women have to work the same way within their gender in order to come together. If everybody was different humanity would have never survided in the first place. If I told you you have to chase after women you would highly disagree right? Why? Because there is a pattern with women on what works and what doesn't and chasing doesn't in most cases. That's why I said if it wasn't for certain patterns in women this site here wouldn't even exist otherwise you would have to write 100 different articels about how to have sex after the 1. date etc etc. I could go on and on with other examples but you get what I am saying.

Allen Reyes's picture

In a lot of ways you are making my point here.

This a model for working the confusion in field, woman to woman on a cold approach. Because of yes just what you've described 100 articles for each type. It's a common theme that guys explain ONE personality style of woman and ONE pickup that worked for them in a field report. Those same traits and actions don't even come up in a common pickup with 10 other women. Even worse a guy will put out hookup reports where he waxes philosophical on what he "did" when in fact he was just her "it" by chance.

What I teach with 3 keys is a model of what to do right in the moment to psychologically stimulate her or move her further along investment wise in the interaction. It's less hit or miss than trying to memorize 50 "common pickup technicals". Focus on her and where she's at and what she needs is proper manipulation. Anything else is guess work and assumption of her psychology through a screen of "but I know this to be true about women because of x principal!".

Lot of guys wanna "be right" and "know truths". When they should be training the game like a sport to attain mastery and get the highest number of results vs failures.

That's what this article is for.

Debating points like "If everybody was different humanity would have never survided in the first place." is a waste of time because the statement betrays a total lack of knowledge of biological psychology. Simple human biodiversity and modern "battle of the sexes" is obvious enough. Pickup existing is enough to tell you women aren't "easy to figure out and all the same", or you knowing what simple creatures they are, you would kindly just tell us a 100% method to have sex with every chick you meet right? Other than "look like Justin Beiber".

Again I am getting heavy manosphere, LMS, maybe even anti pua vibes here.

Allen Reyes's picture

Thanks Chase I appreciate the effort. Also like the car comparison (little bit of influence tech there haha) but there is either such an experience divide or such an agenda here I don't think he WANTS to understand.

Allen Reyes's picture

"Women have basically the same taste on men...."

That's Manosphere dogma, not field tested, decades of fleshed out reality.

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