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How to Have a Sexy Walk That Drives Women Nuts

Chase Amante

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sexy walkWhen I was 12 years old, I first started experimenting with my walk. I'd begun running social experiments a little earlier that year, and I figured I could tweak things about myself to give people the kind of impression I wanted to give them.

At first, I walked really fast. Everyone would comment on how fast I walked. I thought doing things quickly was good. But as I studied people more closely, I realized that slower was more powerful. So, 6 months after I started walking faster than anyone else, I slowed down... way down. Now everyone commented on how slow I walked... I walked slower than anyone else.

Over the years, I added pieces to my walk, refining and improving it: first to have a very powerful walk, then to have an intimidating walk.

It wasn't until my early 20s that I at last began developing a sexy walk, designed not to impress people, clear them out of my path on the street, or dissuade them from challenging me in bad parts of town, but, rather, to attract women.

On the article titled "Get a Girl Alone Today with These 7 Tips," Nick commented:

Hey Chase, great article by way.

I have bought your book and read up on your blog posts( having lots of success because of it) about how to have a powerful walk.
Although, I am not sure if I am being too try hard or being to subtle that it is unnoticeable. It would be great if sometime in the future you could put up a video demonstration or even list a few examples of actors in cinema who have a powerful walk.

Thank you

He's referring, of course, to the section of How to Make Girls Chase that discusses your walk. And Nick's right - something as nuanced as your walk needs video illustrations to show you how it's done.

And today's article is going to give you just that.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Balla's picture

The funny thing is you'll never guess where I heard some of this advice MOM. Anyway thanks for working on the article about being cute but not ready yet. But my problem isn't really my age I just can't get to the intimacy. Like I said before I get a lot of attention, compliance, i just can't get to intimacy. Basically I just want to know what more do I have to do just to get to the last step with them. Sorry to harp on this but its my only problem right now. I use all of your tips and I get results but they wont give me their all. What do I need to do? Thanks Chase.

Chase Amante's picture

Howdy Balla,

Sounds like your mom's looking out for you!

Yeah, I feel you man, and I'm getting to this article, don't worry. This one's a tougher one and I've got to sit down and tease out how I switched out of it when *I* was getting it... I can't quite tell when I look back on it. It's like it was just over, and then I didn't have to worry about it anymore.

Anyway, I think this is one of the next articles I get up this week - so stay tuned.


andy's picture

hey chase !
lovely to have your site access in India... your methods are KEWL!!
but i m really stuck at your sexy walk article where you say that your thighs should be far appart...
i try keeping my thighs far but the moment i do it my feet also move farther apart... which looks funny to my frnds... i practiced a lot but m still a bit scared that i might not do it wrong ...
pls suggest me how to have my thighs apart with feet closer..
that wud be a massive help..
great work..

Ben's picture

Hi Andy. My friend runs a website called where he gives tips and advice on how to go about getting better results on Indian Dating sites etc.

Check it out...,. I know he picked up tonnes of dates on Shaadi so he knows what he's talking about.

Good luck man...

Knight's picture

Awesome post Chase,
You might remember a few weeks ago I asked about the walk in particular and you gave me a good, although short response. Well, I put that into effect and I've received instant satisfaction from myself and from others, with a girl even shouting across and oval that my walk is wide, slow and model like. I can only see that as a good thing, especially as she as seen pretty popular by others.

Thanks man.

Chase Amante's picture

Hi Knight,

Sounds like you nailed it on the first try - those are some stand-out reactions!

When you get popular girls shouting out to you, yeah, that's a good thing. When a girl's popular, especially if she's always been popular and didn't have to work at it and she isn't a diva with her popularity, she's more "real," because she hasn't felt the crushing social pressure most other girls have to "tone herself down." So when she says things, it's often just because she feels it then says it... so it's very authentic.


Walls's picture

I'm a very, very, very visual learner. So grateful that you provided the visuals on this one, thanks Chase! If you're looking for more article ideas, maybe you could elaborate on the fundamentals by providing for all of us visual-learners ;)

Great article!

Chase Amante's picture

Hi Walls,

Glad the visuals helped! I'll keep it in mind for future posts... I'm in the minority of anti-video people (one of the most frustrating things for me these days is trying to figure out how to do something, searching for it, finding an article, and then there's nothing but a 10-minute video to sit through... I'm like "Aargh! Just give me a walkthrough I can skim and be doing it in 30 seconds!"), but yeah - certainly especially with things like nonverbals, sometimes it's next to impossible to convey the proper way to execute on these without some kind of visual example.

If I have upcoming articles where I realize I'm trying to describe something that seems vaguely difficult to put into words, maybe I'll see if I can dig up some video on it to complement that description.


Matt's picture

Excellent article, my brother! Would love to see a post about direct/indirect pick ups specifically at the gym. Seems like a great place for day game, girls at the gym are obviously some of the hottest you'll see out in the day cause they're fit and healthy... but it's a challenging proposition. Many are listening to iPods, plugged into their music and workout. Whenever I talk to a girl at the gym I feel like I'm "disrupting" her workout.


Chase Amante's picture

Hey Matt,

Gym's are tricky, but there are a couple of different approaches you can take in them. One thing to be mindful of from the get-go is that while some girls are at the gym to work out hard and have an amazing body, some of them are there to "kind of" work out... and to kind of look for a sexy boyfriend or lover - most of these girls are easier to spot because they're wearing makeup to the gym and "taking it easy" in their work outs (they aren't really working out).

Anyway, I'll do a post on it - coming up sometime soon.


Anonymous's picture

Chase Amante's picture

Good find - hadn't seen that before. It's about what you'd expect though... physical activity tends to increase arousal levels.


Nick's picture

Hey Chase

I wanted to post my thanks! This is exactly what I needed and most likely many more on here. You changed life my in a few months than I have for myself the past decade. Wish I discovered this site when I was in high-school last year;).

Anyway, keep up the exceptional work and I look forward to any future products and blog posts from you.


Chase Amante's picture

Hey Nick,

Very awesome to hear about what an impact the material on the site here has made for you. Knowing's only half the battle of course... you getting out there and doing it is the other major part of you seeing massive gains, and in that respect you're doing better than a whole lot of guys who have access to information like this but just don't use it all that much (or at all).

Keep at it, Nick - if you think you're seeing some gains in just a few months, wait'll you've been doing this stuff and actively tweaking your approach with women for 6 months or a year or two years or more.

Sky's the limit.


Nathan's picture

Hey Chase,

Another great post, sir! I've always been pretty good with the fairer sex but this site has aided me in truly honing my skills. Best attraction/seduction advice I've ever seen.

That said, I would love to see a post concerning the role that alcohol plays in seduction. I know, for me at least, it has been a catalyst to my success. My dates usually involve going somewhere close for drinks, going back to my place for more drinks and almost always end in the bedroom. Lately I have been laying off the sauce to feel and look better and feel like I have lost a bit of my edge as drinking gave me this "I don't give a damn" attitude that works like a charm for me. I have always been able to quickly connect and fearlessly move forward with women when I'm boozin'. What is your experience with this?

Keep up the good work, my brotha!

Chase Amante's picture

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the plaudits! Very good to hear you're making strides with the site's help.

I've actually got you covered already - a post from back in March 2011 on exactly that topic:

Sex and Alcohol

You should find that covers all the angles - both the good and the bad.

Hope you like it.


Anonymous's picture

I'm surprised you didn't use Daniel Craig's Bond as an example haha

Chase Amante's picture

I was thinking about it, he has a couple of very strong sexy scenes, but I only had one or two in my mind so I skipped him for now. I don't remember any strong scenes from his second film either, but maybe my memory's spotty.

Anyway, I'm sure he'll have some killer scenes in his next film... looks like a more traditional Bond film than, say, Quantum of Solace worked out to be.


Anonymous's picture

I've experimented with sitting and posture. What seems to give me the best results is a nice pair of jeans that accentuates the groin region. Then I wear something that is attractive, like a shiny watch or rings, and rest my hand near my groin. First they notice the shiny (oooh) and then the accentuation.

I sat down with one of my friends lady friends once and after I left one of the girls was mentioning to my friend how they couldn't stop staring during conversation and thus making them feel awkward/horny.

Chase Amante's picture

That's a tip I haven't heard much on in a while. Supposedly, the reason that neckties convey power and masculinity is because they point to the groin, thus calling attention to the male's sex organs. No idea how accurate this claim is.

I've heard a few people discuss accentuating their groin before. I had a pair of jeans like this, too, but ended up losing them between California and South Korea sometime ago... don't know how much of it was related to groin accentuation, but I considered them my "lucky jeans" and seemed to get to intimacy a lot faster and more reliably wearing them than wearing other jeans I had at the time. Of course, they were also more stylish than other jeans I had then... so couldn't say now what was what.

Anyway, interesting tip, and it's certainly one worth playing around with. Thanks for sharing, Anon.


Anonymous's picture

Most companies require you to wear a clip on name tag/door pass. It is "convenient" to have it clipped to one of the front belt loops of your pants. The mental snapshot should be enough to convey the advantage of at work pickup?

Josh's picture

If you've ever seen Will Smith's walk in the movie "I, Robot" its so ridiculous. He exaggerates the "shoulder swagger" like crazy in a few scenes. Almost to the point were its comical(even though its not intended to be). Great article though man; if I could use one word to describe that posts on your site it would be "concise".

Chase Amante's picture

Thanks Josh. It's interesting to hear a 4,000-word article as concise, but I think that means I'm doing a decent-enough job of stripping out the fluff and keeping it relevant. Anyway, it's a nice remark!

I do remember being struck by Will Smith's walk, yes. It was very exaggerated. I feel like a little too much... but I haven't talked to any women about it, and that's the only metric I'd trust.

If you're curious (or anyone's curious), I'd advise asking 4 or 5 different female friends and getting their reads on his walk in that film: sexy, not sexy, REALLY sexy, or what?

My impression watching it was that it he was portraying the character as somewhat cartoonish, which was why the walk was so dramatic.


Zach's picture

Chase you have a way of projecting so much more than advice with women in your posts. You really have the ability to make anyone more confident and inspire exciting lives. Your site helps with so much more than information unlocking the secrets of women's minds. Keep up the good work mate! I really like how you look at the psychological reasons its a rather intelligent design. That being said I would like to see a post about picking up women from classes. I find myself distracted in many college classes by the beautiful girls in class that are rather intelligent and just my type, but its the opening that has me puzzled in these situations as its not a simple passing by quick opener. Its someone you see often and any sort of opener would seemed forced because of catching them after class, or trying to stop them before. Another one that would interest me is asking cashiers or other people that are working for their numbers or a date. Some of these may have been posted and if so I apologize. Thanks again keep it up!

Chase Amante's picture

Howdy Zac,

Thanks. I'm a big believer in the potential of people who actually try and effect some change in their lives... that comes through I think whenever I'm talking with people about stuff like this, whether it's girls or business or something else. If you keep chipping away at something intelligently and doggedly, the only limit you have on what you can achieve is time... and even that one can be bent and turned.

I wrote a post on dating in college a little while back you can see here:

9 Great Tips for Dating in College

... though I don't think it covers opening girls in class per se. It also discusses hired guns (cashiers, waitresses, and such) a bit, but doesn't go into meeting them in check-out lines... so let me see what I can do on those.


Anonymous's picture

I've noticed girls during class that look at the professor, and then shift their focus back to me. They don't know I can see this because it's in my peripheral vision (they are to my 6-9pm), and to be honest it's really distracting and bothering. Plus it instantly gives you the one-up and makes you feel like you're being chased, which lowers attraction. I can't imagine what it would be like to be a woman, because men are more obvious with this kind of stuff. On top of that women may potentially have better peripheral vision than men...

Anonymous's picture

Check out how Jax walks in the latest episodes of Sons of Anarchy.

Zack's picture

Read this article last night. Thought about it today; wasn't even sure I was doing it right. Found a note on my car: "You're cute! Have a wonderful day." Sadly no number. Sexy walk gets full credit.

Anonymous's picture

This article changed my life. I did the whole model walk and slow movements thing for the first time on the same day that I read this article. From that day on, the whole dominant male thing just kind of fell in place. I became a dominant man. I've had huge success since that day and I just wanted to thank you, Chase, for changing my life. I went from an awkward loser to James Bond in a few weeks, and I have you to thank for it.


Anonymous's picture

Ever since a was young I apparently walked without swinging my arms and no one ever told me! I noticed it in the mirror one day and was shocked how odd it looked. Then one of my friends confronted me and straight up told me to force myself to swing my arms. I've been doing that for a year now and its become a bit more of a habit now. The problem is my walk still doesn't look natural, let alone attractive! I think its because I force myself to swing my arms and it ends up looking forced. I'm not sure what to do now to improve my walk, though. Do you have any advice chase?

Anonymous's picture

I just kept walking like that for years, without getting much help from anybody other than getting mocked and laughed at. Whenever they try to help you, they just fuck you up somehow :\

I don't think they even know how to walk naturally, they just know how to do it then expect you to do it like the rest of them, yet they're all ignorant of what mechanics do drive the walking pattern.

It seems it's our job to keep changing and adapting until we get to it. This article has a lot of valuable information regarding such a critical part of nonverbal communication, yet there are some stuff that haven't been mentioned, such as warnings to be given to us lest the walk starts looking awkward or robotic (like in my case).

Sorry for the rant, anyways. KEEP GOING NO MATTER WHAT (with everything in life)

John W's picture

Someone mentioned that Daniel Craig has a sexy walk so here are two videos of him containing compilations from his various movies doing just that.

kris's picture

very good clips, Daniel definitely has that alpha swagger, projects power and dominance

But for just sheer elegant effortless sexiness check out the walk of a young David Sylvian the lead singer of 80s pop group Japan. The confidence to pull that off while sporting an androgynous look in the punk era took guts. but check out that strut as he heads for the stage. at the beginning of the link below

Ashkan's picture

Hey Chase
I have a question about that male model runway. Whenever I try to walk like them and follow your advice, my friends tell me that I`m walking like those handicapped men and you are walking stride! and I really don't know what's wrong with my walk!
I should take it as a compliment like when I walk slow and they tell me you're so slow or not? I should correct my style?? :D

Koliekins1's picture

I'm in the Military and I get to do a shit ton of walking, and stumbling upon this article inspired me to start modifying and correcting body language characteristics, such as posture. I've even been told I walk like an NCO since I started applying these techniques.
Are you by any chance planning on doing a more in depth article on voice? That would be awesome.

Anonymous's picture

An aricle about the voice could be super useful!

Swimcito's picture

Hey Chase, hi, great article as usual, i read about this in the book but when i came looking for examples found this but videos are down... Any chance you can re upload them?

Anonymous's picture

Hey, do u mean thighs spaced far apart to the sides or like taking long strides so they don't touch?

Phil_Scades's picture

Hey Chase. Great advice on walk, I have to say. But I've got one point where I disagree with you. I did ballroom dancing for a few years back in the days. And what I learned there I think is very important for everyone who wants to have good posture. Now I don't completely know if this isn't what you meant, but I'm fairly sure it isn't. You say "Make sure your chest is pushed out and up". The thing is, that's not right. If you consciously push out and up your chest you make a hollow back. Of course the hollowness depends on how much you push. But, a much more usefull and pleasant technique- for you as well as everybody looking at you - is to not apply the lever with which you pull your body straight at your chest, but at the tip of your nose. Keep your head straight and straighten your neck. It's a bit as if you were gripping your straight head with both hands and pushing it up as far as it goes. That way you straighten your whole upper body. your shoulders are straight and relaxed, the chest is straight but not pushed out. You'll note the difference when you hold a woman in correct form for a standard dance like slow waltz or quick-step. When you push your chest out your arms slightly inch forward and you lose a bit of control over yourself and the woman in your arms. Which takes away from your capability to lead, which is imperative for a man when dancing, and not only dancing. But when you straighten Neck and head, your arms don't move at all.
I got that advice from the best ballroom dance trainer in german speaking europe. He would always get annoyed when he saw that even in the professional class a lot of dancers would push out their chests.
I hope that little piece of information was helpfull to you and all your readers, your site is one of the best I have stumbled upon on my strife to understand the psychology of pick up. Continue the great work!
So long,
Phil Scades

Anonymous's picture

I'd like to disagree on your "large testes" theory, and I believe you'll appreciate the change in mindset.

When I was in high school (35 years ago), I was reading martial arts books. One of them mentioned walking with a wide stance, that all advanced martial artists do it, and it is a result of always being ready to fight. A wide stance allows one to have a strong base to move into a defensive or offensive posture. Note the walk in all kung-fu movies, MMA fighters or even collegiate wrestlers. Big balls won't necessarily help a man survive to pass on his genes, but being able to fight like an M-F will. Walking like a fighter indicates that you know how to fight and survive.

This is congruent with the swinging shoulders. Swinging shoulders indicate a strong, well-developed core. Where does the power to throw a punch, a spear or a rock come from? Why is a little swagger sexy, but to much intimidating?

For me, the sexy walk mindset is, "I'm the baddest ass on this block, but I'm in a loving mood right now." The "I can rip your limbs off" swagger is there, but it just isn't needed at the moment.

Anonymous's picture

An important component of body language is what you do with your eyes. Looking down can give you a submissive or brooding look. Keep you eyes level at all times, that's where everything interesting is (other peoples' eyes for the most part). Go out of your way to make eye contact with people and try to catch their eye. Try to hold contact and not look away first.

sonny's picture

Hi ,I'm from India.Ok so first off,thanks a ton,Chase! You have totally changed "me" and my outlook.Really thanks .I was so tired of lookin up and finding nothin great about dating word. I think this website is the only website that helps and trust me,it was much needed.

Chase,I have got just two questions for you,and I really need help with it. 1) Is women mentallity same everywhere as in women are same even in India? 2)Do I need to act romantic on first date or just normal? could you just make a post on "what to do on first date?
P.S. I read your posts daily ,twice ,thrice,even take notes!.Keep up the great work,keep at it.We are so lucky to find you.Tc atb,man!

Vinny's picture

I actually found this article quite interesting due to something i did in 6th grade. Throughout elementary school, I was a bit of a nerd. However, i had promised to myself to become "cooler' and more confident moving on to middle school. One of the the first things I realized was that i was walking like an insecure child who expects to get bullied. And I started to tweak my walk in 6th grade and I have been improving it throughout middle school. However, at the time i didn't realize exactly what i was changing. Now, reading this article, I realized that i subconsciously had incorporated all of these things into my walk. And it has paid off, as the first day of high school, I had several unknown girls cold approach me. I just wanted to ask one thing. As a student, I have observed that large, bulky backpacks are very unattractive as they hide the true form of your back. What is your opinion on large backpacks?

lucifer's picture

Hi Chase,

Something's not fully clear for me.

You recommend to move slowly and to mimic the way the models walk.
But... They all walk pretty fast?

Anonymous's picture

I remember seeing a girl walking in my college cafeteria and the way she swayed her hips was the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life. I wanted to bang the living shit out of her right there. Most women are so oblivious of the little things they can do to turn men on.

Homaira's picture

Heey Chase,

I must say, i was looking for a picture for an upcoming lecture i'm organizing at my university when i came across this site which got me reading.

I've seen a lot of comments from a male's perspective, as a female myself i think it's really funny to see how guys actually put time and thought in the way they walk.
I've always been told that I walk really feminine and 'sexy' but i've not really put any thought in it. But reading this now it does make me think that it does have it's benefits.

And indeed, the way you describe it, man that walk like they know what they're doing so look better. They seem important, succesful and confidant which indeed is something we are attracted to based on a lot of evidence and personal experience.

So yeah, good and fun post. If you're ever find yourself in Holland and you're interested in giving a lecture at my university. Let me know because we would be happy to have you!



Anonymous's picture

The common theme in walks between man and women seems to be to accentuate sexual signals. As we know, movement catches attention.
So we move what we want to present. Man move their shoulders a bit more and woman their hips.

Man walk with a broad base to look like they can fight, while women ideally do the catwalk, where they walk on a line to appear playfull and guidable.
Intrestingly the military stance for attendence with feet together might be a tool to put soldiers into a submissive frame when around their superiors. So thats not something to copy, even though fighters do it.

Humans can also pronounce bodyparts by sticking them out. Highheels make women stick out their chest and butt.
Man can kind of stick out their lower front. Its not really sticking out, but its at least not "hiding the banana" by doing the complete opposite of sticking your butt out.

This results in a rotation of the hips and slight pointing outwards of your feet.

Regarding this, Chase, you might reconsider your advice to put your feet exactly straight while walking. a slight outward pointing of the feet might be the best compromise between "showing what you got" and being focused on the destination you walk towards, at least when walking slowly.


hardstylelover's picture

Jenny's picture

As a woman, I don't like it when men walk slowly. I walk swiftly because I have a destination in mind, and when a man is slow, as he usually is, it can be boring and annoying, and I wonder if he excerises all that much. 

Kaiderman's picture

I see a lot of comments saying "thanks for the visuals", but I can't find them. Where are they?

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