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New Forum Launching Soon; What "Join Bonus" Would Tempt You the Most?

Hey gents,

Girls Chase ForumWe're preparing to launch a new forum here for everyone interested in talking shop, sharing techniques and strategies, keeping field reports to track their interactions and get feedback from others on how they're doing and how they can improve, and a whole lot more.

This way, once there are enough users online, you can get instantaneous feedback, even if you're in the middle of a date like that guy on the right.

The plan is to open the doors first to a select group of initial members (post upcoming on how to get included in this first group, probably later this week) before opening the doors to a wider audience.

But what I'd like to know right now is: what free information product would offer you the most incentive to try the forum out?

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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Fedor's picture

An ebook on your sex techniques would entice me to join your forum. You before said in a blog comment that you have a secret sex technique that makes any girl cum in minutes. I'm interested in learning this.

Zac's picture

The free ebook would entail the seducer's day to day path of legacy in approaching hot women from where he is and where he is going, and the lessons learnt from there.

Kind of like Vin Dicarlo's Attraction Code maybe? Hmm. :)

Anonymous's picture

Honestly, I would pay for this, way too many stories both ricardus and chase could go into. Like sleazy stories, there's too much to fit in a short ebook.

J.B's picture

Awesome! Cant wait to join soon!

Hunter's picture

Hey Chase,

Thank you so much for answering my question in a blog post! Incredibly cool.

I think one of the best bonus reports you could give out is one on Fundamentals. I read the How to Make Girls Chase demo, and out of all the impeccable information you give, which is aspiring me to collect money for the mastery package, I felt like I didn't get my fill of Fundamentals. No ones to blame, one can't really publish video and audio examples in a book or even ebook.

If you could compile a report on Fundamentals, covering hair, voice, body, walk, mannerisms, and anything else included in the ebook with video and audio examples from you and/or Ricardus and even movie scenes, you're forum would explode!

Thanks again,


R!'s picture

I agree with something on fundamentals ^. Fundamentals are the gift that never stops giving, and I'd love to see a comprehensive eBook similar to the texting one that describes the nuances that a general blog post simply cannot replicate.

Another try at a forum sounds nice, I wanted to post and actually discuss the techniques and information on here in a forum, but when I looked at the old forum it just seemed so.. dead. Looking forward to an actual place to discuss the ideas presented by your team, as opposed to the socially awkward mASF forums.

Anonymous's picture

Maybe this. Or a similar book covering "Life Hacks / trips and tricks". Stuff you really only picked up after awhile of doing seduction, that has become a staple for you. The site goes into great detail about the concepts and ideologies, which is great. Tips and tricks would be a great addition, since the target audience would be for active practitioners/learners (and thus not as useful for the beginner. I suppose people posting on forums are more active in the arts).

Anonymous's picture

I agree with this!

Anonymous's picture

A LR Book

Hunt's picture

A bonus book on repartee would be a slick read. I remember on the post about "4 tips for playfullness" that you mentioned you would write an article about breaking the ice in all types of social situations. A bonus guide about specifically how to reduce tension and break the ice, as well as examples of both, would be a great read.

reino341's picture

I don't think any product will provide incentive to join the forum and actually participate, and that's probably what you want -- not people registering just to get the freebie.

I can see a pickup forum succeeding if there's intelligent discussion, no trolls, and a nonjudgmental atmosphere where you don't feel bad asking a question if you're a total newbie.

Ryan's picture

Hey Chase, great website you have here. I feel like if you made a how-to-eBook on the pick up process, from the first time you see the girl, to closing the interaction would be a great incentive.

Anonymous's picture

If it is an active forum with experienced people (ie you) participating and giving good advice it will automatically get people to join. I happened onto this website a few days ago and I love it -- best website out there on this kind of stuff that I've seen on the web. Quality work will always get an audience.

Martin's picture

A summary of the best fundamentals articles with day-to-day action goals, which results can be reported on the forum as well...

OR free email coaching (one to two emails per user)

That would be awesome!

JJ's picture

An E-book with CheatSheets of how to keep a conversation going would be very nice.

That you have some lines to say that you can open with and steer the conversation with. And good subjects to get a positive talk.

Not that you have an e-book with word for word what you exactly have to say, but that you have some mental map inside your head and that you don't 'black-out' during a conversation.

Trilogy's picture

Great minds think alike! I was working up a way to pitch the idea of a community forum, so I’m glad you laid this whole thing on the table. It’s gonna be a BIG help for guys like me who are new to this and have questions or thoughts they want to share that will make the journey to mastering PUA skills a less isolated road. I’m close to 40 years old and most of the guys I know have already settled down with “the one” or just not as committed to going out and meeting women. I’ve been keeping a daily journal of my progress since I’ve started your program, and it’s been helpful but lacks a feedback component that provides a broader perspective. There’s no social training in my city so the website, mastery program and the upcoming forum are the closest I can get to a full immersion experience in pick up...and that’s exactly what I want. I think the forum itself is enough to attract the attention of the seduction community, but hey if you want to give away free stuff too here are a couple of suggestions.

How to write seductive emails - Something for guys with women in different cities (or the same city) who want to maintain those connections, (deep diving, chase framing, etc.) or just looking for another way to add some flirty fun to their online interactions. Women seem to dig the occasional “love” letter.

How to slay your inner demons - Fear, frustration, and resentment are the things that lead to the ah...failure with women. They stand as obstacles to winning the girls of our dreams and make us say and do stupid shit! It seems to be a constant mental struggle that only the coolest cats have mastered, what are some weapons, tools and tricks we can use to defeat our own worst enemy?

Dash's picture

I'd like the forum to have a case study, or war story analysis, section.

Guys could submit situations and or future scenarios and then get feedback on how it went, or how it should go.

Here's what I'd post today.

Been experimenting with eye contact\flirting with women in public places, night and day, clubs, bars, restaurants, businesses.

I think it's a good way to practice a calm confident vibe, observe other dudes, and it's fun for a guy getting into the girls chase mindset.

Today I was at a bar watching football at a busy place where I knew there'd be a solid collection of women. I was dressed down, but with some care to appearance.

Right away on entering - a natural beauty slurping a bloody mary. She's there with a pal and a guy who talked waaay too much, and was chatting up other tables, clearly trying to project a 'tude I caught her eye a couple times and gave a slight shrug. I took off my hoodie, she took off her jacket... that kind of thing.

She leaves. I switch most of my eye flirting to a cutie with a dude who looked a lot like Wooderson from Dazed and Confused. But he was waving his arms around, constantly joking, talking non-stop. I caught this girl's eye a could times and tried to slow smile sympathetically... like 'Wow, you with him, really?"

They were arguing by the time they left. And as she she walked by after paying her bill she pointed at me really quickly and half smiled, clearly a bit flummoxed.

After she points and is about to exit stage left, I say:

"Leaving so soon?"

She stumbles a bit, shakes her head, and leaves.

Lots of fun and all I was doing was watching football and having a couple beers.

AFC noob's picture

I don't need any incentive whatsoever to join such a forum here on girlschase, matter of fact, I came here today to suggest it.

The most important aspect PU is breaking through the traditional views--being a "nice guy", offering to pay, lacking clear intent, giving into distractions, supplicating, chasing girls etc. etc.--just lacking a general awareness of how generating and holding attraction really works, and the roles men are meant to play in it.

A guide on breaking that mindset is perhaps the most important thing a guy can learn before he even attempts anything else, and would be incredibly attractive, basically: "How to Stop Being an AFC and Start on the Road to PU".

Also, I've recently made a lot of huge changes in my life here in Shanghai, and deciding to learn PU is one of them. I've been making herculean efforts (bordering on try-hard territory)--getting myself out there several times a week,rain or shine, whether I really wanted to or not.

I've already accumulated a wealth of interactions, at least a few of which rank as excellent case studies for PU (the interactions were nearly textbook), and even met with some preliminary success, but I have no mentor, and nowhere to share them or get feedback, critique or suggestions!

I am absolutely a candidate for the initial forum group that Chase mentioned as I've been journaling and analyzing these interactions with respect to the principles here on girlschase from the start anyway, and really look forward ot the opportunity.

Chase Amante's picture

Great - thanks for all the replies, fellas! This gives me plenty to work with.

I won't reply individually simply since there are a lot of great suggestions on here already, but I've read all of them, I'm taking them all into account, and I'm really glad to see there's interest (in both the forum and the bonus!). We'll be putting the finishing touches on the forum this week and deciding from everyone's replies here what bonus to put together, and I'll update you further once we're set and ready to start letting the first group of people in.

Talk with you soon,


JFav's picture

Loved to see something on keeping the conversation going. Some strategies a newbie could possibly use to deep dive. Kind of like what Ricardus went over Sexual Frames part 2 where he gave us some actual strategies. Maybe even a more in depth strategy filled look at the indirect direct style.

Flames's picture

Just a date with the girl from that pic would do. :)

Jay's picture

I think a forum would be a great idea actually. I would love to check it out and contribute regularly. Even though I'm still learning, I feel like I could help people out in seduction a bit myself, especially in more college specific areas. As for the ebook I would also love to see a sexual techniques one. It's always good to expand your arsenal...

Trilogy's picture

Okay, so I just had a deep conversation with a girl I put myself in the friendzone with years ago, and asked her what happened between us, all the signs were there. Basically she said I moved to slow and lacked a process. That was kind of an eye opener, and it's something I never considered.

Now, I remember her saying something like that back then but I had no idea what she meant. Much of my motivation for wanting to learn pick up skills stemmed from that incident and I still find my process lacking. I'm thinking an expanded version of this topic would be incredibly useful. It would have been great to have such information back then. Oh well, live and learn.

Anonymous's picture

Hello, I wonder how you guys consider a girl who decided for a chaste engagement.

Chase Amante's picture

Thanks for all the additional feedback, fellas. It's impossible to please everyone, but I'll try to to get us putting something together that'll come as close as possible...!


Anonymous's picture

This forum is just what we need

Elliot's picture

Love the advice on this forum. The fundamentals is where its at! Having them all in one place as a quick reference guide would be great.

Also having more information on how to read and determine what kind of approach to use on what women by quickly assesing them.

Another helpful one would be a list of all the mistakes or blunders men make in various situations at different phases and what to do instead. So for example, in the first introduction: do's and donts, similarly for the first follow up conversation etc etc.


William B's picture


Thanks for your program.

I know I paid for it but I consider that investment which has caused me to fully engage.

I discovered your site when I was looking for a way to stop thinking about a girl I was hung up on. When I read the post entitled "Can't Stop Thinking About Her..." it really clicked and I felt better instantly. Then I read more of your blog and appreciated the technical no-nonsense advice.

I am reading through the book now and doing the homework and I'm excited by all of the things I am learning and noticing.

So in regards to an e-book I think I'd like to see something fleshing out the nuances between chasing and persistence.

I'd also like to learn a little more about online dating. For example "5 things to do to be successful at online dating and 10 things to never do." (If I'm covering things you already address later in the book then disregard).

Finally, as a 3rd suggestion it might be interesting to see how the principles you teach affect not just the women we want to be successful with but the other 95% of the population and how we can hone our skills on them too to become better with women.

Thanks again,

William B.

Ri's picture

I would like more information on texting and creating deep connection in a short time with a girl.

B's picture

My biggest problem is actually getting out there and applying all the stuff I'm learning. What would motivate me would be an ebook on getting past fear, how to motivate myself, and maybe even some exercises that would help with that!

Looking forward to the forum!

Diablo's picture

I always see and her issues regarding the subject matter and I've been recently involved in a break up myself. I think it's somewhat straightforward to think of what went wrong after the fact but not easy, at least for me, to stay in control and handle things from a logical perspective in the heat of the moment. Some women are very sensitive and take words very seriously. To me it's easy to understand that people can say things they don't really mean due to anger or frustration and I can forgive and forget. Most women on the other hand don't, even if they say they do. It would be nice to read a good quality e-book that talks about warning signs and how to deal with emotions that women go through. Guys see problems and offer solutions.....that's just what we do but women live life on an emotional level and I would definitely be intrigued to learn more.

Diablo's picture

I've read a lot of material on how to open and attract women. I'm a pretty confident guy and I can hold my own. However, the hard part is how to keep the relationship going. I think that we generally get comfortable and forget what it took to get her. This is where things seem to become problematic. How do you actually make a relationship work. I haven't found much material on the subject matter and would love to read something constructive instead of a bunch of bs. Help please lol

pf's picture

An ebook on how to enhance true love forever from someone.

Anonymous 's picture

Information on how to be more charming around women would be very helpful.

Anonymous's picture

Yeah! I'm really excited about this! I have red a few of your tips and they were GREAT! Just GREAT! :D

Anonymous's picture

I'd like some tips and tricks, and knowledge about longer term relationships - for example, how to bring a girl out of that 'brick wall' sulk! I seem to attract fiery and moody, and I would like to know how other people deal with this. Never too old to learn?

Anonymous's picture

What is it that creates that 'magic' when you just 'click' with that lovely lady and you know she feels the same? If that can be created at guessing that Chase Framing is part of it?

The Tool's picture

Hey Chase, Personally I know myself and alot of other people would appreciate an ebook, or post on how/when to ask for a second date, taking into account certain things that happen on the first. What I mean is, I have no problems getting second dates with girls who I only kiss once on the first date, its the ones who I either have sex with after taking them home or nearly go all the way with that become cold and unresponsive. I myself usually follow the 3 days rule for getting a second date after the first. My process with women i escalate things quickly with is a follow up text the next day asking about how their day was ect or asking how a test went and then i leave it at that, then i wait another two days and go for a second date. the problem is lately these women have been unresponsive to me or do not agree to go on a second and stop contacting me. I believe its because they think I used them for a one night stand when in fact I do truly want more. So what I was wondering is exactly what are the steps you are supposed to take after escalating so fast with a women to secure that second date or future meets?

DanG's picture

Hi Chase, love your blog and your e-book (how to make girls chase). Really helped me come to terms with being a low energy kind of guy which is the opposite of most other dating advice for men.

Especially love your advice re - fundamentals. But I noticed that you rate fashion as very important and yet it gets a lot less detail than body language. I would love some tips for getting into fashion - I'd really, genuinely like to develop a passion for it and create a look that's both very much me and sexy too. It seems women know how to dress to impress guys but for the most part we're not so savvy.

I tend to get confused or just generally turned off by stuff that's 'on trend' or whatever and would really love to get my head around the basics. My ideal e-book would be a primer on sexy fashion that I can use as a springboard and perhaps turn it into something that brings me as much pleasure as it does my female friends.

Also, a bit of a tangential thought but how does dressing well tie in with the law of least effort? Sometimes girls seem impressed when I've put obvious effort into looking good - is that a bit of a double-edged sword?

Genuinely exited about the forum - maybe some other guys will be interested in this angle on fundamentals too.

nino's picture

It's been mentioned already but I think you can't mention it enough. An E-Book about Fundamentals is probably the best thing you could hand out to helpful members. I mean without fundamentals you simply can't become better at what you do, yet a master. Look at sports, e.g basketball. How are you supposed to do killer crossovers when you can't do basic drills on how to dribble the ball with either your left or your right hand? And that's also why I put "Michael Jordan" as the Subject. He was so great because he was even greater at the fundamentals of the game of basketball. I guess everybody wants to be made a Michael Jordan of getting women (or, since we're the students rather the Kobe Bryant of that but now I'm nitpicking).

Oh and since this is my first ever comment on your blog allow me to thank you for all the work you put into this and for all the girls (if not all too many, YET!) I've hooked up with because of you. THANK YOU!

Chase Amante's picture

Lots of fantastic ideas here! Pretty amazing the range of things different people are interested in... lots of different directions we could go here.

I'm going to do my best to have us hit on as many of these as possible, without sacrificing substance, in the bonus. Let's see how it turns out..


Steve Suave's picture

As an older male, I have had my share of successful and unsuccessful relationships. I have a healthy self worth and have no problems with entering a relationship with attractive women. Inevitably, my problem is screening quality women out of the chaff and sometimes carry on meaningless relationships long after their expiration date or alternately blowing it early with LTR possibilities. It seems I become a "nice guy" with quality women and indifferent with lesser quality women...driving the quality women away while driving the less quality women wilder. Ironically when in the relationship it is hard to do self analysis even though you realize this reality when single.

Volcs's picture

I bought the whole package a while back and only decided to read the information some time ago. So far, I'm having a great amount of success attracting the ladies, applying my fundamentals, and getting laid.

The money was well spent, no doubt. And I don't even want to know how much more time and money I would've throttled if I hadn't purchased the program.

Now, my question is: what about threesomes? I'd like to know more on the subject; like what techniques and tactics you would use to get two women interested in doing it, and what to do during the threesome to keep both women satisfied while you get yours?

D's picture

Brother, I can initiate with no problems and create that instant attraction. But I seem to hit a wall at some point shortly after. I tend to have difficulty escalating to physicality. Granted I'm not very experienced in my endeavors but have been reading, studying, and trying to better myself; both in my body language and self image. I need to know how to ignite the spark that I create and squirt a little gas on it. Instead of letting the wind blow it out, as I sit with my stick in my hand wondering what I did this time. I'm recovering from nice guy syndrome (Erectus Von Stupidus) because I understand that our targets enjoy CHALLENGES, and generally people want what they can't have. Again, I can create an opener from nothing and sometimes get 1 or 2 dates. Then something goes south. I try to be funny and witty which works with openers, but I need to flip the switch to escalation and being SMOOTH to seal the deal! I feel like I have read almost everything out there so please my brother, let me know if you have any advice. I appreciate all that you've done and anything you can do to help me. Thank you!

Master's picture

It's on my list to get a threesome but I'm not sure how to do it. I also want to be able to have two girls I know kiss and make out. I know this is possible, because anything is possible! I know you're the man for this!

Sergey's picture

nonverbal communication is most important for me.

Chase Amante's picture

Thanks so much to everyone who shared topics they'd like to see in the ebook here. I tried to have us cover as much of everyone's suggestions we could without having a totally disjointed bonus - the description's here: "Want to Be the First to Join the New Forum? Here's How...."

I wanted to drop a special line here and let everybody who commented know that if we didn't get to your topic in the ebook, I'll work on getting a post up on it sometime over the next couple of weeks or month - there are a lot of rich ideas here that are very much worth addressing on the site.

Anyway, I hope to see you on the boards, and you've my appreciation for your participation!

Chase Amante

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