How to Attract Your "Type" of Girl, Part 1: Fundamentals | Girls Chase

How to Attract Your "Type" of Girl, Part 1: Fundamentals

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Varoon Rajah's picture

how to attract your type of girl
Every guy has a “type” of girl that tickles his fancy more than others, whether it’s about her looks or personality. What can you do to get your type chasing you?

Every guy has a "type." When most of us think of women, we think of physical features first over the personality attributes we seek. Both are important, especially in long-term game (relationships are a completely different skillset from pickup). However, the place to start is to get girls with the physical appearance we want, because this is what will ultimately drive our attraction from the get-go.

If you’re a beginner to seduction or the dating game in general, just learning the ropes around women, you may not really know the “type” of girl you’re actively seeking yet. Most likely, you’re physically attracted to a particular type or an “idea” of a girl, and that’s what catches your eye. Once you start having good experiences and successes with women, your desires will change.

We also live in a time, especially in the West, when it’s very easy to date nearly any race or culture if you live in a place with diversity. For instance, New York City has the density and diversity of almost every culture on Earth, plus all the tourists who visit from around the world (and many women seek short flings with a New York guy). The same dynamic exists in Miami, Hawaii, resorts in the Caribbean, and various locations throughout Europe and Asia.

For some guys, there are tons of options for meeting many kinds of women. Being a New Yorker, I can pursue and date almost any race and culture, whether she’s American, an immigrant, or a tourist. For other places, you don’t necessarily have these options. And even then, it takes some time to find just what kind of girl suits your fancy. Physical appearance is certainly desirable for a single sexual experience. Still, if you want something more than a one-night stand, it comes to more than just physical appearance.

I do think that experience and good game helps you get many kinds of women. However, as you grow better and your tastes morph, you start to specialize in certain types of women, both in appearance and personality. In this two-part series, we’ll cover this in-depth.


NiKo357's picture

What should one do if a.) they're equally attracted to diverse types of women (i.e. Tattooed & edgy and clean cut & athletic) b. The women who find me attractive aren't my type?

Varoon Rajah's picture

Hey Niko - this actually describes me personally.

I like tatted up and edgy girls, and I also like very clean cut, athletic women, or women that are career minded business women and very smart/ambitious.

I've found that you can attract both by having a CLEAN, EDGY look yourself! I've accomplished this by always dressing up well (i.e. wearing a blazer, tight jeans, color coordinated) so that I look stellar, but also having edgy items (edgy jewelry, tattoes) myself in a stylish manner.

This way girls don't put you in either camp, you fall somewhere in the middle and it piques their curiosity.

Above all though, your frame has to ultimately be more dominant than the girl. Both types of girls you listed - tatted/edgy, and clean cut/athletic - will want very dominant men. So your frame and game style will have to steer on the more dominant and aggressive side.

1984's picture

and who is not fat as well?

How do I attract a girl who has big tits and not fat/slim? (and not a gym rat)

I can understand the logic that like attracts like; if I want a girl with nice ass then I should go for gym girls cause they train their legs and ass really well. It also means I have to hit the gym hard.

How do I get girls who are slim and has big tits though? (who is not an exercise fanatic) Is there any correlation that you know of, or your experience in this area? I'm sure tons of readers here would like to know as well LOL.

I notice that I get girls who are tall, skinny/slim and with small tits (the typical model body) I'm shorter than average, but I'm definitely considered skinny and small sized. I couldn't find any physical correlation when I observe guys who have girls with big tits, the guys come in all shapes and sizes, hence no solution comes to mind.

Do I target certain races, professions, venues? How do I tailor my image/fundamentals? Or is it more of a general thing where I picked a type to specialise in, and from there pick girls whose rack is just as impressive as her beauty/personality?

Varoon Rajah's picture

I think that you're going to want either black women, latinas, or white girls if you want skinny girls whom are well endowed. Unfortunately these types of women also tend to sway overweight as a group, so the pickings are slimmer for the truly well endowed and skinny girls (keep in mind that pretty much every guy wants exactly this type of girl as an ideal - skinny but curvy in the right places - so these types of women are at the top of the totem pole).

"How do I tailor my image/fundamentals?" I think at a certain level, once you've got good fundamentals and style - it's your game that carries you. So work on perfecting that.

"Or is it more of a general thing where I picked a type to specialise in, and from there pick girls whose rack is just as impressive as her beauty/personality?" I think you also have the right idea here - at some point it's just about approaching those women and making things happen. The girls you approach are the ones you'll have a shot with.

Risenin2019's picture

Hate to say it bro but this site sounds wayyyy too optimistic. You have to know that women are ultimately an outcome of their culture. Some cultures are genuinely racist and hateful to the point that women from them are that way as well, to a great degree.

I’ll make an example, one of my good friends is an east coast Arab guy. Dude slays Asian girls, black girls, blondes and occasionally latinas. Even growing up in Long Island, he told me he backs out and never approaches Italian American women. Why?

Italian Americans are by far the most racist of all the whites, the men will kill you mafia style if you are a dark skinned guy that fucked their women (never mind the fact that they will borderline rape women of color). As you see it play out, you never see a hot Italian chick go for a darker guy unless she is straight outta Italy.

Point being that some cultures are so racist and hateful (in this case Italian Americans) that all the fundamentals and game in the world are not going to save you.

Sometimes, it’s better to be broad in your type.

My friend wised up and realized that he loves white women with dark hair and tanned skin. So he started pursuing Jewish and Eastern European women more, let’s say that he is a happy man.

Varoon Rajah's picture

Like I've said many times, you're not gonna get every girl in the world.

However, even with that, there's still gonna be 1-2 Italian American girls out there that will have the hots for dark skinned guys. If you're that guy and you meet this girl and instill desire in her, she'll still fuck you - discreetly.

But yeah, she probably won't marry you.

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