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4 Ways to Pick Up a Waitress

Chase Amante

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Tony Depp's picture

Lots of waitresses meet their boyfriends on the job, because despite being professional, they’re still women. But still, it takes some finesse to score with your server.

Someone recently asked me, “Tony, how do I pick up a waitress? Is it any different than social circle or a cold approach? Should I go direct, indirect, or build up social proof first?”

Yes, all of the above. And don’t forget to tip.

I’ve dated more than a few waitresses, hostesses, and bartenders. I also used to work in restaurants, on both sides of the kitchen.

First, understand this. Most waitresses are working for tips, and they’re paid to be nice to you. The nicer and more attentive they are, the bigger the tip. So, a waitress may even go out of her way to flirt with you. She’s working, she’s tired, her feet are sore, and she’s forcing herself to seem chipper and stoked to talk with you.

The bright side is she’s also bored, and if you’re a funny, charming guy, you could be the distraction she’s looking for.

Many waitresses meet their boyfriends at work, either through co-workers or customers. So, it’s not impossible to seduce a waitress, not at all. But don’t be naive; she’s at WORK. Her top priority is to serve you food and make money. If she’s hot, she deals with thirsty men all day long. It’s your job to stand out from them and find the balance between customer and potential lover.

The trick is to come across as a lover and not a customer.


Hue's picture

Solid article Tony!

I had a question, since you mentioned you've worked on both sides of the kitchen. 

How do you go about picking up girls from your tables as a server? I currently work in an upscale restaurant with a few lays under my belt from numbers I've gotten from my tables, and I'd like to master the skill.

There's a lot to go into it with reading your tables and flirting accordingly. Usually if they're going to leave a number I can tell. Sometimes, an entire table of girls will leave their numbers. 

However, I find it difficult to know how to navigate the follow up if hard-set plans weren't already made. Or, it can be hard to remain professional at an upscale place while also sending enough signals for her to get the message. It can be tricky (;

Thanks for the piece, and get back to me when you can!



Michael 's picture

Honestly dude, unless you are just waiting tables for fun then i wouldn't recommend getting to wild trying to hook up with customers unless you have a few months back rent saved up, thats playing with fire.  Not that you cant do it, but if its an upscale restaurant and if shes offended you will be having plenty of time to pick her up since you got fired 

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