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5 Reasons Women are Far Dirtier Than Men Are

Chase Amante

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women are dirty
While women present themselves as reserved angels, the truth is they’re naughty little sexual imps – more so than most men.

Hey team, I know it’s been a little while. I hope you all have been doing well in my absence.

I have been having a lot of conversations lately about sexuality. And today I want to talk about something that very often surprises men who don’t have very much experience with women – and it still surprises some men who do!

It’s the fact that women are far dirtier, hornier, and more sexual than you could ever believe.

I’ve had the pleasure of being surrounded by a lot of women in my time, some of whom I’ve been romantically involved with and many of whom I haven’t. Some have been absolute bombshells, and some haven’t (though still attractive for the most part).

But the incredible gift and advantage of my situation has been that I’ve been able to glean a lot of perspectives on life, sex, and romance straight from the horse’s mouth.

It’s funny how honest a girl will be with you if you create an environment in which she knows you aren’t going to judge her. And if you have a few women in your life with whom you don’t have any sexual interest or chemistry, then she will feel comfortable being that much more honest.

So I want to share with you five statements that I’ve heard from countless women at different points in time about their kind – some of which have even surprised me.

I have found most of these statements to be applicable to nearly all of the women I’ve talked to at one point or another. However, there is a very important caveat to these statements that I will talk about after I share them with you.

And you *must* remember the caveat in order to get anything useful from this article.

Here we go.

Colt WilliamsAbout the Author: Colt Williams

Raised in the American Midwest, Colt Williams made a name for himself in dating with a style based on soulful poetic seductions and playful dance floor antics. His style is all about inspiring girls and drawing them into one’s world. You can book phone coaching with him here, or get a copy of his guide to getting laid on Tinder, the product of months of study and experimentation by him on the medium.



MrM's picture

How many times I see the proof of how dirty women's minds are it always baffles me a little. 21 year old virgin who's been intimate with 20+ guys (some of them when she had a boyfriend), girls who have sex with you curtains wide open and getting a kick out of men across the street ogling her, girls who want to get bitten to a point I'm hesitant because it will seriously hurt them and they growl moree. If I'm sure I'll never see the girl again and not worry about precedence, I put my fingers in a girls mouth and tell them to suck it, they invariably suck it like it's hard dick they can't get enough of... I ask them if they want to suck a dick right now and they answer "omg soo much". Still, I'm always a bit suprised. Not during the sex or when I'm with a girl but later when I think back on it. Okay some of them were nymphos but others look so conservative! Lol

I guess I need to have a lot more experiences under my belt until I truly internalize this stuff.

Haha anyway the world is awesome, sex is awesome, girls are awesome.


Eug's picture

First, the one thing I've learned is that anytime a girl says "all girls love" or "or girls fantasize about", she doesn't know what she's talking about. If you've had any experience with women, you usually learn that when she tells you something like "I like being dominated" or "I like it rough" or anything like that..she says it in a way where she thinks it's this unique thing about her and she's almost afraid to say it. Most women don't know that other women have the same dirty fantasies or like to be submissive like they do.

On your point for big dick fantasies, I juet haven't seen it, and no ..I don't have a small dick lol. It's not like girls don't like them, but if the strong fantasy bit was actually true, you'd see this come up over and over in erotica novels, even in the my secret garden book which is basically a book full of women writing out their fantasies. And they almost never talk about big dicks or how they fantasize about them all day.

That was probably a combination of her making you feel good in the moment, and also / big dicks are more of a physical pleasure for her (not a bad thing). When it comes to fantasies ..it all starts in her mind. I haven't seen the correlation personally.

Every girl likes a well endowed guy .. but the consistent fantasy bit..haven't see

Jimbo's picture


About that gangbang/DP thing, just look at the porn categories women watch more than men and you'll find among them rough sex, gangbang, bondage, and DP. And keep in mind women only make up 30% of porn viewers.

Masturbation, duh.

Big dick, yeah they like to feel filled and strecthed out, it feels more dominant and "abusive" and it turns them on.

Public sex I think it's because it makes it dirtier, or more taboo, and thus sexier. Kind of like having sex with someone they shouldn't be doing it with (wrong type, wrong race, wrong tribe, wrong class, etc.) People shouldn't have sex in public which makes it sexier. Dirty abandoned buildings makes her feel sluttier.

And speaking of a man taking charge and being "abusive", I don't like to talk about it in public, but I'll say this, you can push really and I mean really far if you're decisive and passionate enough and you've firmly established yourself as the alpha in the relationship, like leaving her no say, using her like a piece of meat, absolute property, and I don't just mean as a part of the intercourse or as role play but even when not doing sexual things it's sexual, and I'm talking telling how to dress, what to watch, things like imprisoning her as punishment, all sorts of humiliations, even pimping her for cash (like Craigslist ad, "BJ for 50 bucks" and you arrange the thing with many guys etc.), the more she's desired, used, and controlled, the closer to property she gets, the littlest say she has, the more she gets off on it. If you have enough money and she lives enirely under your wing, you do a lot of things. I'm not advocating anything, I'm just saying what your average girl gets off on.

You could've also added rape, abduction, prostitution, and lesbian sex. A lot of girls get turned on by these thoughts.

About your final point about promiscuity, yeah, I mean I always say just look at the lengths men have gone to keep female promiscuity in check: witch burnings, chastity belts, gender segregation, societal shaming and/or ostracism, paternalistic medical diagnoses of nymphomania or hysteria, genital mutilation, head-to-toe chadors... just so that their women (as in, wives and family members) don't end up being sluts. But that's like putting your cash in a coffer and the coffer in a double-locked room and then saying, "See? My roommate isn't a thief!" I mean if you have to put all these restrictions so that your daughter doesn't slut around, she a hoe (I'm just.. I'm JUST SAYING!) Even on this site, look at the number of articles dedicated to prevent cheating (No Party Girls, Screening for a Wife, How Many Partners She Had, and of course How to Prevent Cheating). Not saying they aren't useful; if you want to decrease the chances to near zero then yeah you do what you gotta do, but it still confirms the same point, namely that if you have to go to these lengths (preventing boredom, watching power dynamics, not letting her go to places where she may be tempted, etc.) then the subtext is that she already has straying bones in her body that you're trying to keep dormant. Same for society as a whole, I'm not arguing if these measures are or aren't necessary, some believe female promiscuity is that destructive, and if you do, then again you do what you gotta to keep it in check. Just don't delude yourself while you do it that the part of women you've successfully restricted from having any unauthorized action are madonnas as opposed to the others who are whores, because societies that end up successfully checking female sexuality start believing their own lies, and you end up with a society where females excell at playing pure and where males naively fall for that, like when Victorian era's Lord Acton went (1875): "The majority of women, happily for them and for society, are not very much troubled with sexual feeling of any kind." Yeah right!

So yes, as a summary to all that, they are dirty, and the best proof of that is the lengths men have gone to stop them from acting out their dirtiness.

Alek Rolstad's picture

Welcome Back Colt. I am looking forward to hear your new insights and experiences :)


last comment's picture

yeah , this was a great article , too bad it did not answer my question about why women dirtier than men, and I mean real dirt and mess in their home , who gives a shit about sex when they stink and their home is a heath hazard 

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