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5 Steps that Let You Visualize Anything into Reality

Chase Amante

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If you're the kind of hard-nosed, stubborn-headed realist I am, things like visualization usually sound like some kind of hippie-ish New Age flimflam to you the first 10 or 12 times you hear about them. That's how it was for me anyway, and I'd always laugh a little and shake my head dismissively when I'd hear people talking about "the power of visualization."

how to visualize

But the more I studied successful people, the more I kept running into things like visualization, meditation, and taking time out of your day to focus on what you want. Cases in point:

  • Henry Ford would take time out of his day to clear his thoughts and imagine the kind of company he wanted to build and the benefits it would provide to people

  • Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla - both rivals and peerless inventors, and both professed visualizers who imagined their inventions succeeding

  • Tiger Woods visualizes how the golf ball will move and where it will stop before he ever hits it

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, before he spent much time bodybuilding and again once he started, spent time visualizing what it would feel like to win Mr. Universe, and began acting like he'd won it already a few years before he actually did

  • Jim Carrey, feeling broken down and beaten by his lack of success in Tinseltown, wrote himself a check for $10 million for "acting services rendered," dated it for 10 years later, Thanksgiving 1995, and stuffed it in his wallet so he'd never forget it. 10 years later, just before Thanksgiving 1995, he was told he'd be paid $10 million for the film Dumb and Dumber, and he buried the check, now falling apart and in pieces, with his father - it had been both of their dreams that he'd find success

Even Albert Einstein first hit upon the theory of relativity while visualizing it, and Steve Jobs talks about blocking out the outside noise to focus on the inner voice in his 2005 Stanford commencement address.

I read about Olympic skiers and world class tennis players visualizing the slopes or the game. I read about martial artists visualizing a bout before it began. Business builders visualizing what their business would one day look like, years before it showed any signs of ever getting there back when everyone else thought they were crazy.

And I thought, this isn't just some hippie New Age junk. There's something to this, and I'm not doing it, which means I'm missing out on it.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Niraj's picture

Totally Nailed it Chase!
Bro ... Thats one of a gem article you have written!!
Cant get better than this to convey the right message across and I am really on to make this a big task into my daily routine.
Thanks Chase !!

Gem's picture

Hey Chase,

I had a question that I feel may have fit more appropriately in the fashion article you wrote earlier in the week, but that I think ties in fairly well with this particular topic of visualization as well. My question is what are your ideas/views on glasses in regard to how they come across aesthetically (in relation to fashion and such) and how they affect people's initial judgments of you (i.e. assuming you are a "nice guy" or something for example). Generally "Game, Pua Crowd" say to ditch glasses (like Mystery promptly encourages Neil Strauss in "The Game") but does it really matter much at the end of the day if your fundamentals are really solid?

I wanted to add some insights I've found from my personal experiences, what I've came to conclude (so far) about this matter and how I feel this ties in with today's article. I'm a college student and have worn glasses since I was 5. I got contacts in high school but have to be selective of when I wear them because I have chronic dry eye and when I wear them on a dry day (which is most days; most days are fairly dry in LA) I run the risk of having bloodshot, irritated, hungover looking eyes the next day. What I've done the past number of years and still find myself doing today, is wearing contacts when I approach, meet women, and pretty much do anything with women I am interested in or am going out to meet women. I've had to approach, and have gone through with approaches in glasses, and found no difference (and have been into a few pleasant, rewarding relationships even) to how women treated me (all while keeping fundamentals as solid as I can and attempting to progress efficiently through all the steps I've learned for progressing effectively with women throughout the years ). But, despite all this, it is always in my head that I'm more attractive (to myself primarily and then in general to everyone else) without glasses.

What I've found that gets in my way is visualization in that, when I visualize the ideal seducer and visualize myself as him (with the appropriate shared features/fundamentals/behavior patterns etc.), I picture a seducer without glasses; I picture myself without glasses. I think of Daniel Craig as James Bond or the smooth animated Bruce Wayne Batman I looked up to growing up and each time I think of someone without glasses.

I wonder what your ideas on this issue are, do you think that glasses hinder your game to some degree? Or is it an unsettling mental thing that I should just ignore and gradually dismiss from my mind?



Chase Amante's picture


Glasses are an interesting item, for the effect they have on your appearance. I had an Asian bodybuilder friend who'd always wear glasses, and it very nicely balanced out his vibe. He had big muscles and a very sharp, even caustic wit, so this kind of really solid, too-cool-for-school vibe about him, but then he'd always wear glasses. He did very well with women in bars and nightclubs, and pulled a lot of very pretty girls.

My opinion is, if you have a very tough, manly vibe, glasses can nicely offset this to break the stereotype. i.e., if you'd usually be perceived as a meathead, throwing glasses on says, "Hey - I may LOOK like a meathead, but I'm smart."

The best bet is probably going for balance - finding a way that, if you want to wear glasses, you're coming off as cool / strong / tough enough that you don't get pigeonholed into the "nerd" category. Do that and you ought to be fine.


Gem's picture


I like the points you make; for myself actually, I'm very lightweight and weigh 150 lbs (originally weighing 120). I'm what's called an ectomorph bodytype and gain my muscle in lean muscle mass. Because of this, I can't technically achieve a big/macho/huge tough guy look but instead just fill my clothes out well (wearing size small; I prefer this actually because women are often turned off by bodybuilder types who have gained huge thick mass like some of my mesomorph/endomorph friends while in contrast to this I can look lean/ripped/shredded and have a girl be surprised and really turned on when my shirt comes off).

I'm a writer, and a website owner just like you Chase (enjoy reading and writing a lot) and like you'd mentioned in the book "How to Make Girls Chase", I kind of dumb myself down slightly, often times, to not come across as superior or risk auto rejection (i.e. not using too many big words and things like that; and I find no glasses can help supplement this). With clothes on I've found I still look pretty lean, skinny so having the glasses can make me look the nerdy type but perhaps there is a balanced point I can come to where it can work many situations ideally.

Thanks for the advice,


Anonymous's picture

Great article Chase, racing drivers also use visualization to enable them to complete the perfect lap, which then allows their sub-conscious to do the work, called being ‘in the zone’, I've had this happen to me a number of times when picking-up, kinda weird, wonder if anyone else has?! I wanted to ask you some further things on streamlining discovery in the moral superiority article comments; I've re-posted it here -

Thanks for explaining your reasons on charity. I thought you might say something along those lines and I agree with you. Most large scale social changes - Indian independence, the civil rights movement - work on the principle of empowerment, rather than aid. I'm not sure yet how I will change things, I believe I need to sort my emotional and logical needs before doing so.

For finding resources, you're right books are normally more informative, but just like on the internet there's a lot of nonsense to work through. My screening process for good and bad is getting better. It's more a fear that I'll miss out on things. For example if stock changes in a bookstore, I may miss a book that could have been incredibly helpful. Asking for suggestions from staff might work, but often you may have to search for books on the internet, and then you're into the whole cycle again.
Also, there's the case of not knowing what exactly to search for. When I searched 'how to text girls' I wasn't looking for a site that would revolutionize my dating, sex and well-being, just how to text girls! Knowing what to look for is just as hard as finding it. I feel like I want a process, where with the slightest problem I can solve it, and always be discovering things I never even knew of.

Note could you re-post the link please. There was a couple on Google, but I'm not sure if any of them are the site it is supposed to link to.


Chase Amante's picture


Good note on the race car drivers; I've heard that before too, yeah.

Hacker News - sorry, I fixed the link in that comment but forgot to leave a note letting you know I'd done so. The comment with the repaired link is here.


Franco Lombardi's picture

Good stuff here, Chase.

I actually visualize entire dates before I go on them with women, and I've done it because I've noticed it makes it much easier to make it actually all happen!

I visualize her walking up to me for the date; I visualize the introduction; I visualize the few moments I will decide to compliment her; I visualize myself asking her to come back to my place, her declining, and then myself persisting to get her to come home; I visualize her sitting down on my couch while I grab us drinks; I visualize the first kiss and the escalation; and I visualize us sleeping together.

It seems like a long process, but it's something you can generate rather quickly in your head once you've done it plenty of times, and not even just with dating. As you mentioned, this can be done with sports, work, pick-up, and all kinds of things. Forming a plan and having your logistics handled is one thing, but then actually visually running through your plan will not only help you execute it accurately, but it may even help you pinpoint flaws in your process! It's a great tool to use, and I recommend all readers begin to visualize success with everything they do.



Chase Amante's picture


Wonderful suggestion. I've done a little visualizing before dates when I was uncertain about the logistics or how things would go - this is very helpful. It's a dry run of the date - BIG help in not having to sit there thinking, "Oh no, what do I do next?" because you've already run through it once (or twice) already. All you have to do then is follow the plan as you've rehearsed it.


Balla's picture

Hey Chase, I was going to ask about over thinking but I see you kind of covered it. I just want to know how do I not over think in stressful situations, like if I'm new to approaching. what can I do to calm my nervous and stay in the present even if I haven't reached master visualization yet? I also wanted to know is being serious boring, standoffish, or attracting? I don't want to laugh or be goofy anymore. I just want to be chilled and somewhat emotionless. What's the perfect way to do this without becoming a creep? and do girls like men like this? Thanks P.S. I can't wait for the sexy 2.0 article, I actually did want to know more about it in detail.

Chase Amante's picture


Unfortunately, in situations that are new to you, you’re going to overthink and get stressed out, no matter what you do. It’s part of how the brain learns… when it’s new, your brain hasn’t learned the patterns yet, and it’s going crazy trying to make sense of what it’s seeing. Only through repeated exposure and experience does your brain start figuring out what different things mean, what’s likely to happen after she does this or you say that, and what the best course of action for you is for you to achieve a specific result desired.

On being chill and calm without being too emotional, check out the article on how to be smooth - that’s really what that one’s about. You don’t want to be SO unemotional that you’re lacking in sensuality or a sense of humor – these things are important too. But certainly, you don’t want to be goofy, if you catch yourself being that. That can be endearing sometimes, but usually it just makes you seem more like a big kid than a viable sexual/romantic option. You want to strike the right balance between serious and calm, but in a way that you find life itself, and the games women play, all a bit amusing.


Tyme's picture

Really a great article.

I visualize on a regular basis, but after reading your article I found my visualizations are not structured and pretty sporadic. Now I can't wait to start visualizing before a night out gaming and my business. With the action I take on a regular basis this will help me internalize the process.

Thanks Chase

DanM's picture

Thanks chase as always really. really helpful post

Thomas's picture

Completely agree with everything you said here and I'm sold on visualisation.This links in with what I've Richardus say before about i "success folder" or something similar to that which he would constantly revisit to remind him of what he's working towards. My question is that I have many things I'm towards: improving my skills with girls, bodybuilding and exams. Should I visualise a diferent subject every night or should I choose one and visualise it over and over and over to form a really strong bond?

Love the website Chase. Haven't read a bad post yet. Keep up the good work

Chase Amante's picture


That's an good question, and my answer would be that you'll probably see more marked progress in that one area if you focus exclusively on the one, versus more gradual progress across the board if you focus on many areas.

I took a three month period and visualized repairing some scars I have on my shoulders for 20 minutes a day during my morning commute (a lot of time spent in traffic with nothing to do, so it was either listen to music on the radio, or get some visualization time in). That wasn't a full deep 20 minutes, because I was driving and had to be somewhat engaged, but the focus was on scar repair the entire time. The result of it was that most of the small scars I had disappeared, and the larger ones grew very noticeably smaller. This after having had them for over a decade with no change, and a dermatologist telling me the only way to remove scar tissue was laser surgery. When I was focused on only the one thing, I found I was able to get into a much deeper focus, and really feel and experience breaking down the scar tissue in my shoulders and feeling it be absorbed and replaced by new skin. I haven't achieved that level of focus before or since in less focused visualization, where I'm trying to cover more visualization goals in a shorter amount of time. For the best result, you seem to really need to be focused on mostly one thing.

My preference these days is to pick a small number of closely related items and to focus on those. If you look up "vision board" on Google image search, you'll see a lot of very messy boards with a lot of images and text. I think this is wrong. You want a handful of things you're focused on - too many, and you're as unfocused as you are while not visualizing. It's still not as effective as focusing on just one thing, but I think it's the happy medium between only one focus that you're incredibly focused on, but perhaps neglects other important areas of your life, and so many focuses that you aren't focused at all and you're really just thinking normally about things.


lucifer's picture

I've never much believed in being able to change body-features through meditation, but even if I don't know you in person I have kind come to trust you...

Leonidas Chase's picture

If you can't envision it, you cant achieve it. The strongest mind will concentrate the most but action determines the truth within the Vision.

Lu's picture

Chase, I began using meditation roughly a year ago and needless to say, it has helped me become more relaxed and a better man overall I feel. However, I haven't used visualization too much and have only really focused on clearing my mind during sessions.

That being said, I have a huge challenge ahead of me: two months from today I ship out to Parris Island, South Carolina, for Marine Corps recruit training. Everyone I have talked to that has been through it said there is not much to prepare for it, but visualization seems like it could help. You talk about anchoring positive emotions to help cement a false memory, but do you think it would be possible when envisioning drill instructors screaming and other intense mental games? Any advice you could offer will be of great help. Thanks for the insightful article!

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, you should absolutely be able to use visualization to get better prepared for it. My Marine friends tell me Full Metal Jacket is the most realistic depiction they've seen of boot camp in Hollywood - if you haven't seen that one, see that, and then visualize yourself going through that.

In addition to training, I'd suggest reading up on normal Marine protocol. e.g., it's fairly common in Marine training to not tell you the rules, and not allow you to break them. So, a recruit may say, "Permission to use the bathroom, sir!" and the CO will say, "Permission denied, private!" and guys will end up peeing their pants because they don't know how to ask to use the bathroom. It isn't until they realize the proper protocol is to begin with, "Permission to speak, sir!" and then, only once permission is granted, asking for permission to use the bathroom.

I'm told it's much more mental than physical. And, by the end of the boot camp, everyone's bonded and you're joking around with your CO and it's become a fun experience instead of the torture it is the first few weeks.

If you visualize being beaten down mentally, and shrugging it off as all part of the learning process, I think that's where you want to be most focused in your visualizations.


Lu's picture

Thanks for the advice, Chase. There's one more question that's been heavy on my mind recently. Your Marine friends; how would you rate their overall success with women? Getting better with girls has been a major focus in my life, and I was curious as to how they do in the field. Since being in the military, especially the Marine Corps, requires a lot of sacrifice and discipline in comparison to the civilian lifestyle, I'm wondering whether or not I'll have the opportunity to build on my game while serving.


Mr. Rob's picture

Chase, interesting article as usual. This, to me, almost ties into Ricardus's Success Factor Article, as far as experiencing the emotions of what it would feel like to be a seducer. I am currently dedicating my free time to learning seduction and charisma as instructed in the success factor, which are my most important goals. I noticed you told Thomas, i think it was, above to focus on one distinct visualization for most success. To me that means if im trying to find my ideal girlfriend I would visualize myself going to the mall, or wherever, seeing this girl, approaching and talking to this girl, dating and taking this girl to bed and the whole process while experiencing every emotion in between. Got that part, here's what I dont get.... now im going to have that exact same visualization going to the mall and meeting the same girl and doing the 5 visualization steps every day until I meet this girl 3-6 months down the road. What if I need to meet her on the street or at the beach should I visualize the same scenario in different places or different girls w/ different interactions. It seems unbeneficial to visualize one particular girl in one particular location with the same interaction as you may never encounter that particular situation. Or am I too focused on one detailed situation and not the bigger picture of finding a girl that fits my blueprint and successfully taking that certain type of girl to be my GF.


Chase Amante's picture


You can change up your visualizations. e.g., imagine meeting her at the mall one session, the beach another, a train station or airport some other if you travel, on the street yet another, and so on. You can imagine the interaction going slightly different ways, too: you hit it off, and grab her number, and meet up with her later; you hit it off, tell her to come on with you and grab some food or an ice cream or coffee, and from there go on an adventure, and end up taking her to bed that day later on, etc.

Imagining different types of women can be helpful if you're trying to train your brain to be more comfortable with different girls. If your primary objective is finding one specific kind of girl though, then focus on just her; you'll attune your mind to her very well, and start feeling both a lot more excited and a lot more comfortable around her when you meet her... as if running into an old friend.


Jason's picture

I see your point in the person noticing new things after the visualization. But I also believe that metaphysical energy also does play a part, the supreme, energy, ( God) as I call it, I also believe in the son and master Jesus) that's besides the point I am not here to try to change your religion, but, in your story, your friends friend, got a phone call from some one he knew in Cali ( San Diego) offering him a job and moving there, that is beyond noticing new things !!! that is, the supreme (god) energy rearranging things to go according to a persons hopes and FAITH) that would. It is faith, Jesus said ( ask the father and believing as though it is already done and it will be done for you), I also say as I learned the thing you want has to also benefit every one else that is involved in it and to help them grow, ) . so the law of faith and attraction does also work it is there. ( not just noticing new things, thats part of it but also believeing of the invisible energy of attraction. I do like what you wrote , it inspired me. i hope what I wrote also inspired you also!!

Matt357's picture

Coming here after reading Hill's book . I just want to add that it's crucial that you also mix faith with the other emotions. Visualize and have absolute faith that what you are visualizing will become a reality, eventually. Even if it doesn't work the first time. It's easy to get discouraged when you fail, then you focus on the failures and reinforce the very things that caused the failure. Instead, if you fail, you forget about it completely and replace it with a fake memory of success, firmly believing that in the end you will win. Then instead of feeling like a failure, you always feel like a winner, because you have absolute faith that eventually you will win. It always helps to be in a better state of mind, especially when it comes to seduction.

Elche's picture

LMAO I noticed the gorilla in the selective attention video when I first watched it but I thought the "but did you see the gorilla?" was a punchline, both when it was mentioned in the video and the article. Didn't realize it was actually the point of the video.

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