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How to Sleep with Hot Instagram Girls

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Pablo Garcia's picture

how to sleep with instagram models
Hot Instagram girls need sex, too. But how do you separate yourself from the hordes of men vying for their attention... and get them into your bed?

Hello, guys!

Over the years during which I have been living this fantastic lifestyle, I have noticed a slight change in myself and how I perform my magic on girls. As I’ve learned, met more girls, and got more lays, I have noted how important it is to change what kind of game I use on a specific girl. The best seducers I’ve met are the ones who can adapt their game to each girl. And to have sex with Instagram girls and other hot blogger chicks, it takes some finesse.

These girls often have thousands of followers on social media, and countless chodes bombard them with attention every time they log in. They very often have silicone titties, stripper heels, flowing,blonde hair, and a resting bitch face to scare off lame suitors. They are very scary girls many men dream of getting, but few have the guts to approach them.

I will give you the rundown on where to find and how to have sex with hot Instagram girls. These girls are not as hard to get as they look. Remember, they are women, and women still need sex – you just need to be the right guy for them that night. And to be the right guy that night, you need to know which guns to use at what time.


Jude's picture

Hey dude,
Love the article.
I would add a having a sexy body should be close to mandatory since these girls are focused on appearances

uForia's picture

I laughed when you said it's easier to get Instagram girls when you already have them going to the clubs with you. At that point, you wouldn't be needing GirlsChase other than for incrementally improving your game. I want to dive a little deeper into the "don't tell her your Instagram with low status" part however. Can we inductively claim that if you have any social media accounts that indicate a low status (Low number of friends/photos on Facebook, low number of followers on Twitter with few pictures, etc,), it's better to close down these accounts?

It's a question and not a definitive claim because we know that inevitably girls you meet will stalk your social media profiles after giving them your info but not having these profiles may also cause you to miss out on events you could go to in order to meet girls. Additionally, while a low status social media profile hurts you, a social media profile teeming with high value activity almost definitely helps you (See Oh Pry's comments in the forums). Making that transition initially, however, is then the biggest challenge of all.

Russell 's picture

Great article !! Few questions , 

Are these Instagram girls marriage materials ? I have heard that they are not and what type of men marry to choose these type of girls ? 

Randy's picture

There are plenty of hot girls on Instagram, but I'd still rather meet them in person. And I agree that muscles would help here.

Pablo Garcia's picture

Both Randy and Jude, yeah i agree that muscles help but it’s not mandatory. Actually a good posture and masculine energy would actually trump only muscles, it’s about having the overall masculine look. I hit the gym regularly and it does wonders for my testosterone-levels and gives me an alpha-edge many girls pick up on. 

Pablo Garcia's picture


First of all getting socially proofed does not necessarily need you need to get to the club with hot girls. Only having a friendly conversation with a hot girl gets you socially proofed, check out my main wing and bro Alec Rolstads series about social proof and how to get it.

Secondly i would not close down low value social media as Facebook or Twitter, having high status social media platforms can increase your attractiveness. The thing I advised was that if you don’t have any high-value social media don’t share it with these girls. (There’s ways to make instagram accounts locked from prying, also Facebook has this setting.)

Pablo Garcia's picture


This is a interesting question but the answer is  depending on what you want out of a marriage. Many of this kind of girls are very young and are still experimenting with men and sex. I would actually not recommend to engage this type of girl for the sole reason of their young age and their strive for attention. When they grow up they start to feel an urge to get settled. Kim Kardashian is a perfect example of this type of girl getting married. You need to be able to handle high levels of drama if you choose to be together with a girl like this. Maybe I should write an article about how to handle tough girls in a relationship. Thanks for the idea man!

Russell 's picture

Yeah please do write an article and please tell the difference between naturally beautiful girls and artificially hot girls in the relationship ? The difference , Their mate value , their level of maintainence , everything. 

Thanks very much :) 

Pablo Garcia's picture

Hey mate!

Unfortunately there is no obvious difference between how you should handle a girl that has a lot of plastic surgery to look better than a naturally beautiful girl. What defines her is actually her behavior and from my experience that’s what you should take into consideration before starting a relationship. I can write a guide to how you should handle some common girl-types and what the pitfalls are in relationship management.


Thanks for the idea!



Blonde's picture

Good article on a hot topic. However, I thought the black and white thinking and therefore terminology alpha/beta doesn't really have a place on this site. 

Pablo Garcia's picture

Thanks for the props!

All of the writers here on GC has different perspectives on a lot of subjects. I believe it only enrich and gives you guys more ways of seeing things, that is one of our strengths in my opinion.


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