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I laughed when you said it's easier to get Instagram girls when you already have them going to the clubs with you. At that point, you wouldn't be needing GirlsChase other than for incrementally improving your game. I want to dive a little deeper into the "don't tell her your Instagram with low status" part however. Can we inductively claim that if you have any social media accounts that indicate a low status (Low number of friends/photos on Facebook, low number of followers on Twitter with few pictures, etc,), it's better to close down these accounts?

It's a question and not a definitive claim because we know that inevitably girls you meet will stalk your social media profiles after giving them your info but not having these profiles may also cause you to miss out on events you could go to in order to meet girls. Additionally, while a low status social media profile hurts you, a social media profile teeming with high value activity almost definitely helps you (See Oh Pry's comments in the forums). Making that transition initially, however, is then the biggest challenge of all.