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Tactics Tuesdays: Imagine Games

Chase Amante

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imagine game
Fun personality games you can use with women you talk to, ‘imagine games’ increase a girl’s immersion and connection – when you use them right.

There’s a class of game or gambit we can call ‘imagine games’. An imagine game is when you ask a girl to imagine something, like that she is wealthy or can travel anywhere she wants to. You then spin her answer into a cold read, which escalates the courtship forward and makes her feel like you know her very well (thus establishing some similarity).

Imagine games are similar to, but different from, other games I’ve talked about on Girls Chase before, like:

These sorts of games (imagine games, and the games above) have the added advantage of creating a bubble with a girl, where she zeroes in on you and becomes intensely focused on you, and the outside world drops away, immersing her.

(the downside of this much immersion, this fast, is that it’s difficult to sustain for long, and if you don’t bring her out of it on your own terms, the spell breaks. So, just make sure you bring her back up to the surface on your own so she feels you’re in control and it never gets awkward – you can always re-immerse her later on)

We’re going to take a quick look at ‘imagine games’ – how they work, wrong ways to use them, and right ways to use them – below.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Lawliet's picture

Hey Chase,

Thanks for the quality content you've been pumping out!
So much to read and so much I need to digest. Thank you :)

I came across a weird phenomenon lately, and love to hear your opinion;)

I have 3 questions, but I've divided it up, so it's not so longwinded for you to read.

I appreciate your time for these comments!

when a girl makes direct statement of interest or pretty direct sexual flirting, such as

Her: I did something sexy today
You: What did you do?
Her: I'll show you
Her: *sits on your face*

or roleplay over text. But you get the idea.
When they talk like that in person, or over text, what is your way to approaching this?

Over text, I notice a lot of imagining (speaking of).
Like typing "actions" over texts. "Leans closer" etc. Imagining into the text or roleplay.
But i digress.

Jump on her? But what if she's over text, invite her out?
That feels a little too reactive... to her flirting. She can also do this:

You: Jump on her
Her: Hold your horses sweetheart, and maybe you'll get some tonight ;)

Then we're stuck there hung out dry :D. With her pushing her status up being the holder to sex.

When girls do this as we flirt back, it feels like we get our necks cut even though it's not necessarily direct flirting. It feels they get the last say. What are your thoughts on this? I don't know if this framing is the one we want to have either.

Additionally, Would love to hear some examples from you on girls taking the sexual aggressive role VERBALLY, and how do we not kill the tension while keeping the mating dance going? I honestly love these flirting back and forth ;)

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


Chase Amante's picture


[girl sits on Lawliet's face]

Lawliet: Oh, what's this? Looks like a spot on your jeans. I'll rub it off [rub her crotch].

She's doing three things to you: being playful, being raunchy, and escalating. Just do the same three things back: be playful, be raunchy, and escalate. Keep the vibe going.

On the second one:

Girl: "leans closer"
Lawliet: "trips backward, girl falls on top of him, fade to black"

As for girls being the sexual aggressor, think of it as a dance. She takes a step, you take a step. Reward her aggression without giving her everything or chasing. Like so:

Girl: You look very sexy today.
Lawliet: Thank you dear. I was thinking of you when I put these pants on.
Girl: You'll be thinking of me later when you take those pants off.
Lawliet: Yes, I suppose when you're taking my pants off it'll be hard not to think of you.


Chase frames, playful banter... but make it a joint, mutual thing so it doesn't feel one-sided to her.


SZ's picture

Hey Chase,


So I'm working on many things, I'm hitting the gym, going to uni, working on side hustles, working on skills etc.

I have an associates already so I'm educated, which I think is a plus to most women.

I have a side hustle that makes me some ok money, not a skill per se, but it's coo for now.


I might be busy with all of the things I'm working on, but I haven't made it to the point yet, I'm still working and have nothing to show.

So if a woman asked what I do for work, what would you say to them in my position  to keep them interested and make me sound good even though I haven't made it yet?


SZ's picture

Forgot to add that I'm still looking for full time work and still live at home, so bringing women back is a no. I'll have to to over their place or hotel idk.

I've been trying for a while to find full time employment and I actually stopped going out for a while and picking up girls to focus on finances and school.

So I'm now at the point where I'm tired of waiting to get my shit  together and not sleeping with women because of my insecurities and me working hard.

If I need to lie to them I well, I just don't know how to make it sound good.

SZ's picture

Hey Chase, does colt tinder system still work in this day and age? I think it's like 4 or 5 years old right ?

Idk if online dating is still something worth doing, but I wanna try it. 

I was thinking of getting colts tinder system.

Is there a way I can get a discount ? And is there a way I can pay without it being traced to me ?


SZ's picture

So I don't have a pic of me doing something cool like surfing, a vacation pic, a pic of me and a chick that I cut her out of, and I don't have animal to take a pic with.

So I just have myself for my pics, can I just take professional pics and just pick 3 from there? Should all be looking away pics? 

Chase Amante's picture


It REALLY depends on your vibe.

Like, if you're the sexy, mysterious guy, you can say "I have no career. I do odd jobs to survive, but I can't be tied to any one thing too long" and women will swoon. If you have more of a Regular Joe vibe though, it just sounds lame.

If you have a Regular Joe vibe, your safer bet is probably a deflection like "My career is a work in progress. What do you do?" And then when she returns to the topic and presses you for more details, just do "I spent too much of my youth having a good time. So now I'm going back to school to make something of myself."

Colt's Tinder system still works fine, yeah. We just don't promote it as actively anymore. Same principles all work -- only difference is Tinder is now "pay to play" -- you need to be a paid Tinder user to pull off the "do a ton of swipes" method. There's a ton of info in there on pics when you sign up, including a couple videos on it -- just follow those and you'll be good.

As for "not being able to trace back to you"... I think we only have credit card enabled as a payment option on the Tinder site, and if you buy it'll show up as "GIRLS CHASE" on your card statement. So if it's your parents' card or your parents read your credit card statements, then yeah, they're going to see that. We may move the Tinder system over to girlschase.com/courses and make it available there at some point, at which point you could purchase with a PayPal balance and it wouldn't hit your card statement. However ATM, no way to not have GC on your statement if you purchase Tinder.


SZ's picture

So this black pick up artist I follow was talking about the Bill Cosby thing and he said something that stood out, he said "if they can pin that on Cosby, they can pin it on any black man with no power".

Basically saying that any black man can get accused of a fra many years later if a white woman wants to do it as they did with Cosby, even worse because they won't have the money or power he has."

So of course this makes me paranoid and you also mentioned to me before about there is a higher chance of fras with white women.

He said they plan to do this with many other black celebrities.

I do believe the guy is trying to smarting brothers up, but may be fear mongering.

Here's my question:

I'm at the point where I want no interaction with white women, I've seen guys get accused and lives ruined on the news, on our very own boards and they're even white themselves.

What sucks is as I mentioned before white women are at an abundance, they're everywhere, especially where I am now, and even if I move doesn't matter they'll be there too, they out number other women by like 98% on apps, they're all I see on there, at the bars, clubs, schools, etc.

So I would be cutting off a huge majority of women if I avoid them completely. Basically 98% of women.

In your opinion, should I be this worried about this? 

Or should I just avoid them all together ?

I want my sanity, I don't want to have to think all of them want to do this to black men. I want to improve with women and they are the most abundant race all around me.

I don't want to have the fear a chick really has the power to do this to a man 20 years later and ruin his life, and he might not even remember her name. And he's gets in trouble because of his skin.

I'm so paranoid right now, and don't know what would be the best option.

Please let me know your thought and opinions on the matter, it'll really ease my mind a lot.



Chase Amante's picture


The risk is higher for a black man dating white women, yes. I don't know how much higher -- I don't have statistics on that.

If it helps, with Cosby, he started coming out hard on trying to help the black community do better in the U.S. before they hit him with all those FRAs. Here's the last speech he gave before they hit him with that:


It's very important for a lot of groups that blacks remain broken and angry and not start cleaning up their communities. When a black man takes a stand against that, he becomes a major, major target. You're not going to have an organized take-down campaign against you so long as you aren't prominently doing that.

Of course, you're still at risk from normal crazy white chicks. For that all I can tell you is screen out the psychos:

21 Signs She's a Psycho You Should Ghost on at the Bar

Your risk profile depends on how diligent you are about screening. You do get more of the dramatic, nuttier white women going for black guys. But you also get some cool, sane ones too. Just need to be able to screen for that properly and not be tempted by the nutty ones who seem so easy.

Anyway -- I know a fair few black guys who do just fine with white girls in America and have never run into a false rape accusation. Your risk is higher, but it's still not THAT high.

With the guys on the boards who've run into FRAs, they mostly have been:

- Messing around with drunk girls in college (feminist friends convince them they've been raped)

- Hooking up with not-very-attractive girls from bars, parties, or Tinder (unattractive girls = more issues)

- Not being very nice after sex or the next morning; not making the girl feel warm and fuzzy for having been with them

Steer clear of too-drunk girls, don't embarrass girls in public so their friends tease them about that dude fingering them on the dance floor the next day, try to stick to at least somewhat cute girls, and make them feel all warm and fuzzy about having been with you, and you'll be pretty reasonably safe.

There's no 100% guarantees, of course. No such thing in this life.

Ultimately you either suck up the risk, or don't play the game.


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