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One Date Is Out! Watch the Vid & Grab Your Copy Now

Chase Amante

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One Date is live. At long last.

You can watch the cool little animated video we’ve got on it here:

One Date

Inside the video you’ll learn:

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



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She enters your world… not the other way around.
Tweak your way to greatness.

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Cheers, Mischief!

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Hi Chase,

I've purchased one date and am keen to purchase king of college but can't till about 2 days. Will it still be possible to purchase king of college in a couple of days or a week (when I get paid)?

I've been through the first 2 sections of one date and already identified mistakes I've been making in the date process such as focusing on similarity/connection when girls were chasing/ready to hook up. This helped me identify a thinking pattern in myself that I need help in getting rid of which is

self worth problem/comparison to other guys/ unwillingness to accept attraction factors and even girls interest.

So I have girls chasing me, excited around me, being warm, flirty etc (and I always aim to portray confidence, am very social flirtatious etc) but at my core it seems like I can't accept or believe that some of these girls are giving me strong signals. When it comes to short term hook ups it's fine(I dont really care that much). But If I want to date these girls/potentially see a r-ship happening I wait for a lot of signals before proceeding ahead. So I land myself in dates where I'm looking for a lot of incidental touch, interest, compliments to see if she really likes me. Even when I get these signals I'm a bit cautious to escalate because I seem unwilling to believe the signals because I feel like either I'm not tall enough, good looking enough or muscular enough(despite having read girls chase and 1st section of one date). I attribute a lot of attraction to these 3 factors despite the fact that I know how important vocal, body, social factors, sexiness are.
How do I change this way of seeing attraction, how do I get myself to actually believe that these girls are interested and see height, good looks and musculature as three of many attraction factors.
Part of me thinks it's the way I portray myself rather than the fundamentals that they're attracted to. There is some sort of cognitive dissonance that won't allow me to see myself as attractive despite the interest from girls and improvements I've made in fundamentals because I'm not as tall and good looking as X guy, have green eyes like Y guy or am as tall and buff as Z guy. i.e why date me when X guys is both tall and good looking?

Attainability/player vibe
I've run into a couple of problems with attainability(which I think is related to above issues) some girls especially younger girls tend to think I'm a bit of a dick, tease too much and some auto reject but then I manage to be warm and bring it back. I've never really had this problem before but they describe me as confident and not the type of guy who dates long-term. I've also forged this player vibe (because I do like to date multiple girls) but they seem to think I could hurt them or if I 'say these things to all the girls' etc.
I've realized this is an attainability problem - again this is sort of new to me and I have cognitive dissonance about this (because it's within the last 1 year that this has happened and I wasn't this good before so I struggle to see myself as this person now even though other people do) so I'm often surprised with the problems I get.

Any thoughts/ways on how I can change this view? am I undervaluing myself? (Ill be checking out attainability in one date too)

Finally again related to the first issue: Would you recommend taking someone as a girlfriend who says she likes tall guys/thinks X mutual guy is attractive - (who is tall and good looking) but.... is showing you strong signals, clicked with straight away, flirty(are friends and have a fun flirty vibe together), very compliant(always wants to see you/travels far to see you), very touchy and warm with you - ie all the right signals despite me not meeting her on paper requirements. Is this something I should ignore or are these requirements important if I want a long sustained relationship that I want to run as long as I want? Is this just something I need to get over?

Thanks a lot Chase!

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Thank you for your business!

Yes, once you're inside, you'll be able to purchase KoC at your leisure. There's a little ad for it on the sidebar of the member area - you can click this, and you'll go to the signup page.

Re: those belief sets you've got that are hindering you with obviously interested women... the single best way to reprogram those beliefs is to go for it anyway despite not thinking you can, and see what happens.

There's a lay report by Art on the Alumni Forum ("First One Date Success") I'd suggest you check out. If you pay attention, there are a few points where Art says he thinks the girl won't go for it that fast, but he tries and she complies. Once you have a few experiences like this, where you say "Naw, she'll never go for it", but you try it and she goes for it, it's impossible to ever really take those thoughts that seriously again. Just keep in mind you need a dash of resilience here, because sometimes you will think "She'll never go for it", then you try it, and she doesn't go for it. You've gotta be able to say "Well, she didn't go for it after all. But I'll try again with the next girl, and the next one after that if necessary, and we will see what happens."

The player vibe is essentially a "too smooth / too smarmy" vibe... you fix it by introducing warmth and sincerity. Article-wise, I'd suggest Ricardus's X-factor series and Hector's genuine man series. But you can also use SAC for this... in particular similarity. A girl calling you a player is a girl who's telling you she doesn't feel similar enough to you (even if she's a player herself... nobody really sees him or herself as 'a player' deep down; 'player' is always the veneer, with 'real person' the core). Improve how much similiarity you build with women, and the player vibe fades into the mist (all the stuff in One Date on similiarity should help a lot here).

As for a girl saying she likes this or that guy... sure. It doesn't really matter what she says she likes so long as yours is the cock she's taking, and she's satisfied with it. The only time to be worried about it is if she has an insatiable sexual appetite, or is highly impulsive, or personality disordered, or your relationship is really rocky and she is very unhappy. Then, if she is telling you "Guy X is so hot", you ought to be concerned. Otherwise, it's just noise. All girls think it. Some say it (the more honest/stream of consciousness girls), while other girls hide it. Pretty much just down to personality. I wouldn't let that hold you back.


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Hi Chase,

This could potentially be on the One date forums, so I guess I'll post it there as well but in short I went for it on 2 different occasions with the same girl I alluded to on previous post. Have been friends for over 6 months but had a flirty r/ship (I was dating someone else during that time) but we became close. Over the last month or so we started flirting more and escalated touch and arousal. Very good signals - lots of compliance (driving out far to see me etc), excited to hang out, touch on her part, receptive to my touching, (telling mutual friends that she's starting to like me) etc.

I took your advice and went for it: Results

First hangout - very receptive to touch (pretty much everywhere), escalated(kissing along neck body etc but decided not to kiss since she had to go home (so as to not destroy the sexual tension). Also got ask what my intentions are, she thinks I'm a player, she hasn't slept with anyone before and wants a serious r/ship. I said Im open to it but need to see if the connection is real first ie not ruling out being a potential bf but pointing that we should be lovers.

2nd occasion - Party - she's still warm etc but is worried because her friends are saying I'm a player, she doesn't want to get hurt etc. Escalated while alone but didn't get to sex because it hurt too much after oral/fingering (which she enjoyed and was very receptive to it but not so much the oral she didn't like it) and I didn't want to escalate beyond this point.
Anyway she was acting a bit strange next day but then slowly got the playful flirtation going again.

Anyway next day 2 things stood out - On the night she kissed back hard when I finally kissed her (and I always broke the kiss first). Was very into it when dry humping kissing all over her body deep breathing, moans etc. But
1. Next day she said she didn't feel the spark when we kissed (she felt like she should have something more but didn't). - Is she out of her body because she doesn't have much experience, because we've been friends for awhile, or is it just how she feels?
2. Doesn't want to ruin friendship, get hurt, wants a serious r/ship & thinks I don't want one just want something casual at the moment. (which is not quite the case).

What do you reckon Chase? I can't relate this to anything in One Date. I felt like there was lots of arousal and compliance all up till it started to hurt for her.
So is this a case of she doesn't like me enough to go all the way? (I cant think of any brighter signals, she asked me to come to bed with her, has been a lot of compliance and chasing on her behalf). Is this because she wasn't fascinated with me from the start i.e maybe not love at first sight?

or is it because I didn't have sex, and sex is the differentiator, would having sex made a difference? (I don't see how It could've) but you emphasise this so my ears are open to any advice/wisdom.

Where to go from here? (I'm focused on College again, so I've paused our thing and said I need to focus on college). We still have the same flirty vibe but am feeling like going for someone else to avoid too much social circle drama.

How would you relate the one date VAC/SAC model to this and escalation to everything but sex? Would you recommend trying again (tempting but not sure - she does have the right qualities for a r/ship, but I'm questioning how much she likes me and whether it's worth it).

How can we tell how much a girl likes us if it's not flirtation combined with compliance & arousal what else do we need to look for?

Do I need to improve fundamentals - sexiness etc more?

Thanks Chase - Keen to purchase KoC soon!


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Sounds like you're fine on A&C. Main thing here is all the player accusations. The fine line you need to walk is keeping arousal and compliance up, while allaying her concerns about you being a player.

"I want a serious relationship, and I don't think you want that" is a problem with S. She's telling you your attitude and hers are different. Any time you see things like this, especially on important issues, you need to address them quick. Once she gets it in her head that the two of you have very core attitudinal differences, the walls start going up between you.

As soon as you hear things like that, you need to be telling her "What are you talking about? Why do you say that?" Get her to tell you why she thinks what she thinks. Then just try and be as real and honest with her as you can be: "Look, I don't want to make you any promises and break your heart or anything. All I can say right now is that I dig you. I like spending time with you. I'd like to continue spending time with you. I'm not making promises. But I'm not ruling anything out, either. That's real talk."

The kiss thing is... eh. "Of course there wasn't a spark, you're super inexperienced with men! We'll get it, you and me. We just need a little more practice." Then kiss her well, and ask her if she felt it. If no, kiss her well again. Tell her, "There, see? We're getting it. We're figuring this out. You and me." Make it a cooperative exploration together.


JasonH's picture

Hi Chase,

You were more or less correct. It was an S issue. I'd more or less just expressed what I thought was right before I even read this post and the issue was 'S'. She put up walls because of core attitude differences between what I wanted and what she wanted. I'm not used to the player accusations and need to learn to manage this better.

The kiss thing was as you said, eh. One of those things girls say when their body is doing the exact opposite or because of differences in 'S'

I can make better sense of this model now. Also I can see the approach signals women are giving me clearer too. Great to see things are coming together from articles and one date. You've put some absolute quality content out!



Damien1's picture

Hey chase!

I'm wondering about the pricing of the beta-test for One Date - If I get it for 67$ now, is it the whole thing or will I still have to pay 100$ / month for each module like you wrote somewhere in the forum?

Chase Amante's picture


Correct. The complete course (all 11 modules) comes to $940. We've split payments up across 9.5 months both to make it more affordable and to not drown One Date/TDA owners in information. One Date is $67, you get free access to Module 1 with that too, and then each subsequent module is $97. Module 2 bills & unlocks 14 days after you purchase One Date, and the remaining 8 modules come once a month after that.

If you have other questions, please feel free to shoot us an email:


Damien1's picture

hey chase! first thanks for the info. I bought the course now, but I didn't get a confirmation email so I didn't receive the password to login. I tried resetting the password too, which also didn't work. Wrote a ticket already but no answer so far.

Chase Amante's picture


Awesome! Glad you're signed up. Sorry about the email thing... we had another guy who was not getting any of our emails, also from Germany (using an email address). In his case, it wasn't just emails from; Genaro also tried mailing him from his personal Gmail account (ending in and that bounced back too. Kept giving us "mail could not be delivered" messages.

He was finally able to hear back from us when he contacted us from his email address. Do you have another email address you could try dropping us a line from, and we'll see if you can hear back from us that way?

If not, or if you're still not able to hear back from us there for some reason, my next suggestion would be if you can open a support ticket and drop another means of contacting you in there - Skype, phone number, etc. That way we can reach out to you and hopefully get through that way.


Damien1's picture

Thats another email address of mine! if it won't work I'll create a ticket.

max's picture

Hey chase,
just purchase one date
and I wonder I HAVE to pay $97 every 2 week , or it depend to me ?

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The way we have it structured is for Module 2 to drop 14 days after your One Date purchase date. Then all subsequent modules (there are 11 modules total - One Date, and Modules 1-10 of TDA) drop at one month intervals. So it's Day 1: One Date & TDA Module 1 ($67). Day 14: Module 2 ($97). One month later, Day 44: Module 3 ($97). Etc. Full details here if that's still at all unclear.

There's no way to speed that up at present. So it can't go faster. If you decide the course isn't for you, or you can't afford it, or what have you, you can cancel the rest of the course any time... just write to support for that. Make sure you've checked out the course first before you make that decision though - there's not really anything else out there that can do half of what One Date/TDA can for your social and romantic life, not that I've seen.


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Hey I am not sure where to buy One Date there is no link

Alek Rolstad's picture

I am not the guy in charge of customer inquiries, but I know who will be more than willing to assist you: (they respond pretty quickly)

The purchase link usually appears once you've finished watching the video. Watch the video through and eventually access to the product appears. I honestly enjoyed watching the animated video. It not only share some knowledge but got me truly hyped. It surely add some epicness to the whole experience.


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We have to wait a few months before it's open again

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