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Calibrating Your Social Frame: Matching Venues & Individuals

Chase Amante

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social frame calibrationYour social frame is how well you fit into a given venue or environment. Do you match it – or do you seem out of place? The better you calibrate, the easier it becomes to excel socially.

Hey guys. Today I'll discuss social frame-the social dimension of seduction. Social frame is the underlying social meaning of the interaction between you and the people you interact with, given their sociocultural background. We can define social frame by one's sociocultural identity, expressed during interactions with others. This generates the social frame.

From my past article on social frame:

What is a social frame?

It is a term coined by master pick-up artist Gunwitch (Allen Reyes) in his product Seduction MMA (still one of the best products out there for advanced guys). My interpretation of his definition of a social frame is that it is a frame that covers everything related to the "social" or the "social aspect" in an interaction, or more precisely, in a seduction.

What Is a Social Frame?

Social frame in this context is about conveying that you appear, on a social level, as the type of guy a girl usually hooks up with.

This helps ease the opening process because a girl will be less hostile as you are a guy who is "okay" to talk with socially in her environment. It also smoothens the hooking process because you gain rapport: she is familiar with guys socially similar to you and realizes that men like you are cool and sexy. Most importantly, she will allow herself to have sex with you because it feels okay according to her social frame. Also, her friends will likely accept you if you match their social frame because they think you are high value and safe.

You can make women intrigued and interested in you without worrying about social frame, but it will be challenging - it is much easier when the social frame factor is in place. Arousing a girl when the social frame is off may lead to female state control (FSC), and she may back off despite being aroused to control her state. She will not allow herself to let go and get carried away because she is unsure whether you are a safe lover or a suitable man for her socially.

Social frame is crucial.

Over the years, I have neglected much discussion of social frame. I have covered subjects relating to it that communicate and amplify social frame, like:

But today, let's explore what you should know about social frame.


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