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How Funny Are You with Girls? Free Quiz + Report

Chase Amante

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It’s been said I have a rather clever sense of humor. Humor factors into most of my seductions (even with those humorless types of girls, I will still be using humor… if only for my own amusement!), and readers of this site have been asking me for a guide to it pretty much since the site’s inception.

For that reason, while asking myself, “What kind of a program can I put together to help out guys while we get our dating app how-to guide retooled and ready for launch?” I hit upon the idea of putting a method to my side-splitting madness – and the Lush Teases™ Method was born.

Lush Teases™ is all mapped out at this point; the handbook is done (and looking slick), the audio courses are ready to record, the bonuses are all mapped out (this will be an audio + ebook only course – no video in this one, just so I can produce it for you faster than my usual glacial pace). I just need to hit the studio sometime in the next week or two to get the audio segments all banged out.

I’ll tell you more about Lush Teases™ as we get closer to launch.

In the meantime, however, I have created a short little-but-meaty report for you on being funny with womenalong with a free quiz to take that evaluates how funny you CURRENTLY are with girls.


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