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How to Escape a Woman's "Gotcha" Questions

Chase Amante

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gotcha question
Ever have a girl hit you with a "gotcha" question, at the worst possible moment? You had just asked her out, or to come home with you, or got to bed. Then – GOTCHA!

Under my article on women not counting men they've slept with, SZ asked:

"How do we not get into the settle down relationship thing ? A girl might admit she's a slut, but she'll say something like, "you have to promise me you'll stay with me if we have sex, you have to tell me you won't leave me, will you leave me? Will you be my boyfriend? Etc.""

These are what we call "gotcha" questions. Women will hit you with them when you least expect it, and are worst prepared for it. They're tests... aimed at you at the most inconvenient of moments.

Example "gotcha" questions include:

  • You're about to sleep with her, but she stops you to ask you if you'll be her boyfriend

  • You ask her out, and she says "okay", then says "Wait, what will we do on this date?"

  • You give her a drink, and she asks "You're not trying to get me drunk, are you?"

  • You invite her home with you, and she asks "Are you trying to have sex with me?"

  • You move to kiss her and she stops you to say "This is as far as we go, right?"

I'm sure you've seen other similar questions too.

These questions may be conscious traps. Or the girl may just find her in a suddenly uncertain situation, and want a little clarity from you.

Regardless her reason for asking though, the effect on you can often amount to "Geez, what do I say here?"


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