To Get the Women You Desire, You Must Take a Proactive Role | Girls Chase

To Get the Women You Desire, You Must Take a Proactive Role

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how to get quality women
Are you dissatisfied by the quality of women out there? Fact is, quality women abound; but they’ll never just fall into your lap. To get them, here’s what you must know.

As a seducer, pickup is your business, and you want to attract the most high-quality clients (i.e., quality women). In that way, seduction is like marketing and sales.

In general, businessmen want results, and not to just “get by.” They want to make millions of dollars, not just live paycheck to paycheck. They want a lifestyle that provides everything they desire, yes, but mostly they want to be free from worry – worry about paying bills, putting their kids through college, or taking a two-month vacation without risking their livelihood.

In dating terms, not all guys are satisfied with simply being able to attract and sleep with women. That’s where their seduction journey may begin, but as they progress, they find that quantity is no longer enough; they want quality. Not just in hotness, but in all the ways that make a relationship worth the effort.

Maybe they find that the women they attract aren’t satisfying them in ways other than sex, so they get bored. Maybe they find that the only women who will give them the time of day or stick around with them long term aren’t of the type or quality they desire... so they just settle, or they end up in a never-ending cycle of doomed relationships. Maybe they even begin to think that quality women no longer exist.

So in this article, I’d like to talk about getting results, but not in terms of just getting laid. Anyone can get laid, but getting real results means getting what you truly desire, right? If simply getting laid is all you desire, that's fine, but if you want to get a quality woman (or women) who will satisfy you in all the other ways women can satisfy a man, you might need to change your game.

  • You can have the most wonderful game or charisma, and still not get the results you want

  • You can have a positive attitude that Tony Robbins would be envious of, and still not get the results you want

  • You can be a master closer, collecting girls’ phone numbers at will, left and right, and still not get the results you want

  • You can provide people with great social value, good experiences, or philosophical knowledge, and still not get the results you want


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