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How to Stop Being a Simp: 10 Steps

Chase Amante

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Sun, 03/15/2020 - 23:59


how to stop being a simpSomehow, despite the existence of this website, and the half million to million people who read it every month, there are apparently more men desperate for female approval than ever in recorded history.

There is an outright simp epidemic.

Is there anything sadder than a man who swallows his pride, pedestalizes the feminine, and launches limp-wristed attacks against his fellow man in a feeble attempt to curry favor with women?

Truly, there is no man more tragic than the simp.

First, here is the SIMP TEST. Watch this video, and pay careful attention to your emotions:


— Ching (@Hotline_Ching) March 10, 2020

Did you experience a sort of cognitive dissonance, and a kind of revulsion that says, "Though this woman is young and attractive, I find her oddly and off-puttingly moronic, and I also think she is lying?"

Congratulations, you are not a simp. The rest of this article does not apply to you.

However, you may want to read it anyway to make especially sure to inoculate yourself against the dangers of simp-dom.

On the other hand, if, when watching that video, did you not experience any cognitive dissonance, and instead experienced a swelling of pride? Did you feel something along the lines of, "This beautiful woman recognizes me for my superior quality?"

If so, I regret to inform you you are a carrier of SIMP.

But don't fear.

There is a cure.

If you follow my 10-step method, we can restore your testosterone levels to normal, train you to prefer manly domination over effeminate obeisance, and make you a man women actually respect and desire to sleep with (perhaps even chase), rather than one they manipulate then giggle about as he conducts himself in embarrassing fashion on their behalfs.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



stef123321's picture

Any time I hear a guy say he can't be on social media because "it's weird" to not be on there, I know he's a simp.
you mean can not not be on social media?
also the part about let the chad in you talk for you is weirdly constructed, nice article as always, you are awesome chase

Bo's picture

Good read Chase, but man you seem a little peeved in this one. Someone or something prompted you to write this huh?

You could just as easily centered this piece around the term "fuckboy". Even though the slang has been around for a bit longer it's the stick to the simp carrot if you will. Discourage guys from being fuckboys while encouraging them to simp. It's crazy how all mainstream media, from music to movies to the press, pushes this. Glad I tuned those fools out.

Only thing I disagreed with was Hunger Games. It's definitely a simp movie, and I never found Jennifer Lawrence to be that attractive, but overweight? I'm not so sure.

Mr.Rob's picture

You forgot to mention SIMP stand for





Trade in your simpin for pimpin kiddos. Nice tips Chase

Witcher's picture

Sympathetic article and reminds me of post from the classic and old Maniac High Guide:
You basically have a guy going full simp/shopping guy and NYC advising him

1984's picture

It's a hilarious piece of article, and the writing style and tone is so different from your usual stuff that I thought it's an April fool's article... until I realized it is still 15 days too early. Maybe you're just prepping for the real April fool's article later on ;p

With regards to the article on testosterone, winning raises testosterone while losing decreases it. So does it mean that if I go direct approaches and I get rejected immediately, I take a testosterone hit? And does it mean that if I get a string of rejections in a row, its better to just stop approaching for a while, since my t-levels is getting pummelled and my results will drop?

My practical experience is that sometimes I feel worse off if I get rejected, but sometimes I actually feel better after doing the approach and getting rejected, especially if it is a really hot girl, or if the approach is in a novel situation.

I'm totally fine with getting rejected as many times as it takes to get really good. Nowadays it's just a small sting to the ego and I feel a little tired mentally after that, nothing much.

What I'm more worried is in the long term will these many losses stack up (since the very nature of direct street game will result in a lot of rejections) and keep bringing my t levels down and prevent me from getting the results which I want in the long term. (i.e. super hot girls).

Thanks for answering!

Kevin B's picture

Excellent article as always Chase!

My life truly changed for the better when I discovered your content a few years back. Thanks for all the hard work!

All the best,

PIMP's picture

This was such a good article Chase, I loved it!! I love all of your articles of course, but this one had to be the funniest and the most true.

I actually witnessed a dude sing that grenade song to a girl he was simping on while she slept with other guys lmfao, he wasnt getting any from her lmfao, true story!!

All of your points are correct, especially when you have grown men who try to talk bad about not being a simp.

I really like how you emphasize that men need to make getting women a routine, it's like we need to be good with women and much as we need money and health.

Men and Women are against it though and want you to either focus on women when you're really young then get married or just turn mgtow.

They don't want you to have a Pimp lifestyle as you get older. They don't want you to be pimps at all.

Really great article Chase.

Will KZ's picture

I don't know who the girl in that video is, but undoubtedly she's making a lot of money from these "simps". She may come across as an airhead, but praising and encouraging her top clientele is not moronic, there's a ruthless businesswoman underneath that whininess.

Anonymous's picture

Honestly I thought it was funny that an article dedicated to not being a simp came from you when this seems like a hector topic since he's active on social media and sees simp behavior very frequently lol. What about red pill or mgtow guys who will claim that you're a simp if you even say something like you have love for women or respect them? Or if you show any effort or give women any ounce of attention then you are chasing their pussy and being a simp? I feel like some guys particularly on the internet just like to use that word to raise their status and to feel superior to other guys even if those guys they're calling a simp don't worship or pedestalize women. Or they will take feminists pursuit of equality so literal that they think men should be able to fight women just as men fight men with the same brutality.

Andy Tsung's picture

I agree there should be some kind balance between Simping and what this article is suggesting I mean there are good women and there are good men like my Dad. We should respect everyone because we are all we have. Meh this is stupid men who try to put down other men is just power tripping.

Abigfukingloser's picture

This article came in time

Chase please make articles related to careers.
I am 35 years old, I have Environmental Engineering degree, I have master degree in biology, can dance, move my body, doing olympic weightlifting, dress well, put nice perfumes,

Guess what I am a fucking loser a big big big big loser, my simping is different...I cant get a job, I dont have Ny skills, no business ideas, no creativity, nothing to offer and it is my biggest insecurity, that beside that I very skinny. Good news I still have lean muscle and strong(For a skinny fuk like myself)

I am extremely inscure about my lack of skill, lavk of creativity and lack things to offer....I am angry at empolyers more than women, I feel employers are the reason I suck with women...Not because of money but because i have mo purpose or life goal, my apartment is shitty, small and a mess.

Please write articles bout these kind of thing.
I was dating a Nigerian woman exactly my type(lots of red flags) but I have never met. Woman hotter(I use to dirty dance with lots of women in the past). But I messed up with her and she ghosted me which 8 am still angry about and sometimes I think of sending an angry message such as learn to keep your word next time etc... but so far no contacting her etc...

The worst thing is that I cant blame her, I cant blame her, when I go to a club I always think I am awkward, unemployed, I have no purpose in life so she made the right decisoon not to be with me, cant wake up in time, dont have any skills, cant make decisons, cant get a job and most employers brush me off like I am nothing, my degrees are from Finnish universities by the way but let me tell they are just piece of paper, I dont believe I deserve these degrees they just look imoressive.

Please make articles related to career, skilless old men, carless, etc.... please the worst I swear is I feel when I a woman reject or when that gorgoeus Nigerian girl rejected is that I am thinking she did the right thing...who wants unemployed purposless bum, who wants this.

Bonus question it seems showing desire and complimenting a woman works and doesnt work at the sametime...I was very vulgar and in your face with the Nigerian girl I wasnt shy expressing interst and esire and it worked like charms, in the last sate, I cut the date shirt to go trsining, I was complimenting her, had controversial opinions but I never saw her again even though she said she will show up....please help.

Thank you

T's picture


I am not Chase but when I read your comment I could'nt help I had to write an comment myself.
And it may sound a little bit harsh but beleve me: it is well-meant.
My guess is that there could be one article after another about "career, skilless old men, carless, etc.." but no one of these would help you.
You write "Guess what I am a fucking loser a big big big big loser.." Why? You have Environmental Engineering degree and master degree in biology. Do you really want to tell me that this is the outcome of a looser?
Why do you blame employers for your success with women? Can it be that you go bad prepared in a job interview?
Can it be you aren't prepared for meeting women at all?
But what really makes me reflective is "...but because i have mo purpose or life goal..." and that is the gist of the matter. There is nothing what a new article could contain that is not yet written here time and again. Start with the given links in this article and you have all you need to make headway. All the very best


someone strong's picture

Thank you very much, appreciate your response.

Nomad Steve's picture

I completely agree with all of this except for the bit about Jennifer Lawrence being overweight.

One more thing I would add to this list though, Do Not Watch Porn. It's fine to jerk it in moderation (necessary even, IMO) but watching porn also contributes to all of this behavior and mindset by men.

lucio's picture

This was a real bone you threw out for the more red-pill minded folks.
Too much complaining of this supposed media conspiracy to weaken men, in my opinion.
Well done and written, though.

Sa's picture

I think men in general will get a warped mindset from your article,let a man simp or date around.

Unless he wants a wife,how many partners or stds or lack off he attains doesn’t matter.

Toxic masculinity.

Article needs to be more goal oriented.

If you go to college and take every class to not be a simp for history but still love history,that’s a failure.

skadxury's picture

Alright so I came across this as I was trying to learn how to stop mf simping except I’m not male. You’ve made a good enough article so like- can you do one for women hahaha well tbh I’m not really simping and I never will, I have self respect. but I aLso have this (phase perhaps? hopefully?) with attractive chinese men and I keep fangirling and shit I swear this is kinda unhealthy. Started about a month ago? like I do like other races it’s just sorta idk. I mean they’re always going to be my preference since I’m Chinese myself but it’s kinda like a fucking addiction and I don’t know how to stoP- I’ve even switched from normal ASMR to chinese uhhhhhhh I’ve gotten douyin which is probably where it escalated hhh and it doesn’t help that theres this one CHINESE dude I was mad in love with who went pow pow to my heart and I’ve been trying to recover from that for almost 2 years. Bruh imagine this turns out to be my coping mechanism for not getting being with him LMFA I’m such a clown ok bye have a nice day goodnight

SaraMiller's picture

As a women,
Dear men, this will not do anything. This will still make you a 'simp', you'll just look more desperate and creepy. Sexism makes women hate you, not love you.

Chase Amante's picture

stef111qqqxxx's picture

I eat nose to tail carnivore style, one meal a day, 0 plants...
feeling like a Lion, I won 10 pound of muscle doing 0 excersise!
(i am going to start pretty soon to lift weights again)
Humans are supposed to be top/apex/alfa mega predators! not domesticated-herbivore-vegan-simp-slaves!

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