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Tactics Tuesdays: Keep Fingering Her (Don't Stop!)

Chase Amante

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By: Chase Amante

keep fingering herThe easiest way to escalate to sex with a woman is to start fingering her… and then just never stop until your member's inside her.

There's this magical little love button every woman's got.

It's called the clitoris.

Most guys figure out that when they rub this magical love button, women get very turned on.

A girl whose clitoris you rub (once you've readied her for that step, of course) becomes animalistic.

She grows ready for sex.

Because of this most guys will rub that little love button.

Yet at some point most men do this weird, funny thing: they decide it is time for their penis to enter the woman, so they stop rubbing her love button and start fumbling around.

Yet when they stop rubbing her love button, and start to fumble around with their belt buckles, and condoms, and positioning, and getting over her the right way, and getting their penis into her in the right spot, very often the animalistic passion the woman felt while her love button was being rubbed recedes.

The spell breaks. Passion subsides. Logic reemerges.

Many times women 'come to their senses' and toss up new walls of last minute resistance.

"I don't know if I'm ready for that." "It's too fast for me." "I think we've gone far enough."

Sometimes this is enough to end the escalation altogether, and the man doesn't get sex.

I have seen men concoct all sorts of brilliant plans for how they'll do things better the next time they reach a similar position with a girl. They will say certain things, they say; or they'll get out ahead of her objections up front, or maintain a more unshakeable frame.

While those things will help, there's something a lot simpler, a lot more pleasurable, and infinitely more effective you can do, as well.

It is to simply keep fingering her until you've fully penetrated her with your penis, and not stop till then.

You just don't let off that love button until you've filled her love canal.


Cid's picture

Thank you for an incredible sexual escalation article Chase, will be implementing immediately! Your previous sexual article "Make Her Orgasm Hard from Sex in 8 Minutes or Less" has helped me give consistent (and mind-blowing) orgasms fast!

Please explain exactly how to rub the clitoris for maximum effectiveness.

Which finger(s) should I use?

Should I moisten my finger with saliva?

Should my hand/finger(s) be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal?

Which part of the clitoris should I focus on (center/top-half/bottom-half/left/right/upper-left quadrant)?

Should I be rubbing up and down, side to side, clockwise or counter-clockwise?

What speed of stroke should I use? (In your previous article comment you mention "About one thrust per second sounds right; 60 thrusts / minute.")

Thank you Chase!

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, there's a fair amount of technique that goes into superior fingering (kinda sounds like a subject you wouldn't need a ton of technique on, but it does help quite a bit).

I already have a "how to finger a girl" article on my topics list from years and years ago, which I've never written.

I'll see if I can bump it up in the queue!


FriskyGingerWarrior's picture

What about when you go to put on a condom? I always use two hands to do that. Is there a trick for putting on a condom with one hand so the other can stay on her love button?

Chase Amante's picture


My preferred approach is to switch a condom to my pants pocket or grab one out of the nightstand and tear it open, right when we get somewhere private, while she's distracted (before I've started escalating). Once it's time to wear it, you just slip it out of nightstand or pocket, take the condom out of the already-torn package, give it a quick look to see which side is the "on" side, then slip it on and roll it up your member with thumb and forefinger. All the while you continue to finger her with your other hand.

In a pinch (if I didn't have one open already, or if the condom isn't coming out of the wrapper) I will bring the condom wrapper up to near where I'm fingering her, switch to my pinkie finger on her clitoris, and use both hands. Then finish putting the condom on with one hand while the other hand focuses on stimulating her.

I've heard a few guys talk about tearing the condom wrapper with their teeth. There's probably some technique to that, but the few times I've tried it it hasn't worked as hoped.

But opening one up as soon as you're somewhere private, and making sure it'll be within easy reach (preferably in your pocket, in case you move around and don't end up escalating next to where you'd usually put a condom), is the easiest way to do this.


Mario117's picture

I remember reading an article, where you don't let the girl orgasm until you get your dick inside her. Because she already climaxed and she backward rationalizes and thinks that she doesn't need to go any further and rack up a partner count. I can't remeber the exact reasons but something along those lines.

So do we controll their level of pleasure until we get our dick inside her? Do we continue fingering after orgasm and give a chain of orgasms until we reach the end goal?

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