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You Must Brave Looking Stupid to Get Skilled in Seduction

Chase Amante

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get out what you put inMost men will never excel with women for one simple reason: they're too scared of looking stupid.

I’ve met many guys who are trying to get good with girls.

And I’ve noticed a common theme: guys just spinning their wheels, putting in the effort but not seeing progress.

Much of this comes down to expecting certain results and not looking for the right progression markers.

However, some guys do not know what to expect and are unprepared for how deep seduction truly is.

Cody LyansAbout the Author: Cody Lyans

Girls Chase’s resident “man of mystery”, Cody shows shy, quiet guys how to turn these traits into assets. Girls call his style “cool and calibrated”; he’s adept at smoothly meeting girls everywhere from the beach to the dance floor. Cody prides himself on versatility, and specializes in both fast (~20 minute) hookups, and slow, sensual seductions. Book a phone coaching session with Cody today to learn from him directly.



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Who wrote the article? I began reading thinking it was Chase talking but Cody was signed at the end

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is this article by Chase or by Cody, this is not how chase writes I recognize his style.

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Just an FYI that this post is labeled as being written by Chase but gets signed off by Cody at the end.

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I had to double check this article wasn’t by Cody while reading it....wanted to comment it didn’t read like Chase’s articles at all...
And then I reached the bottom and saw it was actually signed by Cody. Lol!

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Is this article written by Chase or Cody?

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Whoops, sorry gents.

We're in between publishers at the moment.

BT's left to travel the world after getting his financial situation in ship-shape, and we're presently getting his former role filled out. But for now I'm back to publishing articles to the live site myself.

Looks like I forgot to change the poster name when putting this one up.

Apologies for the confusion. Name's changed!


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