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6 Traits of Women Who Like Short Men

Chase Amante

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women like short menMost women may like taller men. Yet if you know what traits to look for, you can spot the women who are open to dating shorter men… or who even prefer them.

Where are the women who like short men?

I used to watch this cartoon called “Invader Zim.” It’s about a jerk alien who’s one of the shortest in a society that places high status on the tallest members. The leaders of the race are actually called “The Tallest.”

The joke is obviously aimed at us, the human race, and our predisposition to give status to the big and tall. It’s tied to our DNA, I suppose. Men like women with thin waists, wide hips, and big breasts for baby-rearing. Women like big, tall, strong men to protect them from wild beasties in the night. We haven’t evolved all that much.

Does that mean if you’re under five feet tall, you’re doomed to dating other Hobbits? Are you going to be stuck traveling the yellow brick road, forever limited to other Oompa Loompas? Don’t fret little one.

Today I’m going to alleviate the insecurities of the countless vertically-challenged men seeking confirmation that they’re not doomed to a life of AI sex dolls and Cheetos. There's plenty of hope for your dating as a short man.

Yes, there are women who like dating short men. It’s not a niche you’ll find on porn sites (I’ve never looked), but thanks to something we call having “game,” any man can rise above (snicker) the competition.

Tony DeppAbout the Author: Tony Depp

Tony is one of the most veteran day game experts around. He began to pick up women in the mid-2000s, when he posted on the famed seduction forum mASF... alongside other old hands like Chase Amante and Alek Rolstad. Over the last 10 years Tony has coached hundreds of students to meet women during the day. He has two published books out on seduction: one on his journey, and one on doing awesome at day game.



John Madrid's picture

Well...i know being short isn't a death setence
(i am 5'9",for the record) but this article reads like a joke.
The guys at r/Blackpill maybe are somewhat right about the dating scene nowadays.

Bizzy's picture

Yes, it's an article about outliner females, women who make like maybe 3% of the population. Height is so important to women that they often don't even care about whether a guy has his shit together when he is short. Having a 6'4 boyfriend is like telling other females, look what I got that you don't

Yonatan's picture

Yeah, I think Girls Chase is one of the best PUA /dating resources out there . However, like others, they definitely try to market some fluff and phony marketing pieces to keep people interested. Hoping Chase can go back to his sober articles and do away with silly posts like this one.. Also, guys who are like 5,4 with women who are 6,8 is hardly anything desirable and many short guys don't want a dinosaur height woman. Many would like one closer to their height or a bit taller.

Being a short guy (5,9) I have learned some helpful things from writers here, some who are my height and I am sure are successful.. Wearing boots with moderate lifts making me look more like I am 5,10 or 5,11 definitely has been helpful, especially with my larger frame.

Back when I had a full set of a hair, it was pretty easy to attract women even taller ones, being older (42), short and bald puts me in the challenge territory. But, challenges are made to be overcome.

Cheeseball articles like this one are annoying and definitely some of the less fruitful ones of GirlsChase site. If you read some of older articles from Chase and others you get a more sobering view of challenges of being short. Some women (like probably 25% or more) simply will not even look twice at you if you are under 6 foot, for example. However, you are focusing on the other 75% and among those you will have challenges.

Alex Rodriguez's picture

There is definitely some truth to what the blackpill guys are saying.

What is up to you is what you choose to do about it. You can either whine, be the victim and watch porn all your life, or you can choose to take action and reach the fullest extent of your potential. I choose the latter.

John Madrid's picture

I am not talking about myself because I am an empirical person and apply GC daily.
But to deny this article as a filler says something about you.

1984's picture

Can't understand the negativity in the previous few posts before...

I actually agree 100% with point 1. Really Tall girls like short guy. All my best pick ups come from girls who are 4-6 inches taller than me, without them wearing heels. And I'm less than 5'6.

Or maybe you guys just aren't short enough to qualify as a real short guy. LOL

John Madrid's picture

And to add to this comments, all the supposed "qualities" of girls who like short men are the kind of things Chase (even Tony) won't write as good ones, because some of those reflect brokenness and other issues.

Chase Amante's picture

Quick note on this one, since there's some controversy:

Tony and I collaborated on this piece. He wasn't totally sure how to approach it from a traits angle -- I actually supplied most of the traits based on my experience with short friends who do well with women. These are all traits I can say I have repeatedly seen short men ending up with women who have.

The comment about short women being 'heightest' is also accurate. I've had short girlfriends, and a lot of them tend to be obsessed with height. Short men also often seem to talk about and focus on height a LOT. Men and women of above average height and up rarely care about height nearly as much. There is probably some degree of compensation going on among many shorter people, where they seek taller mates to produce taller offspring.

Re: the tone and images in this post -- Tony made it a bit more tongue-in-cheek, probably to make it more fun and less dry, and we choose dramatic images both because they're fun and to get around a very common complaint we hear from short guys of, "Well that only works for girls who are like 2 inches taller than you. I'm 5'2" and no woman 5'5" or above would ever date me!"

The images are a little silly. But we want guys seeing that even very short guys still get taller (sometimes much taller) girls... and many of the girls are quite attractive... and many of the guys are really nothing special on paper (not rich, not super good-looking, etc.).

Don't get so distracted by the tone of the article you miss the meat. These traits are common traits you will indeed see in relationships where short guys are dating taller women -- nurturing personalities, rebellious girls, women who want to start a family, etc.


John Madrid's picture

No biggie Chase.
Its that the tone went down like an April's fool type article.
Very good advice on your comment.

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