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How to Look Good Bald (and be Handsome as Hell)

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There are many articles on the internet about how to get a haircut that suits you. Well that’s great for people with hair, but I know from personal experience that there are a lot of balding men out there and there are almost no articles out there on how to look good bald... and pull off the sexy and bald look.

how to look good bald

I decided to write this because I know how it feels to start losing your hair. Earlier this year I started shaving my head completely bald and I’m pulling more girls bald than I ever did with hair. This guide will enumerate the three must do’s to capitalize on your lack of hair situation and turn it into a strength.

But first we have to talk about a decision you need to make.

William GuptaAbout the Author: William Gupta

A mixed race (black and Indian) U.S.-born seducer with a dash of wanderlust, William Gupta has lived in the U.K. and throughout the United States. He is well versed both in meeting girls during the daytime in a variety of venues, as well as at night. When he's not meeting women on the street, in cafés, in libraries, or in bars, William performs as an improv comedy artist, up on stage.


Howell's picture

You know, there ARE other options besides shaving it all off and getting hair therapy. There''s also the option of being comfortable in your own skin. Look at Hugo Weaving, for a great example of a sexy balding man who's secure with himself.

My hairline's receding and it has no noticeable effect on my sex life. It just goes to show that the only unsexy thing about being bald is when you're insecure about it, as it shows that you take conventional images seriously.


William Gupta's picture

It's great to have confidence and self-acceptance. For some people it can be more of an issue and it would just be easier to shave their head. I know that was the case for me and I wrote this piece to help out people who are unhappy balding and are scared of trying out an all the way shaved head. I wish you have continued success with the women in your life.


TobyGunn's picture

You actually helped me alot! Thanks for that! You gave some awesome ideas I never thought of before. I started going bald in my early 20's, And you are spot on with the tanning/gym/lowbody fat topics. They REALY help if you are going bald or deciding to shave your head clean. When I started gowing bald, and my hairline was receeding, I decided to shave it off, and at that time I didn't workout, I didn't tan and I didn't really care about what I ate. And when I saw myself for the first time bald, I looked so sick and ugly! Then I started doing these 3 things and I started to notice a huge difference and I got more comfortable with it:) It should really be the the golden rules if you are bald:D Everyone should take this into consideration ;) Also, another point I'd like to make is how you dress, I think dressing in a very trendy, kind of classy way really fits being bald. You know like good looking shiny shoes, black jacket or jeans shirts, white v-taped t-shirts, etc. All in all a really proper look flows really well with your baldness :) Also, it helps that "masculine" look as you look very manly and proper.

AusGuyInSoCal's picture

I don't think William is referring to men like Hugo Weaving when he talks about balding men still trying to maintain the haircuts of their youth. Hugo's been fortunate enough (perhaps via treatments) to have his hair recede evenly and only in the temple region. Jude Law is another example of this fortunate form of balding.

William's referring to the bloke who's balding on the crown and other regions and is still trying to rock some Brian Austin Green from early 90's 90210-inspired blow wave look.

My experience: the moment I could see my scalp appearing when the sun or florecent light shone on my head it was time to bring out the razor. Like William, it was the best decision I ever made (or it's at least in my Top 5).

Robert Wayne's picture

For guys like me who have always had horrible luck with women, worse now that I'm completely baldheaded on top, there's no way I can possibly have confidence or be secure in my own skin. I've always hated being a loser at love, the guy who's always friendzoned and rejected. But now that I'm baldheaded I hate it even more. Might as well be dead when it gets to this point.

Romy's picture

THIS is what this site needed. IT was about time you guys put something like this in form of an article. Great article for guys who are losing hair. I still have my hair but I have very receding temples which make my forehead very high. That makes me shave my head off. With my nicely shaped head, I pull it off no problem.

One thing that bothers me is tanning. I never saw tanning as a masculine thing to do. Don't get me wrong on this but I always thought that you'd be viewed as gay ( I don't have anything against homosexuals, I just don't want to be perceived as one if Iam not, in fact, one). What's your take on this? During winter, I'm pretty pale so I could use some tanning. Thanks in advance

William Gupta's picture

Since I'm Indian and Black, I haven't used a tanning bed but I think the culture is changing with regard to tanning beds. The thing is that most grooming can be perceived as not feminine so it's a slippery slope. If I was you and I felt I needed a tan in the winter I would go out and get one. The most masculine thing to do is to do whatever needs to be done. Glad you enjoyed the article man! Hope this helps.


Mika's picture

I don't think that being perceived as feminine or gay is the problem here, but the health risks tanning beds present. I would not give a flying f**k on how others perceive me as long as I knew I look good if I do it and there are no health risks involved.

Flamingo's picture

Hi William,

First, thanks for the article - feel much more comfortable now.

One question I have is about clothing. I feel like you have to dress a lot more
formal and you have to be careful with devil may care or rebellious look.

Any comments on that ?

P.S Can you post couple of links on the photos that had inspired your look.


William Gupta's picture

I didn't post a section on fashion! Formal actually does work best with the skin bald look. Here are the looks that I go for, since I have been told I look a lot like Kobe I find myself dressing similar to him.

What I would say is get a suit jacket from Zara or HM, dress it down by wearing a t-shirt under it or a henley under it. With suit pants or nice jeans.

Hope this helps man!


AusGuyInSoCal's picture

Two quick tips on the back of William's great post.

Tanning: As someone of Western European ancestry I've found that three 1-hour outdoor cardio sessions (circuit training or running) per week is enough to maintain a sexy and even face-to-scalp complexion without reverting back to the American History X look or risking skin damage via too much sun exposure. It's also good for keeping skin folds down so you're killing two birds with one stone. Wear sunscreen when tanning so you don't get skin cancer (especially you readers in Australia and New Zealand with no ozone layer to protect you) or develop blotchy/aged skin which will reduced your attractiveness. Just remember - the goal is to even-out your face-to-scalp complexion, not how tanned you can get (leave that to all the girls you pull during summer).

Sunglasses: it's a personal preference but you should go for thin frames - look at The Rock in his new HBO series (Ballers) or Floyd Mayweather in the hype videos for his recent farce with Pacquiao - both are great examples of sunglasses that suit bald men.

William Gupta's picture

Great mention about how to get a tan while avoiding skin cancer. You know I didn't start wearing sun glasses while bald until this summer (Chicago winter = No Sun) but I love the look. Thanks man.


Banjo's picture

Best article on the Web on balding men. Its time I mad the shave. 29years old been thinning for over 2years now. Have been so scared to do it. Its holding me down in life.

Checkett's picture

Everyone has their preferences. I've experienced both sides of the spectrum. Some people really like my head shape. Some people don't, and that's fine. Try to leave personal preferences out of an advice article.

Marco's picture

Great article! I've been shaving my head since about 10 years now. First using a trimmer, but the last few years I use a razor. The girls love it. The most important thing is to become a 'real man'. Women love dominant looking men (alpha male)! Go to the gym and get yourself some shoulders and arms. A muscular neck makes your head look way better and a solid jaw line as well. Get yourself a tan indeed. It makes you look younger and stronger. I keep my beard very short (three days shade) and trim it every day. You need to have a tan for this, or you'll look like shit. Get good clothing! Wear old jeans, a new shirt and good shoes.

The most important thing is to look confident, in control and healthy! Being bald is great when you know you're a winner. (Or at least pretend you are, hahaha!)

Tomnetherlands12's picture

Hi Guys. Great awesome article!! one question. im short 5'10. i got a very muscalur build
especially my Legs. they are big. and im pretty white. now i got a good head shape and starting to become bald. my hairline is really high so im thinking about shaving. on my left arm i have black and grey tatto sleeve wich is pretty black in general. its japanese style. if i workout i get really big shoulders arms and my back is huge. but im really insecure about the big thighs and white skin color
any feedback om this? i wanna stay slim and thin for the legs. but all the woman like it when i have a big upper body. but then my legs bulk up aswell. greetings Tom

california woman's picture

both the rock and vin diesel are black. lol

huu's picture

The only reason I don't go bald is that I do NOT save time and money doing it. It's the exact opposite. Shaving it everyday is expensive and too stressful. And if I don't do it everyday the pattern of my receding hairline shows which does look pretty crappy. If there was a magic pill that would make all the hair on my head disappear forever I'd happily take it. :D

Moogie's picture

I find shaving my head incredibly therapeutic. I don't do it every day either more like once every couple of weeks to a number 2? Why would you find it stressful I can't understand? Also how is it expensive? All it takes is a small investment in an electric razor and or decent hand razor if u wanna go bic bald and that's it.

Omar El-Aalem's picture

I like the article. Only issue I have is tanning beds are known to increase your risk of skin cancer, views?

DenimYakuza's picture

I agree that working out and getting a tan will work wonders. But that applies to everyone, not just bald guys. And the whole Jason Statham and Vin Diesel stereotype is a little overplayed. Why not just continue to be yourself who just happens to be bald? Instead of having to adopt a stereotype whether it's the "bald loser" or the "buff and sexy bald guy". Create your own genre of bald guys!

Markin's picture

And what if I have a nice tan, low body fat, but I'm not really wide/muscular? Is it still okay?

Bobby Jones's picture

Regarding the facial hair, my theory is that it should match your eyebrows. If you have bushy/prominent eyebrows then grow your stubble out a little bit so that it's the same level of prominence. If you have 'thin' eyebrows then you can keep your facial hair shaved or closely buzzed.

Facial hair can also enhance your jaw so if you don't have a chiseled jaw it can make up for that. Just my two cents.

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