Sexy Man’s Grooming Guide, Part 3: Choosing a Hairstyle | Girls Chase

Sexy Man’s Grooming Guide, Part 3: Choosing a Hairstyle

Chase Amante

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Continued from “Sexy Man’s Grooming Guide, Part 2: Manscaping.”

What the… whose hand is in my hair?

I look up and over my shoulder trying to appear nonchalant. Hmm, well, at least she’s cute… Talk about the perks and hassles of sitting close to the bar with your back turned – this is the second time this happened just this evening. Wait, or was it the third… I’m not even sure anymore.


Over the years I’ve tried A LOT of different hairstyles. At various points I’ve had shoulder length hair and very short hair; I wore it sexy-messy (or on some days just simply messy), slick, neat, and professional; I went for trendy undercuts (when they were still trendy) and for timeless classical cuts. I’ve had my hair dyed with blonde highlights and I’ve had it in black. Haven’t tried bald yet, but probably will after adding more muscle to my physique.

And of course, I’ve tried combining those haircuts with various styles of facial hair (or lack thereof). Well, at least the styles that my genetics have allowed me to try.

Some of the combinations worked very well, others… not so much. A few things I’ve learned from my experimentation:

  • There’s no such thing as a perfect hairstyle or facial hair style. A style that suits one guy can look terrible on another.

  • In the short term, the way you style your hair matters more than the cut itself. In the long term, the quality of the cut is what makes all the difference.

  • “Flavor of the month” hairstyles are not suitable for everyone. But when they work, they work.

  • The way you groom your hair and facial hair is part of your overall image; it’s important to keep the big picture in mind.

  • Experimenting is essential: with the haircuts and facial hair styles you’re going for, the products you’re using, and the professional you’re going to for these procedures.

But most importantly:

The visual proportions created by your hairstyle, facial hair, and your natural features is by far the most impactful aspect of a great looking style.

How you maintain and take care of your hair is a very close second, but that’s something we’ll cover in next week’s article.


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