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The Tao of Seduction

Chase Amante

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tao of seduction
Tao is the Eastern philosophy of emptying one’s cup. It has a lot to teach about seduction… Namely, about domination of seduction, vs. submission to it.

Editor’s Note: this is our first post from Michael Chief, a long-time veteran of the seduction community. Michael kicks off today with an inner game focus, about the Tao of seduction. Please let us know if you enjoy inner game oriented articles like this in the comments below the article, and if so we’ll try to do more of them. –CA

Every seducer worth his mettle knows that great Casanova quote: “I don’t conquer, I submit.”

We know that the true power of seduction is to submit to the higher power of nature within us as opposed to trying to control nature with our own will. But that somehow paradoxically gives us greater seductive abilities, or so it seems.

Seduction is full of paradoxes like this, such as the ever-famous paradox of desire: the more we want something, the more difficult it is to obtain, and the less we want something, the easier it is to obtain. In pick-up, we translate this to mean that neediness is unattractive and that women are more attracted to us when we practice non-attachment and are genuinely not needy.

While such paradoxes can often prove to be challenging to understand, let alone understandable enough for us to use them to guide our lives, there is an ancient philosophy that gives us a tool to help us in our quest to become the best seducers and lovers we can possibly be.

That ancient philosophy is called Taoism, and the tool is called Wu Wei.

Michael ChiefAbout the Author: Michael Chief

Michael Chief is a veteran of the seduction community. He trains men (especially introverted men) to play to their own strengths with women. His book Attraction Arsenal teaches the seven (7) methods every "master pick up artist" uses to attract women. If you're at all confused about attraction (or could just use an attractiveness boost), pick up a copy of the book right here:



Person's picture

What this article is saying is not always true: being flexible is good, however, people who achieve great things (open a very successful business; get a very successful job; or get a very desirable position such as politian) are very often focused and stubborn.

With regards to seduction, this article is saying to become natural; this seems to depict the numerous "game" articles on this site as improper or wrong. However, here also balance is important: if you ask 100 men how they got their girlfriends, you will find that most of them met their girlfriends in an "unnatural" way (by a common friend; in the same class; after getting drunk...). Hence, what the article is saying on seduction is an ideal, but it isnt pragmatic. One should remember that girls cannot read the minds of men. If you try to be natural with a girl and another man come with his unnatural "game", don't be suprised if he gets her and not you.

Michael Chief's picture

Good comments, Person. You're right that there's a balance. Though I believe one must be flexible by default, there comes a time when one must be persistent and focused, but I don't believe those states are necessarily mutually exclusive. In fact, they MUST come together harmoniously. And pursuing the ideal is always a good idea, no? ;)

I would also argue that there is nothing inherently "unnatural" about things like meeting women through common friends, class, or after getting drunk. Those all seem like quite natural ways to meet women to me. I'm old school so my definition of "unnatural" simply means using canned routines.

I can only assume that you think of "unnatural" game as calculated moves under conscious effort, and you're likely talking about what happens in the third stage of learning: Conscious Competence. It seems as though you may be interpreting this so-called "natural" game stuff I'm talking about as some stage before that, as if I'm asking readers to let go of any conscious practice they're doing before they find out which techniques work for them and which don't. But that couldn't be further from the truth.

The final stage of learning, Unconscious Competence, is all about doing things as if they were second nature, out of habit. This stage can only be achieved after spending a lot of time in the Conscious Competence stage. This is where microcalibration becomes automatic because your senses have been fine-tuned by tons and tons of field experience. This is where state shifts and sexual state projection are instantaneous because you've already worked through your deepest sexual hangups and you've traveled down that emotional highway countless times before. This is where you get the most benefit out of Wu Wei because game truly becomes about being rather than doing. If we're talking from this paradigm, being (not trying) "natural" with a girl will almost always work better than using what you're calling "unnatural" game.

Thanks again for your comments; I hope it gave other readers a chance to think about this stuff some more!

AK's picture

Finally!! Congratulations Michael for expressing such a vast concept, simply and applying it to seduction. My first comment, (hello chase, love what you do!). I found myself sleeping with girls very quickly left and right as I go about my day and didn't understand (till now) what I was doing and how it was happening. Being an actor, life is about BEING instead of DOING. Doing happens automatically. Definitely had moments of doubt since I felt my seduction process was not based on anything concrete, instead just going about my day, paying attention around me and making a move when it needs making. Hence I experienced fast, smooth, balanced, collaborative seductions; the best kind;) because you don't have to work so hard.

BUT Michael your article has helped me, for the first time, to articulate what I kinda do and see the value in my process. I will remember your article for a long time! You captured the essence of my seduction process, I thought nobody ever would. Crazy!!

I find your writing precise, smooth, flowing, full of warmth and wisdom, and captures the emotions of the reader.
Thanks for your contribution to Girlschase, looking forward to your future insights!


Michael Chief's picture

Thank you very much, AK. I am humbled by your kind words.

It's also impressive that you've identified this process as something concrete and not just some wishy washy inner game stuff! And you're absolutely right about that. This is a process that, as you've experienced, makes seduction effortless because it becomes your lifestyle rather than an activity that you do from time to time like a hobby - seduction is who you are.

Keep on livin' that good Tao of seduction life, brother!

Zef's picture

I love philosophy, and this one just friggin blew my mind. It's like seeing the pieces come together!
Then there's the way it's been written. Definitely conveys the points across very well and was a pleasure to read.

Michael Chief's picture

Thank you for your kind, Zef! I'm glad this could help you see those pieces come together. :)

Sam2's picture

Michael, great piece of writing!

Going on from the first reader's comment, I would like to ask you what is the difference between what you are talking about and simply being passive, waiting for life to happen instead of making it happen.

Personally, I am a great hustler. Do you think I can enrich my hustling mentality with this Tao without turning into a passive being?

Ward's picture

There is a common misconception in Taoism that the concept of wu wei (not doing) is related to passivity, it's better interpreted as not forcing - often depicted as a key in a jammed lock, if you force it you break the key, whereas if you jiggle the key you will gain access. So instead of coming on strong and hustling which takes sustained effort, you make your intentions known, plant the seed, and then give her space, let her chase you. By doing this with charisma you set in motion another Taoist concept called tzu-jan (occurrence appearing of itself) or the spontaneous unfolding of events in accordance with their own nature, where things happen of their own accord - without force.

hope this helps!

matthewpoland023's picture

I really enjoyed this article. I hope you write for this site again! I think Chase's rational natural style and your spiritual approach greatly complIntent each other and paradoxically can be used intertwined. A lot like what David Tian is getting at lately.

Matthew poland

chris sandwhich's picture

excellent article. thanks for bringing taoism to the pick up community it makes perfect sense. no way as the way

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