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How and Where to Move Overseas as a Single Man

Chase Amante

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We've periodically had different readers ask about this topic, and I've had it on our list of articles to write up for sometime - how do you move overseas and have it go well? Several of the questions readers have asked:

Chase, you are a true champ. All your material has really helped with confidence. I have started reading "How to Make a Girl Chase" and plan to start doing the homework assignments once the semester ends ;)

I would be extremely interested in seeing a post about moving abroad, going on that next adventure, getting out of your comfort zone, and "making it all up as you go."

move overseas

... that's from Lupo in the article on how to be smooth. Here's another:

Hey Chase, a little off topic but I'd like to see a post on moving out of the country and just traveling with a suitcase around different places. It seems like this would automatically make a person much more interesting by giving them entirely new reference points, as you talked about in the below post. Maybe something about the logistics and psychology of it would be interesting. I'd like to follow in your footsteps to Europe or Asia and leave the boring, expected, average corporate world in my dust.

... from Anonymous in "Girlfriend Moody? It's in Her Genes (But You Can Fix It)."

So let's talk about it - let's talk moving abroad, traveling overseas, travel hacks, lifestyles, money, food, friends, and women. I've broken this (rather lengthy) article down into four (4) sections, hyperlinked here for ease of browsing:

Should be fun.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Tyler Bauer's picture

Hey Colt,

Thanks for the feedback. Currently staying in Berkeley/Bay Area and loving it but want to study abroad. Did you hear if pickup was good too in Portugal? Heard that Barcelona is really tough and was hoping to go to a similar city to San Francisco in Europe.

lucifer's picture

Hey Chase,

I've been moving around quite a bit and living in different countries in EU, though so far I'm a bit lost and find it a challenge to find a place to stay I like it where I can get a good job.

So I wanted to ask: how do you finance your stay there?

You find a job each place you go to?
How do you fare financially, how do you earn enough to get your own place and to live well?

SPLOOGE's picture

when it comes to India, You are better off hit on them in the western diaspora, less of an indian community in the area the better. Those cities maybe more westernized but itll be very hard to find an open girl let alone hot. Plus they kinda have middle east mentality(at least like 95%). Its social unacceptable for women to drink and go to clubs, the ones that do are the hos. But youll have a tough time gaming since there will be very few and the numbers will be against you.

Anonymous's picture

My Friend,
you are wrong about Indian girls.
Yes true they are not open to go to night club or drink because of social restrictions.
But in actual they are open just open just like western women.
you can kiss and press there boobs even in just in a formal meeting forget the first date :)
hey hey!!
I can say that from my personal experience.
its very easy to have sex with an Indian girl.
Here in India a girl have normally 4-5 boyfriends and sex with them at a time.
thats a true and hidden reality.

hope that it helps.


SPLOOGE's picture

For middle east it wont be recommended
UAE is good to find foreign women but not the local native arab girls.
But the sex ratio sucks...too many men.
Turkey you need to be in the western part even then its difficult cause the guys wil cockblock you even fight with you. Even 1 british dude got stabbed for it. ANd its the most liberal part of the middle east arguably.
Beirut in Lebanon is very libral for middle east standards, but still conservative about sex,more so with the muslims then the christains. You are better off chasing lebanese girls in south Brazil.
Israel is just literally the wet spot of the middle east nuff said

Conrad's picture

I know that you were saying Vegas isn't a good spot, but I've lived here in Vegas for about 7 months, and I can say that it is hands down the best city for doing volume. I've had friends here that have got 3 new lays (not pros, girls they met at the clubs), in a single day. One of my friends can pickup a chick almost every night he goes out, granted he's tall and good looking, but I also have short friends that do pretty well. I myself am 5'10" and managed to bang a few hotties, and a total of 9 girls since moving here. The other bonus is that everyone travels here, so you get a sample of all the countries women in one city. IMO, Austrialian and English women are the absolute worst in terms of looks and how easy they are to get into bed. And asians and by far the easiest ones and most slutty, but I personally don't like asians. Also I don't see a ton of girls from eastern Europe here since I'm assuming that it's a poor part of europe and they can't afford to travel here?

The downside of the city is it's filled with hustlers and it's mostly tourists and there is very little sense of community and people are weird and fake assholes. So I guess it depends on what you want. I've had a hard time keeping a long term relationship here and plan to move out when I can financially. Homes are cheap here and I do like the amenities and abundance of amazing clubs to go to on any day of the week. Also I plan to make trips to Europe to break up the heat and the Vegas life which gets old. Anyway, just wanted to set the record strait on Vegas. Thanks.

E.K.'s picture

If anyone is thinking of going to Europe, you may wanna check out this sexual heat map first on what your chances are! ;)

Tyler's picture

Hey Chase!

Great article. I've been referring to it for study abroad purposes.

Was originally thinking Spain for study abroad because I thought it'd be a really open place, very social, very vibrant, with lots of beautiful passionate Spanish women. I also tend to like Latinas/Spanish girls.

However, I've heard it's quite conservative at times and very hard to do pickup. On the other hand, I've heard it's still sexually liberal in terms other things so I'm rather confused.

I'm looking for a place:
1. Really open/social
2. Open minded/innovative
3. Sexual passionate women
4. Big metro/vibrant lots of things to do
5. Public Transport
6. Relatively safe

Was wondering:
1. If you could give some recon on Barcelona in terms of these factors?
2. What places might fit better?

Ernest's picture

This is a long article.

I however like the pictures of diverse women.

LovelyDesires's picture

Great comment on Singapore there. I was born and bred here for 20 years. I would agree, Singapore is a more social circle oriented place. For hundreds of times, I tried to do day game in malls and areas near public transports. Low probability of getting numbers with good chance to getting ignored. Recently got accepted to a university. It was way easier to pick up college girls.

chris from uk's picture

hey guys im looking for the best places to go for busty (34Dmin) women who are curvy and peach bumed. so far in Europe I rank 1) kiev (most 9s) 2) Budapest (most 8s) 3) Zagreb 4) prague. best beach was in Barcelona better than valecenia if you want to go spain.

any other recommendations?

Djamel's picture

Hi mate. Check my comment on North Africa. For that particular request of yours, I can only speak about Algerian girls and they fit the bill for the most part.

JerryH's picture

Putting Vancouver on here kinds of undermines the legitimacy of everything else on the page .... avoid Vancouver & the women there like the plague.

Mary's picture

Okay, I get that you don't want girls to comment :)
But I found your post really interesting, and although I'm happily married for 1 year, I also enjoy looking at beautiful girls.

One thing that I just want to bring to your attention is that AFRICA is a continent, just like Europe & America, but in your article it's kind of being treated as a country as a whole.

South Africa is really a country you must try to visit. It's very cheap in comparison to European countries, the weather is amazing (almost 89% of the year can be beach days :) ). It's very westernized & modern, and the girls are absolutely beautiful, and you've got a rainbow nation of mixed races and anything to choose from. I've traveled a few countries myself, and the European-looking South African girls are really something special. Even the mixed raced girls are pretty, and might be easier to bed than the white girls. The white girls are very proud and very conservative when it comes to sex (mostly only sleep with guys who seem to be serious about them) but they love having a good time, teasing guys, and partying up a storm, and they've got amazing (natural) bodies. Plastic surgery is still a bit frowned upon, so very little girls have boob jobs, 99% of girls have natural breasts. *tip: if you're hanging in Student areas you might find it much easier to have sex, maybe the same as any other student town.

There is however still an amount of racism with blacks having mostly black partners, whites having mostly white partners, same for indian people here. Mixed indian girls are also very pretty but they don't go out often.

Anyway, might be news to you, or maybe not at all :) Just wanted to update you on this.

PS: I only saw now that it's a very old post, so maybe you can write a new article on this? :P

Hope you have a great 2017.

Djamel's picture

Hi! Informative piece!

I see you covered the main world regions, and I'm guessing you included North African countries with "Middle East". I'm from Algeria, and in case anyone visits this country or a neighboring one (Tunisia, Morocco) here's what to expect.

There are two main divides to keep in mind: city/rural, and economic class. Put differently, the more urbanized the easier access to girls, the more upscale the neighborhood/city the easier access to the girls. If you're in the downtown area of any major city, you can approach, cold approach, and no one will bother you for it. The girl could be receptive or not, that'll just depend on your approach, on your attractiveness, but also on whether she's around her neighborhood. If she's near where she lives and a lot of neighbors could see her, forget about it. But other than that, near colleges, parks, the street, it's free game, and you can clean up if you handle your game right and be charming.

Just stay away from obvious residential neighborhoods unless they're in an upscale part of town, from working-class areas where machismo is still going strong and the boys are more likely to cockblock overtly, and of course from towns and rural areas.

Now if you look very much like a foreigner, the girl will be more guarded, but you could offset that by asking for directions or something, and then you could compliment and ask her to go eat something.

Many girls have premarital sex despite the religious upbringing, but among those, I'd say perhaps half of them will tell you to take the back door because virginity is still prized among men, though a little less so than it was decades ago.

As to the girls' attractiveness, you'll find quite a few cute ones, some not-so-cute, but most of them have a banging body, "thick" but not overweight, they just have more pronounced curves and butts and often big breasts.

Djamel's picture

I'll add this: The girls here are as materialistic as anywhere else, so it won't hurt if they see you in a fancy car or something.

Peter Jongerius's picture

My god what a bunch of silicons in the states and in general. I like natural tits en found plastic tits a turn off and very very ugly.

alex ferdman's picture

Hi to author. You should mention all your talking is refer to specific age group and plus there are some axioms you never mention. For example, for my age group 70+ all your recommendations are useless and game is completely different.

Gary's picture

Been staying here for a while now and couldn't be more happier with the women. Nice pale skin, surprisingly nice bodies on some of the girls, and most of them are very friendly and warm. 

I would recommend that you learn some Vietnamese to have access to the more local Vietnamese girls instead of the westernized ones who will act like a western women, unless that is your cup of tea. Be prepared to study your butt off though. Learning Vietnamese is no easy feat!

Cost of living is still quite cheap, even in the most expensive city (Ho Chi Minh City) and if your into sub-tropical climate then you'll love it here in southern Vietnam. Just try to avoid the rainy season (may-October) and you'll be fine. The southern part of Vietnam is also more foreigner friendly, although I suspect things are changing up north as more and more expats move there. There is a big ESL English teacher expat scene up in Hanoi. 

The girls up north tend to be much more conservative on the whole though, although you will still find plenty of conservative girls in the south as well. 


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