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Not Getting the Results You Want? Change Something About Yourself

Chase Amante

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no results? change yourself
If you’ve ever been stuck in a rut – and got out of it – you may have noticed your emergence came with a change. Here’s why to embrace change rather than stagnate.

Trial and error is an essential process in learning about and developing yourself. It can apply to many aspects of life, especially with women and dating. It can be hard to admit that something you’re doing when it comes to dating may not be working in your favor.

Obviously, if you knew that, it wouldn’t be a problem, so to process this, it’s beneficial to think about your past relationships or hookups. If you realize that your current method in whatever you are pursuing isn’t benefiting you, then the natural response should be to change your method to get different results – ideally positive results.

This change can happen on many levels: your appearance, social circle, or daily activities. Change may even occur on a more personal level that could, in turn, shape your perspective on what type of women interest you. More importantly, know that you have many resources available to help you make the change necessary. In changing something about yourself, know that you don’t have to be a guinea pig.

Darwin NiwradAbout the Author: Darwin Niwrad

Darwin Niwrad was raised by 3 beautiful women on the mean streets of Detroit. After high school in D.C. he moved to Romania where he met Girls Chase author and now wingman, Hector Castillo. He specializes in social circle game and Instagram game.


BMontana's picture

I used to approach women years ago, before I even knew about Pick Up, red pill and girlschase. Sometimes it worked, most times it didn't but I thought that's how it was supposed to be. But in recent years I realized that game only slightly influences the outcome of an approach. I realized that if a woman wants you, it doesn't matter how good your approach or your game is, even though it helps. I also realized that the average man will get rejected like 80% of the time anyway, so what does that mean? It means that women go for the men they want, the hot guys mostly, that's why they reject most men. 10 years ago I would have thought differentley and believed that most men's game just sucked but that wasn't true at all, based on my latest experiences. Most women don't even have game at all yet they still want the best looking males. Knowing that I now work on my appereance mostly because when my looks are on point women either give me choosing signals or they approach me instead. I have reached a point where I actually think approaching women feels not natural to me anymore. I feel like women are the choosers, not men. And when women approach you instead it is even easier on both parts because most men don't reject women anyway.

My friends, all of them are blue pilled so to speak, often approach women but they get rejected a lot, even though I see it coming, while they don't. I have tried to explain to them to wait for signals at least but they don't listen. They think I have lost my spirit to approach women but all I have done is realizing that it's better to have women choose you instead, after all we are the price, huh?

 I think this whole men are hunters meme has never been true at all when it came to finding sex partners. Women just naturally flock on you if you can provide looks, status or money. I prefere the looks part though.

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