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Angry Girls: How to Deal With Angry Women and Why Women Get Mad

Chase Amante

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I’ve been hearing about this a lot lately from a few different folks, so wanted to write a post on it.

Anger. Most men tuck tail and run when they encounter an angry girl. They figure hey, it’s a bad situation, I’m going to get as far away from it as I can.

Of the few men left over who stuck around after she started fuming, most of THOSE men tend to become offended and get angry in return, leading to arguments, shouting, and in some sad circumstances, slapping and hitting and violence.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Anonymous's picture

Wow... She is all of that.. I'm in tears right now... The part about getting away and you will see how much of you was actually lost... Got me bad.. I'm at a place now where I can't leave the relationship because she is holding a no contact order that I violated (because I was charged with Dv over a call she made) over my head when I try to leave.... I know, I'm so stupid for breaking the no contact order... That whole activating your white Knight complex part... Well actually the whole article.. Was an eye opener, the whole thing, I was saying holy shit... Wow that's me.....

Ruben chruickshank's picture

Hey! I usually dont need advice on stuff like this but im death scared of my girlfriend, you can laugh at me, i dont really care. But this can't go on any more and im just so sad because ive invested alot of feelings and time with this girl, the problem is that everytime we have an argument she gets abusive, she punches me and drags my hair and she screams and always comments something unrelated and tries to hurt my feelings by saying something that she knows will hurt me! I love this girl and thats why i need advice.

leave's picture

women who respect their men will not do that... its not ok, and you will get over it in the long term. We invest in people but if they take us for granted its not ok and in the longterm she probably respect you more for not putting up with it, will she change? Who knows if its constant behaviour she probably wont, if it was once,, maybe say it can't happen again cause you wont tolerate it, and then stick to that and leave, cause you need to be respected at the end of the day, otherwise you dont have much. Keep safe!

Bob's picture

Here's what I'd do. Think of something activity she really likes doing and never refuses if she can help it. It has to be something fun but not too expensive or extravagant because she may accept the offer for material reasons. Asking her if she.wants this activity, essentially offering to pay for it and take care of everything. Now if she still feels a desire to continue the relationship she'll either accept your offer, propose another day, or clearly show some appreciation for the offer (even if she declines). Now if she has given up on you for some reason, she'll use this opportunity to get that point across. If she's thinking you're aren't the one for her she'll say something to the effect of 'i don't think it's a good idea'. If she has found someone else her response will be very cold meaning she'll probably delay her response and then give a cold rejection somehow without any sign of appreciation. On the other hand if she is angry because she's horny then she'll show excitement at the offer meaning she will gladly accept or propose another day.

Here's the thing. Even if you lose, you win. You find out how she is feeling while being a man. If she shows the negative signs you have time to prepare yourself for the breakup and maintain your dignity.

harrist's picture

I also have girlfriends that have same issue, lucky me on the early of our relationship, she said, sometime she get angry to protect herself! because in past she have trauma with men, till now she never trust a man! in fact she have girlfriends! so you can imagine where my story is! but my point is, sometime when a women get angry is not just because she's mad to us! but simple because they don't want to seen a s weak female or etc! of course that kind of attitude for some ppl are just lame excuse, but if we really love her! we hope no other option beside to understand her point of view!

just make sure , if you guys want to approach this kind of girls! make sure to get her trus at the beginning, usually she will tell and give some hint! :)

The Scary Truth's picture

It is very sad that there are many women that are very angry all the time which many of them may have a very severe mental illness that they really don't know about.

Jblog's picture

Amen bro. Seriously.


My girlfriend gets extremely angry over trivial things and just blows up at me each and every time I disagree with her about something. She calls me names (asshole, liar, user, abuser, etc.), refuses to EVER accept responsibility for anything hurtful she does, NEVER apologizes (because she genuinely believes she's ALWAYS right, NEVER wrong, and NEVER abusive). When she's angry, she become cruel, manipulative, and even outright delusional. She heavily exaggerates any situation and seems completely incapable of recognizing how extreme and terrifying her behaviour is. She even once threatened to inflicthe self-harm just so she could call the cops and blame it on me. She has very, very long periods where she is very kind and loving, but it's like a switch is flipped when she gets angry and she becomes this crazy, psycho monster that can't even look me in the eyes when she's lost her nugget. Im at my wits end and while I love her, I'm tired of her false allegations and vitriol when she's angry. Most of what she says when she's angry doesn't even have a speck of truth or reality to it. Even when a speck is true (like...when I make a comment and she explodes or answer one of her weird questions she explodes) she takes everything straight to ww3 and the center of the deepest layer of hell. I'm considering breaking up with her, but 99% of the time life with her is otherwise amazing.

Jimbo's picture

Maybe those short periods where she loses it coincide with her period. If that's the case, then just get away from her that time of the month.

Jason99's picture


Recently this new girl I was seeing discretely in college as a lover told me her boyfriend found out about us and she couldn’t see me anymore, although she loved spending time with me. Then she told me that it was my fault this happened and that I am the one who spread the relationship not her gfs. I did not do this, as I didn’t know about her bf. I don’t feel I need to apologize for anything, so when she was blaming me for this as the reason we can’t see each other again i stopped texting her and haven’t for a week. What do you recommend if I wouldnt mind to see her again casually?


Mick's picture

I see this is an older article, I just happened to come across, but it is so fitting regarding a girl I know, I had to comment.  Im in sales, and a couple of times a month I end up at a certain bar with a client because it's near his house.  There is an attractive barmaid there that always seems to be annoyed when I walk in.  I don't engage her, yet she is always in front of me no matter how packed the bar is.  Im polite but she always seems to find a reason to be angry.  This article makes more sense than I could gather before, but still is confounding.  Women are more attractive when they are charming, kind, and engaging.  Not when they act like autistic children who do give them whatever it is you don't understand they want.

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