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Angry Girls: How to Deal With Angry Women and Why Women Get Mad

I’ve been hearing about this a lot lately from a few different folks, so wanted to write a post on it.

Anger. Most men tuck tail and run when they encounter an angry girl. They figure hey, it’s a bad situation, I’m going to get as far away from it as I can.

Of the few men left over who stuck around after she started fuming, most of THOSE men tend to become offended and get angry in return, leading to arguments, shouting, and in some sad circumstances, slapping and hitting and violence.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

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Jeff's picture

my g/f becomes abusive and nasty when I don't rise to her
anger. I do walk away so as not to let it esculate!
I get critisized for this by her!
She was abused @ 11 not as bad as her sisters and only once
She is controlling and stubborn. What is my best course for
a peacefull life?
Your right about the horniness bit! Is she doing it to make
the after argument lovemaking more intense?
Help please

Anonymous's picture

Get out of the relationship. You have to have the balls to understand she will not change not matter if you get married. Think of the reverse a girl that is abused verbally and physically by the husband. Think of you as that girl. I've been there and married a women who did the same and left her but it was hard for me because I emotionaly invested myself into her. The guy is always on the losing end and the only way you can get something postive out of this is too gtfo. There are more fish out there. -QJ

Anonymous's picture

Trust me.

I made the unfortunate mistake of getting a woman like this pregnant!

Every time her mood swings she tells me...

- I'll never see the baby
- She'll raise it with another man
- She won't give the baby my name

The list goes on. The worst part? I can't get the bitch out of my house. RUN! Don't walk from a situation like this. You will lose every time. In the end, you'll either be miserable, angry or in jail from pure exasperation.

dom's picture

hey there my wife and i dont really fight. whenever she gets angry for the littlest stupid reason like last night i broke the tip of her fun dip stick, and she ignored me all night and was being mean she punched me in the leg she threated to leave me and took off her wedding rings, please help

Anonymous's picture

Leave her!

Women like this can only be happy by making the men in their lives feel miserable. They get satisfaction over seeing someone in pain over them.

Let me guess? You've communicated how much this bothers you and now she does it even more?

I bet it's happening like clockwork. I'm dealing with it myself right now. I'll admit: I loved the hell out of this girl for a long time and put up with things that I have never put up with in my life, but after awhile you'll wake up and realize enough is enough.

If someone can't treat you with respect you need to excise them from your life like cancer or everything will turn to rot.

Anonymous's picture

Wow Jefff. Thats horrible. I really hope you left her and moved on by now. Thats not healthy.

Anonymous's picture

My girlfriend gets mad at me for some of the stupidest reasons...I mean I don't want to break up with her. Like today she wanted to tango (its some app on a smartphone. Its like Facetime.) and I deleted it awhile ago and said I didn't want to so she starts demanding that I re download it and talk to her so I say hows about no and she gets all pissy and whatnot. There's been plenty of reasons she gets mad.

Anonymous's picture

If "Tango" is a chat program, sometimes you gotta give - this is that example in the article of where you aren't measuring up to her expectations - you need to either "man up", or explain why. But here, women expect communication, to be talked to/with - they are social creatures. If you don't want to talk to her, you should really either find someone you do want to talk to, or some severe intraverted woman that doesn't talk (there are very few of these, my friend - you are likely to end up disappointed, finding she is just finding some guy that will talk to her behind your back, if she doesn't leave you, first).

kris's picture

This entire short reading that i came across tonight made me question... Why isn't this in a Bible, Dictionary, or some guy code book? It was 100% accurate. My g/f constantly fights with me. When i say fight, i really mean, she goes ballistic, yelling screaming, disrespectful and saying unbelievable/unrelated comments in an argument. She can't talk like an adult about an issue, she would rather yell and scream. Not only that, but even in this big house she still manages to disrupt everyone else. I constantly tell her to please quite down, count to 10, or lets walk away for a few and discuss in a more simple tone later on. The response i get from her was is if i was in jail and I'm the bitch who has to sit there and take it. Go ahead get a laugh, but seriously she gets destructive and would say made up shit like the boy who cried wolf just to get her revenge. I am just waiting till the day she gets so angry that her skin turns green, so that i get the chance to see what the real hulk or godzilla looks like in person (HULK SMASH). Furthermore, I would mention something i disliked several times to her and yet she would continue to do it, as if it went in one ear and out the other. Suddenly after several times of going through the same process, (over and over again as some days/weeks go by) i would happen to find myself in a place of asking her again "Please, you know i don't like blah blah blah so-and-so, can you just do this for me so i don't have to mention it again" and like usual she blows up in anger. She yells, screams, refuses to talk it out like adults, becomes destructive, etc. Seriously, it would be the littlest thing i mentioned about something i disliked and she goes bananas. Examples of what i disliked when i try to mention it, would include: "can you please clean up after you ate or at least put the dish away once you finished eating, can you please stop leaving your clothes or jackets laying around and hang them up in the closet, can you please not smoke a cigarette with the ash tray on the couch (ITS A LEATHER COUCH, I DONT WANT A BURN HOLE OR, EVEN WORSE, BURNING MY HOUSE DOWN) but yeah those are some examples of what i ask. However, in return i get the most rudest, immature, angry comebacks. Im afraid to say anything to her now because i just want to avoid a fight but also i can't have her continue doing the absurd things that she freely gets away with. Moreover, every time we fight about shit like that, she just so happens to say " you don't love me, or your such a dick, or you'll be sorry once i leave you, or why can't you show me affection, or why cant you open up to me, etc". it goes on and on and on and on..... Also, sex does make a difference, we have fun wild time together and there wouldn't be a fight for the next couple of days, give or take. But as much as i want to be a pornstar with our time together, it just makes everyday difficult because it does drain me out especially when i have to work 5 days a week at a 9-5 shitty, annoying, busy job in the city. But on that note, her anger has gotten so out of control that i fear for her and tried to research about her uncontrollable outburst. I feel like she is bi-polar, or has IED (DSM-IV info symptoms) and has some type of anger management issue. There is so much more to the story and i just sugar coated it, but it gives a pretty good idea of what I'm dealing with. Please comment or help me out about how to fix this. Thanks.

War's picture

My chick does the SAME EXACT THING !!! Literally everything u mentioned is how she acts. the whole boy who cried wolf thing etc. shell say she's gonna kill herself do this do that threaten me , say she's gonna leave me same exact type of ishhh. HEEELP lol

Anonymous's picture

Run away fast. She won't kill herself.

Had a girl like this, she's actually abusing you in a way or at the very least manipulating you. Hope you got out.

strongman's picture

I think author is stoking man's ego with words like "Strong man" when she actually means a submissive man. Man does go through as much or more stress than a woman, it does disturb him when a woman flares up for vague or no reason and is completely reasonable to resist that onslaught. It is not right to advice only the man to handle her, there should be an equal piece of advice to the woman too.. like.. A smart woman is one who thinks before she opens her mouth..

Anonymous's picture

From a woman's perspective, you guys can take the advice or leave it, along with taking a woman or leaving her. I have been on the end where the guy makes no clear committment. It is alright for a while because he is having cake and eating it, too. When I do display a bad mood, usually once a month, or want more from a guy, it is all I have to do to beg to have more closeness or a committment. It is as though, whoa, too much work involved, "let's just have fun," he says. F* that. And let me say for all the boys out there, if your daddy didn't tell you this one little secret, you will never satisfy a woman...if she isn't happy, there is no way for her to make you happy. It isn't purposely, she's a caretaker, and needs just one man to take care of her and in return, that man will be the king!

Anonymous's picture

I appreciate the woman's perspective. My fiance gets insanely angry over nothing. I say nothing because there have been times where she will just get royally pissed off and vents it out on me. the other night she got pissed over a comment while were joking around. that was it.. she went from ok to i hate you pissed off. this does seem to go with her cycle. I am the provider. I work 40+ a week to provide her a home, food, cloths, money. whatever she needs I make sure that she has it. when I get home from work, I put my stuff down and help her in the kitchen or go set the table. after dinner, I pick up the dishes and put the leftovers away and clean the kitchen; since she cooked I clean. I do this because I want to not because she asks. we then spend the rest of the evening together. i will routinely give her back and foot massages and am very attentive to her needs. I am not macho, I do not swear allot, I am respectful and consider myself a southern gentlemen. I make sure that she is "completely" satisfied in the bedroom. All in all I am a great guy. That doesn't mean in anyway that I am perfect; I am not perfect. Sometimes I forget to tell her plans, sometimes I forget to mention that I appreciate what she does around the house. There are days that I bring work home. sometimes I do not get why she is upset about something and can come across as insensitive. I am not to proud to apologize for mistakes that I make. All this said... I am getting to the point that I can't handle being the receptacle for her emotional bullshit. I am tired of getting pissed of at for the stupidest of reasons. PMS is not a reason, its an excuse. I am sick of hearing that crap. just because you have shit once a month doesn't excuse being a psycho crack nutcase short tempered asshole. if your man treats you well, APPRECIATE it. Show him, make sure that he effin knows that he is your man and only your man. be possessive. i would tell anyone that I belong to my fiance... because frankly I am hers. I would do anything for that woman. I expect the same from her. I would never make a decision without thinking about how it would affect us not me but us. and yet... I get bitched out for nothing. I am ranting at this point because I am sick and tired of it. cant wait to get some replies.

Alberto 's picture

I'm going through almost the same shit you are... I do everything for her and sometimes it just seems she wants to fight forever and that she never cools down. and then comes the self-pity "I'm not a good wife for you" " you are great but I'm not" all that bullshit that makes me want to slap her. to be honest I'm done with this kind of woman, she will find someone who takes that crap or treats her like shit, maybe if she's treated like shit she'll remember when once she wasn't... one advice, don't ever play her game, never quit your passions, the things you like for her, because when she leaves you, you'll have nothing of who you were.... I hope it helps.

Den.'s picture

listen man.U will be used and misused.I am not a gentleman and honestly i dont treat women that way.I treat a woman as she treats me i really dont give a fck.But u have to man up.Where i am from our women give us respect.Ur a hardworking man doing ur best.It is ur right to be respected by her.If she doesnt she could be a nut case who knows.But man do not let urself be a punching bag for somebody.Im imagining when ur dad or mom was working so hard to see u make it in life and now u let a woman put u down?Mr get hold of that bitch when she insults u show her ur a man.She will come back crying for u believe me.

try's picture

lol... I think some women just forget how unreasonable their rants become (destructive to the relationship). I think she probably has some other issue and its easier to just get angry at you..not that its fair, but when the aggression doesnt equate the issue, then whatever she is complaining about is not the issue, what the article mentions - too many people say break up.. just try a different technique and see how it goes first and stick to doing that.

I would wait it out and tell her the next day or now cause its an old post.. hey if you need to talk thats cool, but no yelling, name calling etc because it makes me feel bad that we communicate that way, and like you said she is it for you so lets keep it positive relationship so we are happy for many years.

This has worked for me in the past.. next time instead of her being angry she says "I feel x,y,z" so you say thank you for telling me; oh really I didnt realize that.. what should we do about that? Obviously in a genuine tone. Honestly they feel stupid afterwards and think wow what a sensitive caring guy I have...especially when you keep your cool and be like ohh noo baby whats wrong.. lol.

Sometimes obvious things are not obvious to some people.. ie: you still take care of her and provide and cop it.. she still acts a fool.. somethings gotta give.

Also you gotta stick to how you react too, and say the same approach and when she says "I feel" you say tell me more, and what should we do ... its annoying but what can you do... it does stop destructive behaviour. If she becomes destructive you say we dont talk to each other that way.. otherwise you cannot help her! You gain respect.. she won't leave and she will admire you for it. I hope the best for you!

Been around the block's picture

Spoken so well... When I took on a trade a long time ago as a bricklayer. My mentor who was an old man who experienced the world, he had some words of wisdom for me when I was working with him. He told me that men are fourth on a list of people who get treated better or more respect than them. Children were first, then women, `then dogs/animals, and then men.

He said that marriage is not what it used to be 50 or so years ago, and that this day and age makes it practically impossible for a young couple to make it. There are so many things available this day and age that doesn't allow people to stay together.

His only advice to me was really that I had to become a very submissive person with my girlfriend in order to make things work, and I should become a yes man. This in turn has been very difficult for me as I tend to have a very strong personality, and like to take control of most situations. Any girl I have been with and I have tried to contoured to their needs, I often find that when I let them take charge, they often don't know what they are doing, or what to do with that charge. I am honestly at this point one more relationship away from just buying a dog and living in the woods.

Goo luck to all men who have read this article.

Anonymous's picture

What the old man meant, saying that you should be more submissive and become a yes man, in relation to your most dearest partner, is not to give the wheel of control to the "monkey with the granade". He meant that you should be more understanding to the needs of her while at the same time controling the situation overall. women dont want control over you, they want to see you do things for her and acting according to your own ego, you for example say are a strong personality, so prove it. Not on her, but for her to see this personality. And when she sees this maybe she`ll follow you cuz others respect you. And there is a million other options, BE CREATIVE is the key, dont run from your problems try to overcome them.

catalystiko 's picture

I agree that a strong man by definition is one who should never be aggressive verbally or physically with his partner. But a strong woman is one who should also be supportive and understanding. not just demanding!!!!!! lets face it fellow men, women do go through a lot more emotional turmoil starting from their teenage years. and behind every great man there is always a strong woman who helped shape him! !!!! not control him.......

James's picture

My wife is always angry at me for no reason, the underlying reason being that she's from a wealthy background and her parents used to buy her everything, but now I'm building a business and have not yet been successful enough to buy her everything she wants, eg a house in the city, we live in a house in a middle ring suburb, and she is always angry because she has to take the train(because she never practices her driving skills in order to drive).
Whenever I do something wrong, such as misunderstand her when she asks me to get something for her, and a get a different item to what she wanted, she explodes about how I'll never change and she has no hope in me, which I try to ignore, but eventually her anger will make me angry back. After I get angry I try to calm down and apologies, but she keeps attacking with condescending rhetorical questions, and gets even more angry if I stop talking in order to avoid yelling back at her.

The issue that makes her angry is that I have promised to become rich, but I have only given her thus far an average standard of life, eg I have a good job but we don't have mercedes etc so she always feels ashamed. I try to let her in on my business plans and the progress, but she rarely takes any interest.
I'm Doing the best I can to address the issue of not being wealthy enough, but what can I do in the meantime to avoid fights?

Tyler Durdan's picture

A) You can get rid of her and find another woman. I know plenty of people in these situations and they all end terribly. B) Don't give in to her demands and tell her flat out you are working on your business and making a good life for the two of you and if she has a problem with it she can leave. Basically either grow balls or grow balls. Giving in to everything she wants will only cause her to repeat the same childish selfish behavior and emotionally beat you down. This advice is coming from a strong man who doesn't put up with his girls shit and still gets laid regularly and apologized to when she comes to her senses and realizes she is being unreasonable and rude. There is no excuse for it. It is lack of self discipline on her part. There are plenty of women out there who are kind and reasonable. They will all blow up from time to time. Stand your ground and let them know how much you love them when they calm down.

Fly High Little Bird's picture

James - I am replying to your post. I feel sorry for you. I know you love this woman and love should not have anything to do with money; but sometimes it has everything to do with it. The truth is, that this is not your problem. It is hers. She cannot deal with her circumstances so she is trying to get you to compensate at your expense. Instead of her dealing with the issue and figuring out how she can solve it by herself; she is using you to try to solve it for her. When she does not get the result she was expecting she then becomes angry because she is back to feeling hopeless again. There is nothing at all you can do for her. She needs to wake up and realize that if she wants to live a wealthy life she needs to figure out how SHE is going to make the money to do so. She married you when you had no money. Even though you gave her hope that you would make the money later she should still get off her butt and do something to help change the way she feels. It is not your responsibility; you are in a co-dependent relationship. She is expecting you to provide just like Daddy did. But you are not Daddy. She needs to wake up. She is responsible for what she gets out of life; and she needs to quit relying on other people to provide for her what she should be doing for herself. Most rich kids thier parents provide for them for life. They pay for the house and cars and whatever else. Some parents do it only till the child leaves college assuming that now they are capable or providing for themselves. She has no concept of the value of money because it has always come so easily for her. It's unfortunate but I don't see this relationship lasting. The first guy who comes along that flirts with her and appears to have the money she will just jump ship because of her unhappiness. You need to bring her back down to earth and reset her expectations about what is reasonable. I wish you the luck I want things to work out for you. The anger is just a symptom of her not getting what she wants. She is having withdrawal symptons of not having her needs met in the way she is used to. If she has always had a driver and a mercedes; and now she has to drive herself and in a Honda, she is going to be continual frustrated. Just like I am frustrated myself. I used to make $25 an hour and now I am with a company in a professional position making $10 an hour. That level of disparity is enough to drive anyone mad. Every day I am reminded of my situation; every time I go to the grocery store; fill up with gas; think about buying clothes or the latest electronics item; everything related to money because I now have to think can I afford to do this? Now imagine how your wife must feel like.

distraught's picture

Thank you so much for this article. I feel validated, guilty as charged but validated.
He came on strong and hot and heavy, then I guess he was done and I was just getting ready for more. But alas I did not know him well enough until he said "sorry hun, I'm all outta quarters" and then proceeded to turn into an ice cube.
Wow, I just went army on him. And of course I was confused and felt terribly humiliated. But he had nothing to say, nothing to give. There was NOTHING!!
My mistake, not confirming our intentions or needs in the beginning. No, I was not falling for his sweet talk, I was actually falling for him.
He's gone AWOL and I can't blame him. But my lesson is to find a man who can keep up with my libido and passion. Maybe younger men. At the same time knowing that when a guy is acting hot and heavy I should ask at the time just how long that's going to last. The sad thing is, I miss him. The sadder thing is I rarely miss anyone. So now I'm facing yet another development along the road of love and life.

distraught's picture

Love is respect. Adoration and Admiration. It's when you say "I love you so much, that whatever you have to do for yourself, wherever you have to go, I wish you the very best"
Love is that feeling when they hold you that the world melts away. Only they can do this for you. Only their touch can heal, calm, warm your soul.
Love is sexual freedom, it says WOW I'm so good with this, this is delicious! And I am so very present, so here with you!
Love is saying I am worried and confused or angry, but I'll never let you leave my soul.
Love is fun, vibrant, silly, vulnerable and protective. Love stands and fights for the other, love is like that.
Love is a blending of souls, true love never dies, that energy lives past life. It creates universes.
Love is passion, it's lust, it's crazy.

Above all it's always moving, always flowing, always in action.
Love is faster then the speed of light. That's probably why alot of us miss it.
It's actually all around any person who has a loving heart and good intentions.
I guess the question would be "ARE YOU LOVE"?

Anonymous's picture

I hope my story helps other people in similar situations. For 3 years I was in a live-in relationship with this girl with whom we got along so, so well, our moods matched to a tee and we could uplift each other without much effort. Perfect chemistry in most regards. *However*, on the few occasions we fought, things invariably got out of hand; she'd start, I'd retaliate, we'd end up very angry with each other. When air'd get lighter after a few hours or a day or two, we'd just resume our "normal" selves and be playful, funny and caring with each other. To make things worse, whenever I tried to solve it "rationally" she'd block herself, change topics or even get angry again, just as if she considered her "prerogative" to be mad without any notice whatsoever.

With time, things of course deteriorated between us. By the beginning of the third year, fights became more frequent and with them, personal offenses appeared (also started by her). That's a low *no couple* should allow themselves to sink in. I know and accept my responsibility in the breakup but nothing and no one will convince of other that, even though she was usually such a lovely and warm-hearted girl and apart from having the *expected* highs and lows in female temper, she had the tendency to be negative and revengeful, as in whenever she thought I did something wrong she had to "punish" me, even if that "wrong" could be easily, readily solved. My (much more frequent) good deeds were received by "fine" and "cool", my (infrequent) mistakes by heavy bursts of anger.

My main point: it's fine with women to have some ups and downs in mood, I wholeheartedly accept it (indeed I never met one who didn't have that character trait). However, negativity should not be accepted. Nor personal attacks of any kind. There's only one way those relationships go and it's separation or a life of misery.

Lovelez's picture

I'm a girl who just had her first relationship ever with someone, and that someone is also a woman. Not long ago I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone when the conversation was starting to get steamy and was just turning into phone sex.
Unfortunately, my call promo just expired and I had to go out to buy more credits to register again for the call promo and I did some things in between, it took around an hour. When I called her again, she sounded annoyed, and angry. She told me that she lost her appetite for it and that she's going to sleep, and if it happens again that she'll probably never talk to me again. So I left her to sleep some more, and now I realized my mistake when I read this article. Thank you.

Anonymous's picture

My gf gets really angry over what Is nothing most of the time. Its rediculous. Literally one second well be fine, and the next second, shes out the door pisst at me. And by yhis time of our relationdhip, I know what it is that ill say. Itll be something like saying something about going out with my friends or me calling her a chicken when im joking around and she clearly knows it. And sometimes shell get mad like 2hrs later over something shes thought about after a good conversation. And she also seems to think I just want her for sex, when we dont have sex all that much, maybe 1 time out of 6 times I see her and she complains and gets all mad and I do everything to show her I love her and care for her and do alot for her and go places with her and buy her nice things and make her dinner and surotise her and stuff. She also thinks its ok for her to do stuff I cant, and say things I cant and when I give her a taste of her own medicine, she gets pisst. I dont understand where I go wrong and why she gets mad. Please help me understand why she does this nonsense.

Leif Seed's picture

Did you not just read the article? If she is angry then one of the reasons is she is horny and wants sex, if you are only doing it 1 time out of 6, most likely she is horny and needs it at least 3 out of 6 or more. If you don't want to have sex with her every day, then why are you with her? Maybe that is what she needs, along with the other reasons mentioned in the article.

lee's picture

– a man who becomes angry as a result of a woman being angry at him reveals himself to be reactive to her moods and attacks – and therefore weak.
ealize the angry woman is tormented, and they want to help her feel better, and know the right way to do so – not by buying presents or saying they’re sorry (that’s what clueless men do, and end up in the same situation again and again), but by addressing the ROOT CAUSE of the anger, as examined above.

Ok. Totally agree with you.
No presents and saying sorry
The problem is it she broke up with me on day after valentine.
and UNFRIEND ME FROM FB. ( I texted her to block me coz it makes no difference!)

Refuse to say why she's angry
It;s been almost a month now

Anonymous 5's picture

If a woman puts her hand on me she getting fucked up. Sorry. I don't let anyone put their hands on me. If you any of you think that's weak, that's your problem, not mine. I'm far from weak. I just don't put up with bullshit.

Anonymous's picture

If you want to give effective relationship advice, you could advice guys that in case a woman is angry, you could advice them to sit down and listen to what she has to say.
There is not a simple list of four reasons being angry might happen to someone. But there is one method of finding out: Sitting down and listening, imagining the point of view of the other person.
Women in heterosexual relationships way too often take the burden of trying to see the other person's point of view, and making concessions to them. Simply because if one person in the relationship is not doing that, it is not possible to have a relationship at all.
The ideal would be that both people in a relationship do this, but by the way they are socialised it often does not dawn on men that this is even possible.

Euphorious Epiphany's picture

With all due respect, Ladies, your expectation ABOVE ALL ELSE is for us men to be a mature, compassionate, caring partner who is also fearless, fair and decisive. The problem with many guys out there is they do not go through a formal initiation into manhood that used to be required by the tribe. It took my divorce to open my eyes to this. I was argumentative and had to have it my way. Always agree from the place of rational understanding with women, but make sure she understands her place. Once you let them walk on you...your done, move on

Anonymous's picture

My gf asked me to find and show her pictures from me growing up. On a trip to my moms house I found some and sent them to her via text. I sent several, but all she focused on was one of me at my prom. My thumb covered up my dates face and she blew up asking why would I send that picture and cover her face. Am I missing something, what on earth did I do wrong?

confidence's picture

If your girl is blowing up over BS, it's not because "she's a woman and that's how women act," it's because she has low self esteem and that's what people (regardless of gender) with low self esteem do.

They value themselves so little that they're hurt and angered easily.

I think guys are naturally attracted to these women because they're more "submissive," but in the long term they could bring you down. You need to either help them grow as a person and get more confidence OR just find a woman who is already confident.

Keep in mind, YOU also have to be a confident man to get a confident woman.

Dale's picture

Read the Married Mans Sex Life Primer by Athol Kay; this site isn't really for married men, although I'm learning a lot here.

Anonymous's picture

My gf and I were always arguing about to go to a hotel room as we dated.she never wants to go to because it's not suitable before marriage.she said she'll never let to get her before this right time.but I know she's already turn on by,how should I persuade her to come along with me to a hotel room.

Anonymous's picture

Women do not have the right to get angry any more than men. There must be mutual respect for any relationship to work. Anger is a habbit and people will always find an excuse. A more mature way would be to discuss in a reasonable manner. Women can not expect men to be reasonable if they are not. I think some people dont really care about being reasonable as long as they get their way. Some people grow up seeing conflict in the family and think that is normal. It might be normal for them but it certainly is not healthy.

CWan's picture

All girls seem to hate me, don't know why... but now beginning to.
Thank You!

J0914's picture

Yesterday my gf broke her phone at work and then she ends up getting mad at me for no reason i told her not to worry about it and she still mad she started punching me in the leg cutting of my tv and taking my and annoying the hell out of me what shud i do

Mickey's picture

IDK: Make a run for it and get out of Dodge!!! It ain't worth it!

Anonymous's picture

Over the past few years, quite a few women have been getting upset with me for not wanting to talk to them. I have been trying to make senses of this because I do not believe in leading people on. Based on some traits, I can fake me feeling towards a person. If I am not attracted to a person, I cannot pretend to be in love.

This is causing me problems because I no longer want to even see these people.

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Has PTSD from being kidnapped when she was young... And bad anxiety. Let me start off by saying I love this girl... Feel like I want to be the one guy who actually gave a shit enough to stick with her... She's sexted other guys behind my back... Is getting better about treating me with respect now, after the sexting I was ready to go, but she kept saying she needs me and will make up for it. But I try to do everything for this girl... I even gave her a whole body massage tonight, to which she complained about me not rubbing her pinched nerve on her back enough... After some bad attitude I put on my clothes and got up, to which she chastised me for keeping her up when she needed to work, i was saying hey, babe i was trying to make this evening nice for you, to show you i love you... Was trying to help you relax to sleep... And she said I could either lay down and shut the fuck up, or get the fuck out... So I took off... Then she always has a way of making me feel bad and like its my fault. Now I'm confused.. I know she's been trying to be better lately after I broke up with her.. As her demeanor has been different... But sometimes this still breaks through.. Always makes me really sad...

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It sounds like you need to read this article here:

Spotting (and Avoiding) Cluster B Women

- Franco

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In the middle of reading it now. I appreciate it

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Wow... She is all of that.. I'm in tears right now... The part about getting away and you will see how much of you was actually lost... Got me bad.. I'm at a place now where I can't leave the relationship because she is holding a no contact order that I violated (because I was charged with Dv over a call she made) over my head when I try to leave.... I know, I'm so stupid for breaking the no contact order... That whole activating your white Knight complex part... Well actually the whole article.. Was an eye opener, the whole thing, I was saying holy shit... Wow that's me.....

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Hey! I usually dont need advice on stuff like this but im death scared of my girlfriend, you can laugh at me, i dont really care. But this can't go on any more and im just so sad because ive invested alot of feelings and time with this girl, the problem is that everytime we have an argument she gets abusive, she punches me and drags my hair and she screams and always comments something unrelated and tries to hurt my feelings by saying something that she knows will hurt me! I love this girl and thats why i need advice.

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women who respect their men will not do that... its not ok, and you will get over it in the long term. We invest in people but if they take us for granted its not ok and in the longterm she probably respect you more for not putting up with it, will she change? Who knows if its constant behaviour she probably wont, if it was once,, maybe say it can't happen again cause you wont tolerate it, and then stick to that and leave, cause you need to be respected at the end of the day, otherwise you dont have much. Keep safe!

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Here's what I'd do. Think of something activity she really likes doing and never refuses if she can help it. It has to be something fun but not too expensive or extravagant because she may accept the offer for material reasons. Asking her if she.wants this activity, essentially offering to pay for it and take care of everything. Now if she still feels a desire to continue the relationship she'll either accept your offer, propose another day, or clearly show some appreciation for the offer (even if she declines). Now if she has given up on you for some reason, she'll use this opportunity to get that point across. If she's thinking you're aren't the one for her she'll say something to the effect of 'i don't think it's a good idea'. If she has found someone else her response will be very cold meaning she'll probably delay her response and then give a cold rejection somehow without any sign of appreciation. On the other hand if she is angry because she's horny then she'll show excitement at the offer meaning she will gladly accept or propose another day.

Here's the thing. Even if you lose, you win. You find out how she is feeling while being a man. If she shows the negative signs you have time to prepare yourself for the breakup and maintain your dignity.

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I also have girlfriends that have same issue, lucky me on the early of our relationship, she said, sometime she get angry to protect herself! because in past she have trauma with men, till now she never trust a man! in fact she have girlfriends! so you can imagine where my story is! but my point is, sometime when a women get angry is not just because she's mad to us! but simple because they don't want to seen a s weak female or etc! of course that kind of attitude for some ppl are just lame excuse, but if we really love her! we hope no other option beside to understand her point of view!

just make sure , if you guys want to approach this kind of girls! make sure to get her trus at the beginning, usually she will tell and give some hint! :)

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