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How to Give a Girl (Amazing) Oral Sex: 4 Simple Steps

Chase Amante

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how to give a girl oral sexA reader asks:

Hey Chase, any quick tips on performing oral sex on girls and stimulating the clit specifically? I checked out the other articles but I couldn't get anything specific on the subject.

We seem to get asked this one a lot... and always on articles that have nothing to do with sex. So let's address it: how to give a girl oral sex.

This is one a lot of men seem to struggle with, but you may be relieved to know it's actually much simpler to learn how to give a girl orgasms through oral sex than it is to learn how to give her orgasms via penetration.

There's no rhythm you must learn to be good.

You needn't exhaust yourself heaving your body back and forth.

You won't even have to learn about the g-spot, the deep spot, the vaginal back wall, or Ricardus's “r-spot” from his article on how to be a good lover.

In fact, all you need to make a girl orgasm from oral is a little patience... and a willing tongue.

And, of course, my 4 simple steps.

WARNING: this one is not safe for work... there is one section below where words do not suffice, and graphics simply are needed. So make sure there's nobody around you can get in trouble with for looking at clitoris pictures before you proceed (and if there is... what are you doing reading an article about oral sex at work, anyway).

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Anonymous's picture

Great article thanks for this one chase.

My questions,

How long after making her cum should you wait until vaginal sex (she's going to be very sensitive down there after cumming)

Why do you recommend not making a girl cum from cunnilingus the first time you fuck her?


Matt's picture

It's up to her WHETHER you're going to fuck her after you make her cum. Chances are, she won't want to after an orgasm.

And that's also kind if why you should only make her cum by vaginal sex the first time. If you meet a new girl and make her cum by oral sex she got what she want and doesn't have to add another man to her "list" (of men she fucked. A girl normally wants to keep that number low).

If you fuck her the first time she's already partly commited and chances are higher you'll see her again.

Also, question to Chase if he reads this: If you use this for teasing, how far would you go? Do everything but the clit and then fuck her? Or even start licking the clit but stopping before the orgasm?

David Riley's picture

Hey Matt,

Like in your response to the user about not giving her a complete feeling. You want to bring her so close to orgasm but not completely that she's just begging to fuck you at the end of it. You want to lick her clit a little but stop before she orgasm. Especially, if this is a new girl as the article points out. It's also important to escalate during oral too. Multitask remove your clothes, and let her feel your body. Act like you're done and go back down on her. Keep her guessing, make her the one that needs sex the most.

Take care,

Just Dave

Amber's picture

I am a huge fan of fingering while clit licking and sex right after orgasm. I like all the sensations. But I also want to say some might prefer some actual kissing! Stop to kiss her real lips while taking your hand and brush back and forth over her whole vagina once you have given her a small break from oral go back to it to build up more sexual tension/anticipation.
These are just some suggestions from personal experience.

esahc etnama's picture

Chase, in your
article on "5 ways to answer a social challenge" you
said that back when you were in school, you got good at replying back
to anyone who tried to tear you down. insult you, .....
My question is : did you get good by using the 5 steps you indicate in the article?
And also, how to really reply back and tear someone down?
For example, Whenever I try to answer back when someone insults me, whatever I say, the guy just
says: "Okaaay, what rubbish did you just say?". this really gets me
upset and I cant find anything to say to his "okaaay" answer.
Any idea in dealing with these situations?
If you think I will get better results using the 5 steps in
"answering a social challenge", please give me an examples using
the steps in the type of situation I wrote above.

Peacer's picture

Oh.. Chase.. !

Awesome article.. Waited for this long long time.. !

Thank you.

flower's picture

Great piece, insightful, informative and well written. Sorry if this sounds pretentious, but you really have the humor and i should say sensitivity that is particular to great artists which only very few people in this world possess!! And I don't use the word artist indiscriminately

Marty's picture


Glad to say I do most of this already, within relationships at any rate—at least there's something here I'm already capable of :)

However, what's your view on avoiding STDs in cunnilingus? I know you have a separate article on the general subject; I adopt a commonsense approach to protection during vaginal sex, but when it comes to casual partners, I'm always a little nervous that I might catch something while giving cunnilingus (not that I can ever resist doing it, anyway).

Thankfully that hasn't happened to date, but the mainstream advice (dental dams etc.) seems to take all the fun out of it. What is your assessment of the real risk, being a man with a multiplicity of partners?


Mike's picture

Hey Chase,

First off I'd like to say how much I appreciate all the priceless information you've put out for guys like me who want to improve themselves and become the best version of themselves that they can be! I've been reading articles on the site for almost a year now and it's safe to say that I've made huge improvements thanks to you; from previously a virgin to now having slept with multiple girls. I also appreciate the advice you gave me last September here--

I have a new situation for you though, this time I sealed the deal! Frist time I went out with this girl from my social circle but had not talked before, we went to eat and vibed incredibly well, the best I ever have with a girl. We split the bill(as your suggestion) and I invited her home to watch a movie. Within 5 or 10 minutes I began escalating but got some last minute resistance and she said she wasn't going to have sex because she just met me.

So instead of pushing it and possibly losing her like I've done when I've pushed the envelope with other girls, I let it slide and we just made out while watching movies and ended up hanging out for 7 hours that night. The one thing that stuck with me was that she said she felt like she'd known me longer than just that day and constantly commented on how much we had in common.

I texted her the next day to hang out and she came and picked me up and we went to a drive in. Once again, the whole time there we had an incredible connection, I am not sure why it went so great this time compared to others as I didn't do anything differently. At the drive-in she resisted my escalation for a good part of the 2 movies we watched but I finally broke through and we banged for a solid 45 minutes to an hour in which she orgasmed multiple times.

By this point it was 3 in the morning and we capped the night off with some Mel's in which she paid for my food and then she drove me home. Next morning I texted her as you suggest, and set something up on Monday to go on a hike today. Then I did not text her until last night to confirm and she texted me this morning saying she in another town and didn't know when she'd be back today but she'd let me know when she found out.

So the whole day I've been stressing about this girl wondering if she still likes me because she flaked on me after I gave her great sex and she commented multiple times about how she can't believe she just met me because it feels like she's known me forever. I haven't felt this way about a girl for a long time(mostly because I haven't been looking for a relationship, just casual sex) and I know I'm starting to think about her too much(which I know is bad) even though I have other options.

Long story short it seems like this is the girl of my dreams, and based on my story here, would you say I have reason to worry why she flaked, or am I doing all the right things and just need to chill the hell out? If so, how can I continue to build a solid foundation with this girl for a relationship if we both want that?

I know you're an incredibly busy man Chase, but if you could please take the time to give me some of your insight into this situation then it would be immensely appreciated! Thank you for your time brother!



David Riley's picture

Hey Mike,

Chase has me assisting and helping out with comments and answering concerns on articles. Now with that being said, I will say that once you slept with a girl you're doing fine. All you have to do is play it cool and keep meeting and interacting with different women. You won't be so consumed with this one particular girl and fall into oneitus. You will be surprised how often girls will reappear over time after you slept with them. Girls will not come back if you start chasing them after sex. Girls love being with men they feel they have to work to get.

Take care,

Just Dave

Mike's picture

Thanks for the insight Dave, that definitely helps clear things up in my mind!

triannad12's picture

Evidence on a large scale for my poo Chase. Love ya!

TORNADO's picture

Hey Chase,

Been a while. So the situation is there are two girls. There is this girl no.1 who had friend-zoned me, but then when I cut contact she came back. Now its a equal chase kind of a thing I think. I feel good here because unlike the previous girl, in this one - I rarely invest, she's ready to invest on me (cover more distance, pay for my meals etc. to some extent).

Now here's my question. I am thinking of escalating sex (I am outside the US now and will be away from her for few weeks). Here are some sub questions:

1) Last day before I left when we had a walk after dinner, she was complaining about how her ex left her because of her resistance to sex and regretted about it and said she should not repeat it. She kept saying "She felt like having some action" and "The atmosphere felt romantic". She was talking about her ex before that though which got me confused. Was that some sort of a Hint or just a vent of frustration to a friendzoned guy?

2) When I came here and texted her how I miss the USA already and she was like "What about me?" with some angry smileys to which I replied, that's why I texted you to say that lol. I suggested a Skype for the next day to which she immediately agreed. She's asked me to get her back a particular perfume she loves if it was possible for me. Should I get it or will it be wrong as it is an investment on her?

Overall, I am confused. I read so many of your articles. She rarely touches me or compliments me like some of your articles mention about a girl being into a guy. She's older to me by a couple of years but tells me she doesn't date young guys. But she tells me stuff about what she wants in life - sexually and generally and tells me her personal most things like using the different perfumes or a combination daily. I keep the conversation pretty sexual these days and I also sometimes tease her with white guys just to get her excited. She never teases me with any girl though and is there with me for my most important days always - birthdays, before leaving country etc. and for the last day when a guy tried to setup a meet with her, she bailed on him because she was with me.

The overall standpoint on our relationship is this - Both literally reach out to one another alternately (she calls one day, I call the other day). We both only decide to meet if we are free (I no longer leave all my work and go behind like I used to with the previous one). Seems pretty balanced unlike before (Where I thoroughly chased her, we had a small fight and I cut off). Should I escalate for sex with her when we meet up next time? My point is do I have some chance with her or is she just another type of girl with a different flavor of frienzone? I have increased stuff such as sexual innuendos, touch etc. but I am still trying to figure out what else to do.

Meanwhile, there is this another girl who is like a backup for me who has more interest in my past than my future. However, this girl is crazy. When I called her, she literally left her project to be with me. So my situation is I have two girls currently and its kinda cool to get messages/calls from these two to fuel up my confidence. My only fear if I go for escalation is losing out on this aspect. What do you advise?

David Riley's picture

Hey Tornado,

Chase has me helping out with comments and answering concerns and questions on articles. Now, I will say go after both. Don't spend time wondering make things happen. The worst either of the girls could say is "no". Don't be afraid of rejection embrace it. I've gone after girls who've boldly tried to friend zone me in the past and I just decline the frame. "You don't know me well enough." It's make the girl question everything about me at that point. She knows I'm not concerned about losing her or what ifs.

1.) You can use these as excuses to ask sexual questions. "When was the last time you got some?" or "Sounds like you might decent in bed." Be bold, she's just checking to see if you're the kind of guy who knows that women do enjoy sex.

2.) You can say, "I might get it if you're a good girl." It's a basic conditional statement that takes care of girls asking you for things. They know they have to behave and that you won't just shower them with gifts in the future. It's also important to note, that you should only invest in girls who are equally investing in you. I would note that it's not usually a good idea to buy women gifts before you've slept with them.

There's nothing wrong with talking to multiple women. I would suggest keep talking to other women so that they can see you have options. This will increase their attraction for you.

Take care,

Just Dave

Alex S.'s picture

Hi Chase, fantastic article as usual.

I was wondering if you could do an article on how to kick bad habits. I know there's an article already on this site on creating a new habit, but I feel like kicking a bad habit is a whole different story, as I've succeeded in creating a new habit but been failing miserably at kicking one out.

So I would really appreciate it if you could do a step-by-step article on kicking a bad habit out.


David Riley's picture

Hey Alex,

I will let Chase and the authors know about your suggestion.


Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase, i am curious about this subject.

In your articles you often talk about leaving an Excellent Last Impression.
And that leaving a strong last impression is better than a strong first impression.

Can you clarify this, what exactly do you mean by Strong Last Impression?
And any examples of this, if you can.

I have no problem making a good first impression and maintaining that impression throughout our interaction, but it seems i don`t understand and don`t know how to leave a strong last impression.

To me a good first impression is maintained throughout the entire time i am with her, but when does a good last impression come into play and how to use it?

Again, a million thanks for the hefty insight provided in your articles.

David Riley's picture

Being a guy that makes out with a girl or giving her amazing sex would be an excellent last impression. Making a move on her would also be another good. I use to let girls take something of mine and something hers at the end of a date. It was a good way to cement the memories and make sure I see her again. Another way to do this would be take a girl somewhere new and exciting for her.

Just Dave

Anonymous's picture

Yeah, but isn`t the whole "kissing a girl at the end of the date" thing a bad strategy to employ ?

Personally, when i kiss a girl, i want to continue making out with her for some while..
If i manage to get her to bed it is super, if i don`t, i still have something in place to build on, and eventually get her into bed.

Any other tips on leaving an excellent last impression without kissing or having sex ??
Just enough to make her even more eager to see me again..

David Riley's picture

Hey Anon,

Yes, to get more specific in my comment I was referring to sleeping with a girl and making out with her during the date. Not at the conclusion unless you were already making out with her during the date. Then yes because it will seem rushed and it will have too much pressure on that kiss. It's also very cliche and it's what a lot of guys do. Basically Anon, you want to set yourself so far apart from the other guys that you'll be in your own leader.

Beginning: Get to know her on a deeper level and get her to invest heavily in you. Get her talking and telling you all about her secrets. Touch her plenty during the date. Too many guys are afraid to touch girls. When you touch a girl it cements the connection between you two. It's very natural for two people who like each other to touch.

Middle: Build up sexual tension with her tease her, but don't over do it. You don't want to come off as a jerk. Share something interesting about yourself. "A lot of people don't know this about me, but . . . " Give her a secret to know about you. Telling secrets is another way to cement the connection between you two. Find out about her childhood, family, friends, dreams, and passions. Really attempt to get to know the real her. Make her feel special and that you genuinely care about her.

End: Finally suggest a meetup for the future where you guys can see other again. Do this during the date, set it a couple days away. Be a leader, "Hey we should do XYZ on Friday. Does that work for you?" Make her part of the plan. Women love men who can lead and have direction and can get what they want. When you show a girl a good time and get to know her, she'll be thinking about. The most important thing is to have fun. No one wants to be on a serious or boring date. If you want a girl to remember you don't be boring. Be passionate and give her some rush of emotions.

Hope that clears things up for you better,

Just Dave

Anonymous's picture

Great article Chase, loved it from beginning to the end. I actually had a question about my own relationship and whether she has had an orgasm or not. Like you said in step 1 to tease, I do that fairly well, and when I do go down on her, she moves her hips and legs quite frequently, making me shift from one side of the bed to another, lol. While exhaling loud (not extremely loud ), and moaning (not loud or aggressive, but in a sensational tone). But I've never heard her have her "Ohhh" moment. And I'm usually going down on her for quite some time, well over 20 minutes. She s usually pulls me big back to kiss me and doesn't want me to go down on her again, mainly cause she wants to go down on me. But I'm just wondering, if she has gotten or orgasm or close to one?

Girls opinion's picture

Hi Chase, one thing I think you should mention to your readers , and that a lot of guys seemingly don't know (in my experience) is that using the tip of the tongue is okay but pashing the clit area with a guy's entire mouth, like French kissing and sucking feels way better than just the tip of the tongue. It's kind of like eating a juicy peach!

snipefield's picture

I followed the advice in the article. She wasn't giving me that many signs of extreme horniness and anticipation as I proceeded through the stages, even though I took it slow and spent quite a bit of time on every step.

I went from step 3 (licking clit) to 4 (pulling back hood) when I thought she was nearing orgasm. Her legs did start to shake after and she started to moan louder and longer. However, after about 10 minutes, she asked me to stop (not in a forceful way). She said that she was really sensitive and that my facial hair (which I shaved the previous day, so just little bit of stubble, my facial hair doesn't grow out much) was hurting her. She enjoyed it tremendously, but I would like to bring her to orgasm. The whole session lasted around 40 minutes.

She is relatively inexperienced, so maybe it's worthwhile just trying again and not modifying things too much. Thoughts?

Girl Interrupted's picture

I'm a girl and I'm honestly really skeptical about the "hood" thing. That sounds horribly painful! The problem is girls are often embarrassed to tell guys what they like and don't like, and guys keep giving advice on doing stuff that they think we like when really we hate it. Also on a side note, no girl ever touches her clit directly when masturbating, you really don't need to do that.
SO yeah I'd say, be patient and chill out. Make sure she's relaxed... Take your time, maybe tease even more. And I mean, it doesn't always work! The worst for her would be to see that you're frustrated because you didn't make her come. You don't want to make her feel like she has a problem, you don't want to make her feel guilty for not coming! (I've been with guys like that and it straight up makes me want to never sleep with them again). We're ourselves tormented enough about this issue, we don't want men to make us panic about it even more. It's supposed to be chill and fun.

Girl Interrupted's picture

Girl speaking here:

This is very accurate, specifically the tease part: it's crucial. I NEVER came with a cunilingus, even though my (new) boyfriend is extremely devoted and talented in that dpt, the only part he skips way too quickly (but I still hav faith I'll change this) is the tease! It's so crucial, it should take 20 minutes, not 2 minutes... It's a bit like, you can't cum if your dick isn't hard right? well women can't come if they're not extremely teased before. And for that you need to take it very, very slow. The worst turn off is to perfectly realize that your man is rushing it because he doesn't enjoy it that much, or because he can't wait to move on to fucking, or simply because he's clueless and thinks licking is enough. It's REALLY not exciting to see your man is doing this just because he somewhat heard women kinda like it. I love to see my boyfriend being extremely excited and turned on by it, it turns me on even more and allow me to fully relax. Eye contact is a big turn on as well, I agree (but not all the time though, that can look semi psychopathic imo).

Then I would personally suggest to not focus on the clit only, and to also lick the inner lips, and to fuck her with your tongue. A slow lick from down to top is also, really, really amazing. I'm also skeptical about the fingering part, but a friend told me she only orgasm this way..

Thank you!

Joe123456's picture

Been dating my girl for 1.5 years. Whenever I'd do oral, after like 5 minutes she'd say "I want you inside of me" or something along those lines. I only made her come once from oral. Since I'm not an idiot, I realized this meant I must just be shitty at oral, which is kind of embarrassing. I didn't realize the build up and anticipation was such a big deal. After reading this article I tried it immediately when she got off work. After about 10 minutes of kissing and sucking slowly on her from the neck all the way to the inner thighs and then to everything around around the clit, she was begging for it. Took only about 5 minutes to make her climax about moving to the clit. She came so hard and then threw me down got on top and fucked the life out of me. Afterwards, she was spent and said "That was the best sex of my life". We've been dating for a year and a half and she's never said that. And after that, she went back to wearing panties and a tshirt instead of sweats for the first time in awhile. Life changing lol, can't believe I didn't do my research sooner, thank you.

SilverTongue's picture

There's nothing like seeing your girl totally alive again after some new tactics. Makes me feel like a king.

Congrats :)

Joe123456's picture

I'm only making an account to respond to you because of how similar it was to my situation and hopefully this helps. I've always been the skinniest, smallest kid around.. Wrestled in the 103 lb weight class in highschool and was 5'7 120 lbs by the time I got to college. I was severely depressed and all I ever wanted was to be normal sized and have girls look at me with interest once in awhile. I wasted the best years of my life being too depressed to think it could get better so I just got really messed up all the time, whether from drugs or alcohol. My grades slipped all the way till I was on academic probation and was threatened to be kicked out of school if I didn't bring them back up. I watched all my friends graduate and was left during my fifth year to think about my situation. I decided enough was enough, I quit the drugs and alcohol and decided to dedicate myself to two things, school and the gym. The gym was far easier even though I was extremely weak because you can't fail unless you stop going. I ate a meal, drank preworkout, would work out then come back and drink a whey protein shake. The whey is crucial if want to gain wait. After a month or two, I started seeing results. I still struggled in school but the new self-confidence I had stopped me from quitting. I finally graduated and fast forward till now, I'm 27 and weigh 160 lbs, still not big by any means but it's a cut 160 considering my frame. I'm physically strong, I can rep sets of 8 at 220 lbs, hundreds of sits ups etc. I never had a girlfriend in highschool or college, now im with the girl of my dreams not only because I look better but also because I feel better about myself, I'm confident. I know what I've been through, the personal battles I've fought and no one other than myself can stop me now. When I was in my darkest depression I never even dreamed my life would be where it is now. Sorry for the long story, just wanted to let you know it is possible to

Ashli's picture

Best experience I've ever had. I thought I was in heaven. I didn't know I could orgasm so much, so many times, and so intensely. I was afraid to walk afterwards.

Ryan's picture

Nope, be careful with this one. My girl hates it, finds it incredibly feminine. The girls in porn stare up at the guy while giving him a blow job, seeking approval. My woman doesn't want that, if i make eye contact with her during oral it is a complete turn off. There are ZERO "guaranteed to work every time" aspects when it comes to sex. This article for example is very basic, eventually your girl is going to want you to mix it up. Just be careful whenever someone says "always" or "every girl" or "guaranteed" YMMV

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