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What Should Your Standards Be When Picking Up Women?

A note about this article: Many have requested me to write more about sexual prizing (how to use it practically in the field), and I will of course write about that. However, believe it or not, it is a rather complex topic, which means that I need to cover certain basics to form the ground work for a good delivery of “sexual prizing” as a technique. This post is one of those. So do hold on, it will all come with time; I just don’t want to rush into it. Instead, I prefer taking it slow and making sure to cover the necessary basics before delivering the goods. In the long run I believe this will be best for the readers.

Hi everyone. I hope you are all doing great and progressing and enjoying your journey within the art of seduction.

I am first of all truly sorry for being a little inactive these days, as April and May are when I am the busiest during the year. Things should get back to normal after June, when you can expect more participation and articles from me.

Either way, today we will address a topic that is not rocket science to most of us. So to those rocket scientists here, I may be about to disappoint you. However, I believe you will still enjoy this post regardless of it not having any super complicated parts to assemble, because it covers some very important basics.

And basics are important in order to create a good foundation for the more advanced and tricky stuff. The topic of the day will be standards – in other words, your requirements for you to be willing to sleep with a girl.

sexual standards

I will first of all cover what I mean by having standards, then I will further discuss why having standards is good, and finally cover how having standards can effect your outer game and make you appear even more attractive.

It should be pointed out that most of the great seducers out there have standards. Usually, but not always, the better they are (and the greater their options with women), the more standards of some sort they have.

So let us now discuss this topic in depth.

Alek RolstadAbout the Author: Alek Rolstad

Alek Rolstad launched his pickup career at age 14, an early starter and seduction savant. His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation. Sex talk lets the user excite girls rapidly, and filter for girls open to fast, raunchy, kinky one-night stands and sex. Alek plans to offer phone coaching to students of Girls Chase soon… Just as soon as he can find somewhere to hold phone calls on sex talk and threesomes where he won’t be shocking his roommates.

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Anonymous's picture

Whenever I get pretty close to a girl, texting then dating her - it seems to work - however, if I try to tease a bit more, or playing the "bad boy" they seem to get distant and aloof and see me more as a friend. - I think teasing actually puts you into the "friendzone" - while being kinda hard to get and attractive while still being charming and nice will get you a date.
What do you say, Chase?

Anonymous's picture

You might be teasing too hard and damaging your attainability with her.

In other words, when you act like the "bad boy" you see in your head, instead of your teasing being playful/fun etc. the whole point here is to show you're a challenge for her and not taking life to seriously, instead it might come off across as you being a dick to her, thereby she doesn't really want to continue the interaction as she isn't enjoying it with you anymore.

So read her body language whilst you tease, and if you've gone too far, build her up again by giving her good emotions (don't pansy foot around her though).
Aim to hit the middle ground with everything brother, push-pull is 50-50.

This is just my humble opinion, take it or leave it :)

David Riley's picture

These a great points and too add to this. Some guys get so caught up in being too much of one thing or the other and forget about having fun with a girl on a date. They're sometimes too focused on sex. The key is a guy should never be focused on trying to win a girl over and getting her to like him. He should have the mentality of "maybe she will or maybe she won't". It's important to just have and push for sex, but if it doesn't happen move unto the next one.

Zac's picture

Thanks Alek for your great thoughts on selection for the preferred type of mate. I thought maybe to add on this BY COPYING AND PASTING THIS ARTICLE, iM NOT MUCH OF A WRITER MYSELF:

You probably have certain "tastes" in women. You might prefer blondes. Or Asian women. Or perhaps you have a special preference for redheads. Your tastes come from many sources: your early childhood experience, cultural influence, and perhaps even your genetics. But one aspect of "taste" has to do with how a woman affects you with her energetics.

Some women are cooling. Being in their company feels like
a cool drink of ice tea on a hot sunny day. You might have referred
to a woman, for instance, who is an "icy blonde" or who
has "cool blue eyes." Other women are hot. They are fiery, tempestuous, and quick
of temper. You might have spoken of a "fiery red-head" or a "hot-blooded Latina."
Of course, not all redheads or Latinas are hot, nor are all blondes cool. Nevertheless, there is something true enough to be said about a woman's "temperature." Most men have a good intuitive sense of the difference between a woman who is cool and soothing and a woman who is hot and exciting, regardless of how they describe it. And this difference has a lot to do with why men have different tastes for women, and why your taste could change over time.

More than simple psychological preference determines your taste. Energy plays a major role. Sometimes you can be with a beautiful woman who just doesn't do it for you. You can see she is beautiful, you can understand why your friends find her attractive, but she just doesn't suit your taste. Different women offer different kinds of feminine energy. And one of the simplest forms of this difference is the difference between hot and cool feminine energy.

To help understand this, you could look at your relationship with food. Some men thrive on hot Mexican peppers or spicy Szechwan food, while other men are healed by soothing and cooling food, like salads, sweets, or milk. And any man's needs for different kinds of food may change over time. The same is true of his needs for feminine energy.

If you are a particularly easygoing man, perhaps a man who has difficulty getting motivated, then a hot woman is probably better for you. Her fiery nature can heat up your system and get you moving. On the other hand, if you tend to be quick tempered and hot yourself, you might find that a more cooling woman heals you and brings a balance to your body and psyche.

Depending on your health, your lifestyle, your work demands, and your emotional state, you may need different types of energy at different times. The important thing is to know there is a difference, so that you can be conscious of the choice you are
making and how it might affect you. You may begin to doubt your current intimate relationship if you don't understand how your needs for feminine energy change. When your life seems dreary and boring, a more spicy and hot woman will probably appeal to you. She will provide you with the fire you are missing. However, when your life is extremely challenging and you feel burnt out, a hot woman might
be too much. You may be more attracted to the soothing gaze and touch of a cool woman.

Imagine you are married to a hot woman. For years you have enjoyed her passion, been amused by her anger, and been delighted by how quickly she responds sexually. Then, your career takes a turn. You begin working with people all day, under a tight deadline. You are dealing with people's emotions and resistance
50 hours a week. You notice that you are sweating most of the day. You are under the gun. Your life has become quite hot, as if you are spending the day in a pressure cooker. You go home to your hot wife. She is rubbing herself all over you, eager to get it on. You feel like relaxing. You tell her you need a few minutes to take it easy, so she changes into her workout clothes and goes to the spa to flex and pump her supple body.

Meanwhile, her best friend comes to visit. You open the door and invite her in the house. She moves so much more slowly than your wife. Her presence seems soothing and relaxing to you, even though she's not the kind of woman you are usually attracted to. The quality of this woman's voice seems so refreshing. She sees you are tired and, because she's known you for years, she asks if she can rub your shoulders. She puts her hands on your shoulders, and, before she even begins to gently massage you, you feel waves of cool, rejuvenating energy pour into your body. You sigh with relief. After a brief massage she says good-bye. She'll come
back and visit your wife another day. Your wife comes back home, full of energy, and she begins bouncing around the house taking care of things. She yells at you for not telling her friend to stay and wait. Then, seeing your fatigue, she apologizes and begins kissing you passionately. Her hands quickly go to your crotch, but you're still thinking about her friend, remembering how refreshing her energy was, wondering
what the heck you're going to do about it. What you should do about it is this: understand what is happening. You used to really enjoy your wife's spicy temperament,but now that you are boiling all day at work, you need to be balanced
by a cooler energy. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to end your marriage. It doesn't necessarily mean you need to have sex with her cool friend. What it means is that you need to find a way to balance your life.

In the end, you must make your own choice. When one man's energy needs change and he finds himself getting the energy he needs from the woman in the office next door —the kind of energy that he isn't getting from his wife—then he might end up having an affair, or getting divorced.

Anonymous's picture

FED UP FED UP FED UP. I don't know when I go to a night club and ask girls that I am interested in to dance. I have standards that you mentioned above, and I still fucking get nos all the time. I ask women to dance and it is always no non no0n nono nono nonon. I have no idea what the hell to do

David Riley's picture

Hey Anon,

It sounds like there is something off in your approach. The main thing is not to ask girls to dance especially in front of their friends. Remember men don't ask they just do. I also kind of wondering how these girls are dancing. Are they dancing or grinding because there's a difference. Also, are these girls just dancing with their friends. I've been to clubs and watched girls dance on each other and reject guys left and right. It was almost like a game.

I always look for girls who are either dancing on their own or talking to girls at the bar. When I did approach girls that were shaking their ass, I actually just walk on them and just started grinding. When they looked around, I didn't flinch. I flashed a cocky smile of "Yeah, I know you fucking want me." They would go for it, and I would dance and finger them until I got bored. When you approach a girl like this you have to be smooth. Don't pinch her or step on her. I would also say your clothes are key too, don't approach looking like a bum. Stay cool, and you'll get a dance. I would also suggest noticing girls who notice you dancing alone on the floor. Act like you fucking on the club and you're having a great time.

Take care,

Just Dave

Anonymous's picture

Chase..I have a problem meeting women because I have a condition called strabismus. It is an eye condition where one of my eyes turns inward, and this prevents me from meeting and approaching women because I'm afraid that they won't take me seriously or that they will be ashamed being seen by the public talking to someone who has physical deformity. and also that other male competitors will hit me using my condition to get women off of me. Please help me Chase.

Chris Lydon's picture

Hello Anon,

I am not Chase, nor do I imagine I have had anywhere near his level of success with the ladies, but I feel like I can give you at least somewhat of an answer.

You have a disability, and this has caused you to be ashamed, lose confidence, and even be a target of other guy's jokes.

This is a disability you were born with, and it's not going to go away one day. So you need to do one thing.

You need to take this disability and OWN it.

You need to find a way to get your mind in a place so it's not "I have strabismus, I'm hopeless," but rather, "I have strabismus, and so fucking what? I do the things I want to do. I live the life I want to live. I go for the things that I WANT to go for."

(And who knows? Maybe you can even come up with ways to make fun of yourself a bit, in a non-demeaning way of course, but that can be a huge defense. It's hard for someone to make fun of you for something, when you can already make fun of it yourself and show you don't care.)

If you are unconfident because of your eye, it will show. If you are confident in spite of it, this will also show. And someone who owns their life, disabilities be damned, is going to have FAR more success.

In fact, if you are absolutely confident in spite of your eye, that can be a huge turn on to women as well. Confidence is such a key to women. And confidence is something any man can have if they choose to, regardless of how they look.

That's my opinion on the matter. I worked with children with tons of different types of disabilities in my life, and one thing we are sure to imprint on them is that they can never use their disability as an excuse.

They are all much happier and lead more successful lives because of it.

All the best to you.

Chase Amante's picture

Hey Anon-

Second the advice you've got from Chris here.

I have various things I used to be varying levels of embarrassed about physically - scars on my shoulders, a birthmark on my leg, crooked teeth, etc. Nothing as noticeable as strabismus, but all things that I used to fret about tons before I was doing much approaching.

What I found once I was going up and talking to girls is that nobody cares.

Or, well, I'm sure SOME girls care. There are probably some I meet at the beach who see my pale skin and bit of stomach paunch / no abs and scars on my shoulders and birthmark or whatever and go, "Ew." But they're never going to tell you "ew", it just won't click with them. And there are other girls I meet there who are immediately interested. In the back of your mind, you can be thinking, "Um, WHY is she this interested? Did she not notice my [random defect]?" But if you act confident and nonchalant and totally normal, either she doesn't notice or she doesn't care.

The best advice here is just go out and start meeting women. The instant you realize that at least some of the time, you get women who respond really well to you, you're going to largely stop caring about having one eye pointing slightly away from the other and you'll just go out and find the girls who don't care either.

I can say on the other hand, too, I've met girls with random weird defects and didn't pay them much mind - scars, birthmarks, etc. - if we otherwise clicked really well. One girlfriend of mine had these really short thumbs that looked more like toes than thumbs. Apparently it ran in her family. But everything else about her was amazing so I didn't really pay attention to it, and neither did any of the scads of men she had constantly chasing after her at all times either.

If the whole package is awesome, many times the individual defects become rather invisible (or at least far less noticeable).


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