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Threesome How-To: Step-by-Step to Get Two Girls

Chase Amante

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As promised in Chase’s announcement 2 weeks ago about the updates on Girls Chase (especially about the new writers), here is my detailed report, from meet to threesome, about a very recent event that I feel deserves to be covered.

Chase mentioned to me high interest in how to get threesomes from some of the readers here. It’s my belief that sharing a detailed lay report on threesomes might not only be an exciting and fun way for me to kick off my series on these, but also very educational, as you can get an overall idea of how you can pull this off. Throughout this report, I will breakdown everything I do, show the stages and explain the overall vibe of the interaction.

threesome how to

This article chronicles events that took place a few weeks ago. I noted down every step in the interaction immediately the morning after while it was all still fresh, though the explanations of “why things are so-and-so” and what works and why I fleshed out later on.

On with the report.

Alek RolstadAbout the Author: Alek Rolstad

Alek Rolstad launched his pickup career at age 14, an early starter and seduction savant. His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation. Sex talk lets the user excite girls rapidly, and filter for girls open to fast, raunchy, kinky one-night stands and sex. You can learn from Alek, the master and originator of sex talk himself, by booking a 1-hour phone consultation with him.



Zac's picture

I actually believe you, though. I have never gone all the way to sex, just simple stuff.

Btw, can you explain again on what you write below? i do not understand, Freja turn cold or what happen really?

"What was funny though, was that I met Katrine and another friend of hers when I was out another night and believe it or not, she was actually ice-cold toward me. Most likely this other friend with her was a friend that she did not want knowing anything about our escapades together... the kind of friend who finds out about this sort of thing, and then everybody in her circle knows, instead of just her and Freja and me. This coldness when around people girl’s are afraid of being “found out” around happens sometimes."


Alek Rolstad's picture

Well I actually have no idea on why she turned Cold. She suddently acted like she didn|t know me or didnt enjoy my prescence. Maybe it is her being ashamed (i.e protecting herself from slut labels - Anti-slut defense) or maybe her mood was bad, or maybe it has turned awkward between her and her friend. I have no idea - but really I don't really give a fuck about it. Instead of analyzing it and trying to understand why some women turns Cold, I rather do something else With time, like Meeting other women.


Damk's picture

She is already cold on you?
If not/yes it's can strengthen you thought that she fear of the other friend to find out about it.

just interesting..

Alek Rolstad's picture

indeed you are probably right. I am so happy you guys are concerned, but really it is not a big deal. I mean shit happens and you can't always control a womans reaction. I have moved on from the second she was cold to me - end of story. I think that is the only thing that matter. Why is not reallt a concern to me because such things doesn't happen that often to me. But yes usually what you are pointing out is the cause.


Zac's picture

Probably she likes you and Freja didn't like that. In her mind, they are best friends, so there's a sort of disconnect. Like polygamy, when a muslim women is asked to share a husband.

I visualize and assume women are program to see two person, Husband and Wife, which is herself, and the reason expectation setting is important is because women need to serve her primary goal which is to mate and reproduce, while also keep supplement that reality of that two person. In essence, she wants a man who gives great sex, and also a provider.

I should go all the way for threesome sex, now that i know it's possible, since i am able to somewhat talk to two women with ease. A bit rusty now to keep up momentum.


lucifer's picture

Maybe you weren't as good as you claim and think to be man.

Ehehe just joking :)

Jeremy's picture

Fantastic article. This is the first time I've understood how to turn a conversation into a sexual one by using storytelling elements--stuff that can be used in more general situations, too. Thank you!

Alek Rolstad's picture

Glad you liked it, as I have spent a lot of time setting this up in the most structured and exciting way as possible.

I always use (or at least in 90% of the cases) use sex talk in my interaction. I believe it is the best way (but no simplest) to set a sexual frame.

As I have a lot of experience in sex talking, you can expect reading more posts concerning this topic in the future (but I am limited to less than 1 article a week) but be patient and cool stuff will appear from me on the blog.

And yes you are comepltly right, almost everything in this post can be used in normal 1-on-1 encounters. Especially the sexual framing thing, is universal. Of course specifique advices concerning threesomes (the principle of equality) is obviously not appliable for standard encouters.


Capital G's picture

Great article! I appreciate your POV writing style. It's a fresh change of pace.

An article in the future on how to communicate sexual openness and sex talk would be a real hit. I see a lot of interactions fumbled due to a lack of comfort moving an interaction sexual, at least from a verbal standpoint.

Looking forward to your next piece!


Alek Rolstad's picture

It will come, just be patient (I know this can be hard). Chase and I are already discussing future posts and this is one of the subjects that will indeed be covered. However you probably understand that we canæt post everything at once. Keep Your eyes open and you might soon find wha you are looking for.


Alek Rolstad's picture

Yes indeed as noted the majority of the material in this post can be Applied in most scenarios. A threesome is basically "normal pick up" + something extra. You have to seduce both Girls (and for that you use standard seduction techniques. Then you need to put tem together and that is where thre threesome aspect comes in. Again you still need to seduce both Girls and it would be impossible to cover a psot concerning threesomes without taking this into consideration.


Alek Rolstad's picture

Obvisouly everything covered in this report that is not directly related to threesomes can be applied in standard 1on 1interactions: i.e everything on "sexual framing", the anti-lmr technique, clothing advices, social momentum, approaching etc...

Obviously, everything that is specific for threesomes is NOT appliable for random 1on1 encounter: i.e. the principle of equality, the threesome routine, talking about threesomes....

Enjoy your read. It is also recommended to read it twice as the post is so big. A lot of information compiled into one single post with real life example!


Jano 342000's picture

Hey Alex,

Great article man well written and highly informative. I've had this kind of sex talk but didn't know how to escalate it properly.

This will help me out tremendously! My only confusion now is how is this used in day game. Let's say I approach a girl on my campus and only have like 10 mins or less to talk with her. Is there anything I should focus on during the initial convo and what should I save for the date?

Right now nightgame is a tough thing for me to go out and do right now so getting a feel foe this during the day would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

Alek Rolstad's picture

Thanks. Glad it was of help.

First of all I am only decent in daygame but not really that good. still I have some experience With it and I have a friend who pulls this of well in daygame.

Sex talk in daygame:
1) I usually when I approach focus on creating rapport and try to walk With her. From there I would instantly try to og for an Instant date. If that doesn't work I would maybe number Close (i hate taking numbers).
2) on the initial approach I would just create rapport, flirt a little and escalate the vibe non-verbally (especially With the use of body Language and eye contact).
3) I would use my usual sex talk stack only when I am on a date With her (which usually is 10 mins after approaching her). the vibe is more fitted and it all beomes less awkward. As the rapport has been created she will feel more ocmfortable about talking about sex With you.

Also keep in mind that in daygame, you need to tone it Down. You can talk about too dirty stuff. Talk about more innocent topics.

To Your case: if you only have 10 minutes (why do you only have 10 mins? can you ask her to come With you and grab a coffee if she seems interested? if she truly can't grab a coffe (or eat or what ever) due to logistical reason (gotta head to class) then take her number, meet up and then and only then you can og Ahead With Your sex talk stuff.


Anonymous's picture

Do your friend post somewhere or who you consider as really good in day game? And of course awesome post - as always :)

Miguel A Cortés's picture

Hey Alex,

I benefited from reading this article, thanks for writing it. You go down to the smallest details and that is good for people new to the game.

It would be awesome if you wrote an article about handling more than two girls. From a social psychology and technical perspective it could be interesting.

You know group pressure could work differently with a larger group and logistics may get trickier. Is this like playing a videogame at higher difficulty?.


Alek Rolstad's picture

Hi. glad you like it.

I don't truly get what you mean With "social psychological" perspective. Could you please elaborate. Thanks man.


Miguel A Cortés's picture

I mean group dynamics. Does a group of women behave in a different way when you have more than two girls.?

Alek Rolstad's picture

Yeah sure, I was thinking about covering the following up in a post concerning threesomes. Obviously the dynamic change when you are dealing with a 3some scenario. Usually it is the confusion the woman experience about wether you are going for the one or the other one that really is unique ti this scenario. But also the potententials of jealousy can come up.

Marty's picture

Alex, there are more lessons on basic interaction and escalation here than I can count. Even if I never find myself in a situation that can potentially lead toward a threesome, there are excellent insights for one-on-one sexual escalation... starting from the very first words you spoke to Katrine. Terrific, thank you! -Marty

Alek Rolstad's picture

cool. more to come man. i will try to Write more posts like this. Maybe not always in forms of lay reports, but maybe taking one scenario and discribing it. Maybe a scneario given by a Reader?


Pablo's picture

Thanks for this article, really liked the detail and writing style( explaining why you do things right after the example). Read the entire article with a smile on my face. Will definitely try this. A quick tip for other readers:

When talking to two girls you can say something like: Okay I think I kind of get you two now, you are more of a bad girl(while looking in the bad girls eyes) and you are more of a good girl(while looking in the good girls eyes). You could be my angel and you could be my devil, When we walk down the street you can both whisper things in my ear and I'll see who's more tempting.*while grabbing both around their waist/neck and walking* (read this once in a book and figured it would fit a threesome frame.) This can be used in all situations where there are 2 girls, not just threesomes.

Alex could have done this for example when he said that Katrine was more delicate (angel) and the other one aggressive (devil).

Looking forward to reading more from you Alex!



Alek Rolstad's picture


Glad to hear you enjoy it.

The "bad girls Vs" the good girl" or "angel vs. the devil" is a really cool routine. I have used it with success in the past. Thanks for sharing :)

But in my case I didnt do that because it would be overkill. A very common mistake beginners do is to overgame a girl - that can kill the tension. A good balance is ideal.

Yes I could have used this routine (good girl vs bad girl) instead of something else - but you know... you gotta go with the flow, and sometimes some things fits better with the situation.

In my case, none of the girls looked truly like a good girl or a bad girl. This makes it harder to use this routine.

Thanks anyway

Andreas Jacobsen 's picture

What a story!

I have never had threesomes before, but this article is, in fact, very inspiring. I like your mindset and the way you create sexual tension, beautiful!

I do think you were pretty lucky with the two girls though... Women being into threesomes is, of course, true but it takes some sexual open-mindedness to engage in a threesome the first night of meeting someone! Also, the girls must be very comfortable around and you and of course extremely attracted to you!

Very inspiring!

Andreas Jacobsen

Alek Rolstad's picture

Andreas Jacobsen,

Yes! my mindset is basically the cause of my results. My views around women have been very inspired by the swinger and gay environment. You won't find anything more sexually genuine and liberated than these environments. It is like the "secret society" in real life.

When it comes to luck - yes of course I was lucky, they lived nearby, they liked me. There will always be an element of luck playing in. The cool thing is that such occasions happens very often - you often meet a girl that is somewhat interested in you, who is sexually liberated. But the question is: how often do men actually get laid from these encounters? that is were skills comes in.

I agree with some of your points and I really disagree with some others.
1) you are right that having threesome reauires a certain amount of sexual openess. But here is the cool thing, most women in the western world are open for it. I even had a threesome in fucking china and thailand. I also almost had one when I was a teenager in Croatia - but being a noob I didnt manage to close it (I chickened out). However, even thought women are open for threesomes, it is very important for them that they find the right guy, a guy that understands and accepts their sexuality - a sexually open man, a man who can fuck properly - a sexually experienced man and a man with sexual confidence.

2) yes comfort is required. That is why you build comfort in order to have a threesome. I did so by talking about sex.

3) The requirement of women being really attracted to me in order to have a threesome - that is bullshit. In fact, if you want to have a threesome, you want to avoid having women being too attracted to you. If they are too attracted you will face a lot more difficulties because they will both be too concerned about getting you for themselves - and there you will face some jealousie drama. Also as you pointed out 3 things are important for threesomes - 1) sexual openess, 2) comfort, 3) horniness. Attraction is not even required to get laid, so why should we even be concerned about it when it comes to threesomes?

Women usually don't have dirty sex with their boyfriends - but they have it with everybody else. Why is it so so much harder to have a threesome with your girfriend than with 2 single girls? that is because the attraction level makes women much more sensible about sharing you with someone else.

Many men believe that in order to get a threesome, huge loads of attraction is needed. This is a huge and common limiting belief about threesomes.


Andreas Jacobsen 's picture

That is a very interesting insight!

So, just to understand you correctly, you are saying that if women are too attracted to you, they will want to have you for themselves, and as such not be as open to "sharing you with other women"?

And horniness, sure! Women love sex, and if the situation is extremely sexual and a sexual fantasy of hers, it doesn't require that much attraction for sex to happen. I never thought about it that away.

Thank you for replying to my comment!

- Andreas

Alek Rolstad's picture


"So, just to understand you correctly, you are saying that if women are too attracted to you, they will want to have you for themselves, and as such not be as open to "sharing you with other women?"

Yes! that is the case. But again it is important to go in dept on what we mean with attraction. I usually split the term into 3 different categories. There are of course many others but let us generalize:

1) Value-based attraction. This is the type of attraction that gets generated from displaying higher value. This has been used a lot by players like "mystery", "style", "PlayboyLA", "Lovedrop" etc. Woman in this case falls for you because you are able to provide social value - everything from status to material goods (status being the most used in the seduction community). The problem here is that horniness is not directly related to value-based attraction, which is why such type of game often causes difficulties such as lmr - as being high value does not always make women horny. The problem here is that a man can only have as much value as he have, which means that if two women has to share a mans social value, there will be less for both - directly if we are talking about material goods, but if we are talking about "status" the man will give less attention to both (because both women has to share it). Also women cannot brag to their friends that they are exclusive to a high value man. Again we see clearly that this type of attraction isn't congruent with threesomes.

2) emotional-based attraction. This is often related to "love" were strong emotional bounds has been formed between you and someone else. Most people relate love (the vague term for it) to monogamy, which definitly doesn't match with bigamy (hence threesomes). Such attraction is also very dependent on strong intimidity and exclusivity. Again not well fitted for threesomes.

3) Sexual attraction. All this is based on is sexuality and horniness (i.e make her want to fuck you only). If a threesome can give every concerned parts a sexual benefit from having a threesome (i.e. they will all find it exciting( then a threesome will happen). This fits well with the idea of a threesome because there are no - or few elements that are incongruent to bigamy and polyamory.

Of course there will very rarely be cases where you will only generate one of these types of attraction as her attraction for you will most likely be a mix of all these. But in my opinion, I avoided making her attracted to me based on my value (however i hate to mention that having SOME social value is still required) and I will do anything in my power to not make her fall in love with me.

Hope this answered your question.


Rico Suave's picture

Alex the only thing I could say is BRAVO!! This is inspiring and truly a masterpiece.

On the other hand at the end of the report you touched a sensitive topic that we have passed thru at least once in our liftime: A girl that turns cold after we got intimate.

I can see your point of view of her being indiferent due the fact she was with another friend and in orther to keep your rendez-vous secretly acted distant. But what happens when you text /call/email a girl or are searching for her privately and she acts cold (knowing that she is single/unattached and had a great night with you). Guess you can write a great article on this matter.
I have been with this gal once and acted cold...then she started searching for me via email...then we got intimate again saying I made her feel special and transmited her peace. And we went for a date the next day...and she acted cold again...

Also I would like to know your perspective about paying for dates, an article that Chase wrote and is a classic on the blog.

Very yours truly
Rico Suave

Alek Rolstad's picture


Girls turning cold have happened to me a dozen of times, but gladly it doesn't happen too often. But it happens and there is not much you can do about it - sadly.

If you want me honest opinion on how to deal with women who turn cold toward you? just next her. Delete her from your mind and move on. why bother dealing with difficult women when you can meet new women who won't give you all this shit.

It is way more exciting in my opinion to meet new women than dealing with coldness. Dealing with coldness is just lame, sucks your energy up. better do something refreshing.

But if you really need to get back to a girl who turns cold (i dont recommend you to, because it is needy - have standards, don't deal with chicks who are negative or give you bad emotions) then i suggest that you fuck her and then have some rapport talking to her right after you've fucked her (make sure the sex is good). get to know each other in bed when you fuck.

Also make sure you compliment on her being sexual. this will avoid making her feel guilty for being promiscuous. Also make sure to communicate that you love woman for their sexually, that you don't judge women for being sexual with me. In my case I fucked them and left right away. I left at around 2.20 or something and i wanted to reach closing time so that I could get more laid - which I did, but unfortunatly the chick I fucked after the threesome was not hot at all - i just wante a "desert"


Anonymous's picture

Hey man, great article. Glad you're apart of the team, thanks! I tried to pull off an orgy yesterday and would love your advice on this.

It was my friend (guy) and I, and we invited two girls over (one of the girls was someone I have taken to bed many times and the other girl was her friend who I have never met). Long story short, we had some drinks, shared some laughs, and after awhile my friend and I were ready to bed both girls; but the problem was the girl who liked me did not want to do it because she would get very jealous if the other girl touched me (which of course, I wanted and would have encouraged and so did her friend). It was very difficult, and I ended up having to secretly meet with the other girl that same night after everyone else left. In the future, how may I convince a girl who may have feelings for me and may get jealous to just go with the moment and be sexually spontaneous?

lucifer's picture

Alex, quick question for you as you said you don't need attraction but only horniness.

Are you tall and/or rather handsome, or at least not ugly?

Steven Farm's picture

You need to learn how to make a girl horny! A guy for example gets horny if he sees a girl who is hot: nice tits, nice ass, feminine walk,... The same happens if a women sees a man who makes her horny. But how? He acts like a man, has his own style, does his own thing and doesn't care about others opinion and most important: He KNOWS what girls like and can give them sexual pleasure!! Women will feel in his presence that that man is different.

Just Saying's picture

I stopped reading when the author mentions you have to dress really good, and then mentions H&M, Zara and Clarks...

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