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New GC Authors, and Searching Articles by Author

Hey fellas,

Quick note on some of our new writers joining the site, plus a better way to search for a specific author's articles.

As I'd hoped the new business model would allow us to do here, we've been able to begin bringing new writers on the team the past few months. The new additions have included Colt, who'd done some writing with GC in the past and is now here on a regular basis, and Peter, a friend of mine who specializes in social circle and kicked off his stint here with a great series on the topic.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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BBJW's picture

Hey Chase,

I'm really excited to see what kind of content these new authors will put out! Anyway, havn't posted in awhile... The story goes like this: in May I asked this girl out and she said yes. the next day she texts me and says her parents don't want her to date until she is older, so our plans will have to wait. Normally I would take this as an excuse, but I really liked this girl and I know her parents, who are rather strict. Anyway we texted a few times but whenever I asked her if she wanted to hangout she had some sort of excuse. Eventually I decide that she must not really want to go out with me and start to move on... Even though we used to be friends, now we go to different schools, so I havn't seen her in person since I asked her out, and havn't texted her in over a month. Anyway, today she texts me (she very rarely initiated communication in the past) and we had a nice talk. Do you think she might be into me? If so should i try to pursue a relationship without her parents consent? ( she is "old enough" 4 months trom today). Theres kinda another girl too, but I won't get into that today :P.

Awkward and Confused in High School,

Chase Amante's picture


If she liked you, she'd find a way to see you - not excuses not to see you. It's difficult to convert friends into lovers - while men tend to fall in love with their female friends quite often, women go more for the men they hardly know, and view their male friends as platonic / asexual. See "The Secret to Hooking Up with Friends" and "Just Friends: A Man's Worst Nightmare."

Since you're out of contact, don't see each other, and she appears to have more excuses than interest, I'd move on to more promising prospects.


Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase,

I'm not entirely where I should post this so I'll just put it here.

I was wondering what to do if you have friends who ruin your chances with girls. For example I was at a party not long ago and found this cute girl, we started talking, all was good and then my friends saw me talking to her and they got really immature essentially destroying my chances. Now I understand that 1. party pickups aren't the best and 2. make sure they don't come but sometimes it's not possible.
It'd be great to know what to do.


Chase Amante's picture


Only thing to do with friends like these is quit being friends with them, or change your expectations around them. You can't change people - people are who they are, and they're going to do what they're going to do. And if they don't respect you enough to stay out of your business, that's part of who they are - they're the kinds of people who get off on making other people less happy / successful.

If you can't stop being friends with them, just accept that you're not realistically going to be able to meet women around them, and don't go anywhere with them that you intend to meet women, and don't intend to meet women when you go anywhere with them.


Reader's picture

Cody is awesome. Can't wait for his articles. What about Ricardus? His articles were really really great.

Capital G's picture



Chase Amante's picture


Ricardus launched his own English language-learning business last autumn, and that's kept him busy enough (and well-paid enough) that he gave up his duties writing here.

However, he does still handle email and phone coaching (here and here, respectively), so he's not completely gone!


Alek Rolstad's picture

Yo chase. Just so you know, "TheCostOfSuccess's" nickname is "Cosy" and not "Cody". Just pointing this out. At least that is what we have called him since 07 ;)


Chase Amante's picture


I know! Cosy's the abbreviated form of his old handle "Cost of Success"; Cody's what he'll be known as here though. Don't worry, I didn't slip and hit the key to the right of "s" by accident ;)


Anonymous's picture

I'm really excited about seeing Girls Chase get some new authors and read about some new perspectives on dating and pickup.

By the way, when will Ricardus begin writing some more articles?

I really enjoyed reading his articles, any idea on when Ricardus will begin posting on this site again Chase?

Chase Amante's picture


Ricardus has wrapped up his tenure with Girls Chase for the foreseeable future, due to his success at launching his own business. However, he is still available for coaching (see the comment earlier in the comments section on this article).


The M's picture

Thanks for adding this in, Chase! It works great.

I have some questions for possible new article topics.

-Street savvy: how to be that guy who always seems to have the insider edge on everything? Who has that unique game changing piece of info? Who knows how to work the system? And who has a network of friends and coworkers who help each other out with these sorts of things?

-Cunning: how to be shrewd and opportunistic? How to never be gullible and always get the best deal?

-Skepticism: how to be brutally honest about when you (or someone else) are wasting time and effort or going about something ineffectively, even if that's how people traditionally do it? How to be skeptical of authority and how they tell you to go about things?

These are all essentially expansions of the most practical Byronic traits, so should be useful - at least when used in moderation and combined with everything else on this site - in both life and seduction.


Chase Amante's picture


Duly noted on these. I'm re-reading The Prince by Machiavelli, and your requests here dovetail with some topics I'm thinking about and turning over writing on - you might see something on these soon!


The M's picture

Very cool, I was just reading that a while ago!

Actually, the whole "dark triad" - narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy - might be a good topic, too.


Anonymous's picture

Where the hell is Ross Leon?

Franco Lombardi's picture


While being a writer for GirlsChase, Ross is also a very active member on the GirlsChase Forum. If you're looking for more content by him, then searching for posts on the boards made by him might be a good way to do it.

Just a heads up!

- Franco

Ross Leon's picture

As Franco said, you can check out my forum profile if you want to read some of my material and opinions. I was quite actively helping others during the summer, but recently have become swamped with an accelerated school program, managing my own business, and a social life, among other interests.

The new authors have more experience and success with writing and women than I do. More of a polished, all-star cast if you will ;].

Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase, really thankful for this site, very helpful.

I have a question though, about flaking.

There is this girl i have been chasing for around 2months.. We started on Facebook and we moved about a month later onto Phones.
Now i asked her a few times on facebook and a few more times over the phone to meet up with me and all she answers is " I don`t know, i don`t have much time, etc".
Now this girl is out of town but she studied here, and over the summer she is working with her parents and maybe is busy.
But here is the deal, i know she likes me. She even stated that a couple of times telling me " I like your profile picture, i like the way you think, etc" Stuff like that.

What bothers me is this:
I asked her a total of 6-7 times ( chasing hard yeah i know ) and everytime she says that she is either busy or can`t come to town ( maybe she hates this town as much as i do but that does no matter ).
Now i have a hunch that she wants to take things slow and make me her boyfriend - which is totally fine, she even stated a couple of time that she is in no rush and won`t go anywhere..

The thing is the following:
I asked her 6-7 times, she said she is busy/can`t come to town. But one day she called me and told me she will be in town that day, but did not ask me out, waited for me to ask her, which i did.
We agreed to meet up, but she flakes, with me replying that it is no big deal.

Now, there was no bitterness on my end over all the two months ( why should there be ), i did almost everything by the book, by reading this site and still can`t get her out with me.

Next thing, we talked about 11 mins, healthy, good intelligent conversation, last friday and asked her to come this weekend and she said if she comes she`ll call. She didn`t.
So i found out that today she was getting her graduation, and she had to come to town, and i called her, without asking if she comes.
She said she was in town for her graduation and i asked her if she was available before or after. She again flaked stating she will go home right after it, and she can`t before it because she is with a friend.

I tried insisting, no reward.
Now i said the following: "Okay honey, but you are making me feel very uncomfortable, i have already asked you 6-7 times and all those times you said no".
She said she really could not have come and then i said this: "okay, let me ask you this, do you like me?" She was a bit confused and said " i don`t know, i can`t tell that right now", and then i continued: " well lets say you like me
and i like you too, so what is that stops us from going out together, to have some fun?"
And then she said that she was busy again, and that when the time comes and she is free, that she will CALL ME. She said that she enjoyed talking to me and that she wants to meet me, but she is genuinely busy..
And then i left it at that, for her to make the next move.

Now at this point i am confused.. She likes me, but flakes me..

How should i proceed?

I am thinking of going off the grid for a while, flaking her, acting aloof and disinterested even rejecting her proposal if it comes to that ??

What would you say is the best strategy at this point, and what do you make out of all of this ??

Thanks again.

Chase Amante's picture


She seems to prefer keeping you in the backup role - she doesn't necessarily want to date you, at least right now, but it's nice knowing that you're around and you're interested if she needs you or things fall through with whatever guy(s) she IS gunning for right now.

I'd suggest these articles:


Anonymous18's picture

Hey Chase,

Got a quick question for you: Im still in high school (unfortunately) but my GF isnt and she is now living in my town by herself. And she and i both would love to enjoy the opportunity to be with eachother quite often. but much to our dismay my parents (knowing that she is alone and possibly waiting for me) will not allow me to do anything with her now. Im afraid that if i don't get with her that she will move on quickly and i don't want to lose her. Help?

Your friend - still in high school and patiently waiting.

Chase Amante's picture


This is one I wouldn't feel comfortable giving you straight advice on, because I haven't had to deal with it. My parents weren't super strict - my folks bought me alcohol for college, and their advice when I was living at home and would go to the occasional party was, "If you drink too much, just stay over there, we don't want you driving home drunk." I know they would've been a lot happier if I HAD a girlfriend in high school.

I'd personally be defiant in your position and stand up to my folks and challenge them back: "Too bad, I'm going." But then, I don't know your family dynamics / what kind of punishment your folks might resort to / if you may not even want to challenge your parents for whatever strict reason.

Challenging them may land you in a debate where each of you can properly flesh out your sides: they can tell you why they think it's wrong for you at your age to have sex, and you can tell them how damaging you think it is for you to pass up the chance to become a man and maybe get stuck in a prolonged boyhood with lowered confidence and lowered life prospects. If it's something you strongly believe in, they may loosen the reins.


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