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Girls Who are New in Town are Easier

Chase Amante

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new girl in town
The girl who’s new to town is easier to chat up, get dates with, sleep with, and make your girlfriend. But why? It’s down to social rank and newcomer identity.

Wherever you look, the ‘new girl in town’ phenomenon is in evidence. Specifically, the ‘new girl in town is easy’ phenomenon:

  • Female university students are easier to bed in their first two semesters in school than at any other time in their college careers

  • The new intern at work is far and away easier to bed than the girl you’ve worked with for the past two years

  • Girls who’ve just joined an online dating platform are significantly easier to score meet ups with than women who’ve been on there three plus months

  • Girls you meet at bars or the gym or salsa class who’ve just moved to town are easier to sleep with and date than girls who’ve been there a year or longer

  • Women who are fresh off the boat (FOB) from a foreign country are way easier to bed than foreign-born women who’ve been in your country three or four years

The first few times you hook up with a girl who’s new – in school, at work, in town, in your country, or in any scene – you might assume it’s a fluke. But when it starts to happen again and again, you can begin to wonder something else: could it be that women who are new to the scene are easier in general?

As it turns out, they are.

We’re going to talk a bit about why. And then we’ll talk about where to find women who are freshly arrived (for all your dating and mating purposes).

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Sz's picture

Chase, there are countless stories of bad things happening to guys who go out on dates with girls from online, shit, even girls they pick up off the street. I heard these can be hoodrats to upper class girls, shits scary as fuck.

Just heard 2 new stories in the past month about guys meeting their fate with these girls, then others have commented about their stories about girls setting them up. They even tried to give tips, but when you think about it, whether it's your place, her place, a hotel, motel, etc. Shit happens, they try to get dudes on you anywhere you go.

How can we be safe against this? I'm so paranoid.

Chase Amante's picture


Read this article (or reread it):

How to Be Street Smart & Handle Life-Threatening Situations

Works the same way in dating. Look out for both situations where you get a bad feeling, and those where it feels too smooth and something seems unnatural.

Also read this one:

How to Avoid and Deal with False Rape Accusations

The 'too easy', 'too smooth', 'there must be a catch' feeling is the biggest signal though. Or girls who are extremely aggressive. As soon as you get that feeling, find out what the catch is.


Sz's picture

Do you think its worth it to make a YouTube channel Chase?

You're pretty much exposing your whole life to people all over the internet and they could see your success and your failure.

Some channels you can not reveal too much, but the fastest growing ones people vlog, and do personal stuff showing their face.

These people make so much money, like 50k and up a month, I've witnessed a few people lives changing right before my eyes, it was amazing. They were so broke, then after a few months, they're buying cars, houses etc. I don't care if it's rented, they can afford to do it.

It's so tempting to watch, but these guys vlog all day and tell their fans a lot about themselves, and it just seems too much info you're putting out there if yourself, makes you very venerable in my opinion.

But it's so tempting, just seeing it, going from broke to making 50k a month or more, Being your own boss, and it seems to be the easiest way to start a business because you don't have to pay for anything and can start right away.

it's just that you have to really put yourself out there for the world to see and to criticize your every move, your life is kind of under a microscope. I do see it, people always talk shit about you, people in the comments talk shit bout you, people coming out the woodwork from your past to talk shit about you.

But it's like you can change your whole life and you could even use the money to start other businesses.

I'm hesitant because I'm very private, and I said I have a video of sparring I don't want to have on there in case I get famous.

I'm asking you this because I'm sure you have your cons to this, so I'm curious.

1. How do you feel about this? Is putting yourself out there on YouTube like that worth your privacy? If you're making money like that?

2. How would you get girls if you get "famous" on YouTube? You can't just go out and do stuff undercover any more, you're known now. How would you still be able to sleep with girls without spending money and just using skills off this site?

3. Do you think YouTube has an age limit of success? The kids in the comments section always talk shit about older YouTubers, even people in their 20s, the main audience of YouTube seem to be teens and younger.

Do you think there's a way to overcome that and succeed?

Maybe if you look young and are in shape with a great personality ?

4. I think I asked you this before about my sparring video, I think you said to make another one of me doing better? If so cool, you have any other options for that? People judge you so much on there, so I don't have any ideas on how to handle that stuff, I don't want that to ruin my image. I want to look like a winner because I am one.

5. And how could I deal with all of the confrontations from other youtubers and hating comments?

(I ask because I know you're an online presence that has to deal with some hate from time to time)

My biggest problem is the sparring video, it makes me hesitant as shit, but I'll try to fix that soon.


Alexander Abraham's picture

I stumbled on this about a year ago. At first it was kind of depressing because I would go to swing dance places and people wouldn't stick around for long. So I would basically have to help teach EVERY time I went, when all I wanted to do was dance lmao.

Then I decided to only go to certain places for women while others, like ballroom, would be for the actual fun of dancing by itself. Now I have a lot more fun dancing either one lol.

Loved the accompanying email that came out today with this article too! Both have given me some ideas to work with when the weather heats up a little.

Chase Amante's picture


So I would basically have to help teach EVERY time I went, when all I wanted to do was dance lmao.

Oh, that's funny. Glad you have some alternative ways to approach those high turnover opportunities now :)


Lawliet's picture

Hey Chase,

What if their understanding with English is an issue?
How do you get around this?

Since you travel a lot,
A story to illustrate every detail on how you did it in a toughy would be great!
I tried it once with hand signals, and yeah it wasn't too great.
It also made me no longer have sexy vibe because I was too busy worrying how to convey whatever it was instead of flirting haha!

Re: Your STD prevention by "Do not shave pubes"
You don't do it; neither do you tell her to do it.

So I'm just curious,
How exactly do we do oral sex for her or get some good ol' BJ and C, if that hair is going in the mouth?

Or how do we put condom on when it's a freaking bush?

I'm guessing you keep the hair but to a certain length, in which I ask, how long?

Re: More on eye game

When they stare and look away
I assume it's interest

But how do you react in these situations in terms of flirtation?

Right now, I look, they look away, I break, and then it feels like we never connect eyes for her to see my flirty eye look XD

And any other details useful for eye game, or rule of thumbs would be great

Lawliet - the detail oriented guy XD...when it's never too much details....(blush)

Chase Amante's picture


Girls who speak little/no English are the best. Zero fluff - it's just "Is this happening or isn't it?"

That said, I suppose if you're still sorting out the getting-to-sex part, these girls would be an impossible pain in the ass. Because you can't communicate with them, other than some basic conversation and silly/light teasing with hand signals and 5-year-old humor. Maybe save them for when you're a little further along? Or just try to lead things toward the bedroom and see what you learn from it.

My main article on this is here:

How exactly do we do oral sex for her or get some good ol' BJ and C, if that hair is going in the mouth?

Same way you do if there is no hair there.

Just use your fingers to hold her hair away. If a hair or two gets in your mouth, it's not the end of the world. Her clitoris, labia, and vaginal juices are also going into your mouth.

As for her giving you a blow job, well, most of your hair is on your scrotum, not your cock. And if a girl won't blow you because you have hair on your cock... she's a weird person. I have never had a girl refuse to blow me because I had a hairy cock. Cocks are hairy. If she sucks cock, she's used to it (or, a weird person).

Or how do we put condom on when it's a freaking bush?

This doesn't impact condom use.

I'm guessing you keep the hair but to a certain length, in which I ask, how long?

Whatever length you like. Humans have been shagging with full length pubic hair since before they were humans. The only men I know who trim their pubic hair are either porn actors, or men who watch porn actors. Not really sure why you would do this otherwise unless there are, like, a lot of chicks with crabs in your town... :)

When they stare and look away
I assume it's interest

But how do you react in these situations in terms of flirtation?

Right now, I look, they look away, I break, and then it feels like we never connect eyes for her to see my flirty eye look XD

If she breaks eye contact and does not look again, usually that means she is not interested.

The exception can be if she is shy... though you will see other signs. e.g., she moves close to you and almost looks at you, but doesn't. Then almost looks at you again, then doesn't. Then starts to play with her hair. Etc.


Anonymous 's picture

Hi Chase,

I've always had a big problem with getting laid. I always could, and still do attract girls (numbers, kisses, flirting, touching, even over to my house)

But getting laid always was extremely hard, even back in my teens, girls would always give me lmr, or we would just talk on the phone and never meet.

I've been practicing since my teens, and while it's gotten a little better, it's still the same.

I feel my only problem is that I don't know how to get most girls wanting to have sex with me. I've tried many things, but it is a problem that has to be solved.

I've actually have gone a little crazy, not getting laid consistently, it has caused me to kind of give up hope and just beat off. I've become somewhat hopeless and the thought of courting more women with a low chance of sleeping with them feels very daunting.

What do you think could be the thing I'm missing that I can start getting some lays ?

That's literally the only thing I'm missing, making girls want to get fucked by me.

Thank you Chase.

Chase Amante's picture


I have a massive trouble-shooting article on this that covers all the potential reasons for why anything in a man's approach (from open to close) don't work.

Give it a look and see if you can figure out what your issue(s) is/are:


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