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The Low Testosterone, No Girls Funk

Chase Amante

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low testosterone funk
Ever find yourself in a funk, where nothing you did with girls worked out? Sometimes it’s random. But sometimes it’s testosterone.

One of our more senior forum members, named Lao Che, has run into problems getting girls. Lao Che’s in his early 40s, travels often, and was until recently a regular hound dog. But then things fell off. He describes it as “I got old really fast.” He had a few relationships end poorly six months ago, and since then women won’t go beyond flirtation with him.

For years, Lao Che posted one lay report after another on the GC boards, often picking up girls the same night out of bars or sucking them into his world over a couple of dates and bedding them with ease. What happened?

I don’t know if it’s exactly his scenario (would need a few more details), but I suspect it is: most of the time when I see guys have total results reversals like this – where they go from lots of success with women, to no success with women – it’s a testosterone problem.

Testosterone problem? What’s that? What’s the cause... and why would getting T-levels flowing again after they’ve ebbed way down bring your results back up with women, too?

That’s the topic of today’s article: the low-T funk, what it looks like, how to identify it, and how to get back out of it. Don’t worry. I’m not going to give you any magic T-level rising potions to consume. But we will be talking ‘man stuff. If your T-levels are off, this is the stuff we’re going to get you doing to bring those levels back up.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.



Testosteroneopt's picture

Amazing article as always Chase!

So I've been running into this loop that I can't get out of,I've never truly had problems getting girls to like me even before finding the pua advice but i keep having bad periods in my life, wether it's financial problems or health issues maybe even lack of good social activity it seems to put me in this depressive-ish low testosterone state which hinders my social skills wether its with women, other men, leadership or making good first impressions and the only way to get out of it is to do well on the forementioned skills which isn't really possible when you're feeling like trash.
What would be a good way to get out of this situation or is it better to just push through and hope things start changing.

Thanks in advance.

Chase Amante's picture


How bad's the drop - could it be manic-depression? I've had friends who had this... they do phenomenal with women when moving into manic. And then just slump into this deep, listless, hopeless funk when the depression takes them.

Even if not that though, pretty much everyone I know goes in cycles. You'll go in cycles on almost everything. Anything you do you'll probably have periods where you're breaking through and getting a lot done, and other periods where you're backsliding a bit or just maintaining.

I've personally taken to using my low periods to focus on study. Read more books, take classes in things I want to learn, get coaching from guys who are better at me in some field. That way I'm still using this less active time productively and adding knowledge and skill sets I can cement with action once I shift back into productive mode.

Another thing I have found is that by taking on a few easy study items and a few easy win items, I'm able to start ramping back up. I've had a lot of good success using Pimsleur language courses to get myself productive again, for instance. I think it's just because they're well designed to let you see the progress you're making, which gives you wins and gets you into that "making stuff happen" mentality. I also noticed certain video games have effects. Like, if I play a real-time strategy game, it makes me very lazy and knocks me out of productive mode. On the other hand, if I play Fallout 1 or 2, I get all energized and go on a skill-building tear in real life and get all excited about life again. I've used these games a few times over the years to get myself more productive again.

But yeah, my top recommendation would be to focus on studying and building up a launchpad during those low periods. Then when you shift back into gear, you're able to take all the new stuff you've added... and run with it. Or you may find you have some thing you can study (like Pimsleur) or play (like Fallout 1/2) that has easy wins built in, and that lets you shift back into productive mode too. Those are worth looking for.


Collateral's picture

As I am trying o improve my facial expressions, I noticed many of the ladies men around me have a kind of sparkle in their eyes, a sense of aliveness. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly it is but it seems entirely internal. Their eyes have a special glow, kind of like James Dean's eyes, if that makes it any clearer. This alone makes them way more charismatic than the average,

Any idea how to reach that? Some people have it but some no.

Chase Amante's picture


Check out this article... I think this should give you what you're after (or at least start you on the road there):

The Look: Make Your Eye Contact Piercing


Ing's picture

There was a study done which showed that after ejaculation your androgen receptors become numb somewhat.

After a couple of days they become more sensitive to testosterone which is why you feel hornier after days without ejaculation. It can also be why men feel "manlier" after not wacking it for awhile.

As for the running a few miles a day thing. How many high T men do you know who regularly run long distance? If you do a bit of research you'll find studies pointing to lower levels of testosterone and chronically high levels of cortisol(stress) in men who regularly run long distance.

If you're going to do cardio, choose something that's HIT like sprinting, both your hormones and joints will thank you.

Chase Amante's picture


Thank you for the correction. I do recall hearing that long distance running lowers testosterone. My mistake then - just fixed.


Vegeta's picture

Reminds me a lot of this video. Essentially the same ideas but presented in a different manner. Anyone reading should check it out if you've got the time

Old Guy's picture

Zinc moves your body's core sterol building blocks into Testosterone... otherwise it goes to ESTROGEN

If theres one thing i know about its TESTOSTERONE's picture

I have competed in the USAPL,
Powerlifting is all about Hormone manipulation and strength,
albeit im in my 20's any one can use a boost in T heres how to from a seasoned strength enthusiast, from most important to least.

1. FAT, lose the weight, having fat on your body produces more estropgen, further weakening testosterones effect.

2. Vitamin D, vitamin D is a hormone precurser, regular levles of vitamin D is linked to normalized Testosterone (or higher) levels. Sunlight, supplmentation, w/e.. do it you need it (sunlight exposure has a masculinizing effect on the body part) Your balls have Vitamin D receptors in them.

3. Eat a balanced diet, simply eating lgihtly fried eggs and oatmeal has testosterone boosting compounds, Greens, protien, fat. Fats and cholesterols are used to make Test in your body.

4. 20 min of intense-non-stop excersize every day (has been shown to increase blood serum testosterone lvls), I have
3 workouts everyday but I'm a strength athlete. the key here is to be active, dont sit for more than 4 hours a day.

4. Exogenous Testosterone, is the king of all testosterone boosting habits, if your a older guy you can ask a special doctor and he will help, if your younger you can simply find drug dealers that sell good steroids, i stick with plain old testosterone but, when I compete I'll take a shot of Deca-durabolin, or Trenbolone, This is the best way too boost test levels, side effects are non-exsistent I dont know any one who has a problem with test, if you want to have kids you'll have to come off your cycles though) 10/10 I would recommend a steroid hormone to any one looking for a boost.I left it for the end becuase you needt to get your health in check first, there are some side effect but they are managed with other stuff (research). Test increases your aggression, sexual vitality, strenght, muscle mass, and confidence, life is just plain awsome when your test levls are high.

5. vitamins will boost your T levels..

In conclusion you need to lose fat, eat healthy, get vitamin D, resistance train (long distance running lowers T. < 3 miles), and if your looking for very powerful results get some Testosterone injections.

Chase Amante's picture

Fantastic tips, man. Thanks for posting these.


SZ's picture

I see you stay 40s is not old from the boards, I love your positivity, or maybe it's just facts!

1. I looked at that website you told me to look at for energy, but I really couldn't find what he was talking about, I'll read some more, but in the mean time. What do you do everyday for energy or a pick me up? Or are you just natural?

2. How to avoid e.d. when you get older ? I see you say that 40s isn't old, but I always hear dues get e.d. in their 40s, is that if you stop lifting weights or something?

3. Like I said before I love that you said 40s wasn't old. I'm still tripping about 30s being old. Anyway, how do you feel about 30s Chase? I just go by what I'm around and what people tell me, which is that 30s is old, need to have a family, if not you're having a mid-life crisis, etc. I try to ignore it, but I do not hear anyone say anything positive at all ever. They make it sound so boring, and no fun at all.

4. I'm never satisfied with anything and I want to. I can tell this is going to happen because it has before when I was younger. When I start sleeping with a lot of girls, I'm going to feel it's because I'm older, because I have muscle, etc. It feels like now I'm getting it because I'm older, but I'm mad because I didn't get it when I was younger and didn't have those things. I want to stop that shit.

5. About the clubs we talked about before. Literally every club I looked up and spoke to people about is hood is hell. Should I still go solo?


SZ's picture

On question 4 I made a mistake, what I meant by getting girls easier because I'm older, I meant more experienced and well off.

On 5 I also meant that every club is hood as hell out here, the hood guys also go to the non hood spots and make it hood as well, so there's no way to really avoid it.

I also wanted to know is there anyway to avoid a mid life crisis really? Am I having one? I feel like I am, I hope not. I feel like I just want to live my life how I want to.

Some people talk about you having a family even in your early 20s. Things don't always go as planned, a dude that was married when he was in his 20s now wants to go out and mingle and club because he never had the chance before, but people would consider that a midlife crisis.

People say that you should not get that expensive sports car or go on many vacations and such in your 20s because you'll get debt, so get the sports car when you're older, but then when you get your sports car, then people say you have a mid life crisis.

People really expect others to have everything handled in their 20s. Like everyone has the same life. Some people don't get to the level they want to until later, and they get critiqued by the masses?

I honestly don't give fuck about what anyone does, I guess that makes me special and different. I have seen multiple old men in clubs trying to get it in with young chicks. The only thing I laugh about is their dance moves, but other than that I don't care, let them do whatever they want.

It's like people always want to judge someone, and most people that pretend to have their shit together really don't.

People just want you to be out of shape, married with kids, paying all of the bills, hoping your marriage will last, all by the middle of your 20s. Are you fuckin serious ?

Anyway, I don't like the idea of everybody putting a limit on what you want to do and you only have a short time to do it.

P.s. I have also noticed a few females are commenting here, some good, but a few that are bashing the advice. Why can't they stay their ass over at cosmopolitan, i dont even know how they even find this site. I really don't like this, do you think this will mess up the advice here if chicks are coming here.

Chase Amante's picture


I don't do anything to boost energy... I just look for stuff that sucks away energy and cut it out or limit. Like reading the news, for instance - that can really suck your energy. So often I'll limit myself to one day a week for that (pretty easy to catch up on everything of any significance in one day). Or dealing with stuff that's potentially headache-inducing... I'll do that later in the day, or somewhere noisy where it won't get to me as much (e.g., answering email in a noisy café vs. my office or hotel room).

Old age erectile dysfunction seems to be mostly blood flow related. Which in turn seems to largely be obesity related. Keep the pounds off and this risk is much reduced. Exercise (and in particular weight-lifting) seems to have a big impact in getting rid of E.D. too. There's also the buildup of plaque in arteries that can cause problems (which may need medications or stents to correct). And of course psychological issues can still affect guys (I talked about those in my article on staying hard).

On age, I mean... no one I am around thinks 30 or 40 or 50 is old. I don't know any entrepreneurs who think this way, and almost anyone I am friends with in any close capacity at this point is an entrepreneur. Maybe I'm not a good person to ask though. If you're a business owner, you're always working toward greater and greater things. So at 70-something you're likely still very active, still energetic, still building and doing and accomplishing, and still not feeling old. And nobody treats you like you're old. But if you're working a regular job, where you trade time for money, and your prospects are limited, then yeah, you're going to feel old at any age. I can say for certain I knew plenty of worn out, ancient 25-year-olds when I worked in retail. It was one of the reasons I opted to go to college; didn't know what I'd do, but I knew I didn't want to become a geriatric 20-something working retail.

On being mad you didn't get something when younger... it's not something I've dealt with too much myself. Sounds like time orientation. I'm 99% certain you're past-focused. I guess my advice there would be to try to move to a future-orientation, but I'm not an expert at switching time orientations. Check out my article on time orientation and maybe post something on the boards - I'm sure there are other guys who've dealt with this and know a lot more about it than I do.

Re: hood clubs... depends on what you want. If you don't like hood rats, then yeah, go somewhere else. If you're cool with hood rats then it's all good, right? Just fine the most chill of the hood venues - every place is a little bit different. Some of them are going to be better for picking up at than others.

Re: mid-life crisis, that's a good/funny observation... "Don't buy a sports car in your 20s, it'll put you in debt; look at that guy buying a sports car in his 40s, he's having a mid-life crisis!" I don't really know if you're having a mid-life crisis, but if you are, it looks like the crisis has been ongoing the past 3 or 4 years because nothing changes with you. Looks more like it's just kinda your default resting state of worry, fear of the future, regret for the past, and fantasizing without action to me.

Re: female commenters, we're pretty strict on comments. Well-thought out critiques are always posted. But when people write emotional diatribes we delete those comments. There are a few articles we except from that rule (like the "pay for a date" one or the "quit dating girls who club and drink" one), so you might've seen some negative opinions on those. But most of the articles we won't let people vent or attack on since it's not helpful.


Alessandro's picture

Hi Chase.

I've read your interesting articles about flakes and giving her "the ball".

In your previous reply, you basically say that teasing about flakes is not a good strategy.
My question is: if a girl you have been interacting with for months (without having the chance to hit on her - long story) has an incorrect behaviour towards you, can you punish this behaviour without appearing needy?

If a girl doesn't reply after a proposal by me, I, sometimes, wear a paternal mask and say: "Oh no, little [nickname], my message has clearly left you speachless and worried :) Don't be scared: we won't do what I have suggested..."

Flakes mean that she doesn't want to invest (comply), so probably the key is reducing the request.

What do you think?

Chase Amante's picture


Well, think of teasing as a reward. You are being playful with her, giving her good, fun emotions, and showing her you care about this connection.

It is good to flirt and tease when women are behaving in a way helpful to the courtship. When they are behaving badly and you flirt or tease, what you are telling them is, "Keep doing this, and I will reward you more."

So I don't typically recommend you do this with girls who are flakey. The only time I might recommend it is in a text where you'd otherwise be too low attainability... like a "ball's in your court" text. You can tease her a bit and let her know to get back in touch with you when her schedule frees up a bit, and give her a little winking smiley ;) ... And she won't know if you're teasing her for being evasive or not, but it takes the edge off the command you've given her, and the fact that you aren't going to text her anymore until she texts you.

Otherwise, my advice is to avoid teasing girls who flake on you. Save the teasing for when you get them in person... once they've made it back up to you for their flaking, of course!


Alessandro's picture

Thank you for your reply, Chase.

Everything makes sense. However, my example had something lost in translation: in Italian my sentence sounded like nice teasing, but there was also hidden criticism which is not evident in the English version.

At the end, that girl likes me, but now she is with her boyfriend again, so I've let her go.

Now, as I wrote in a recent comment, I am establishing a good online connection with an Italian showgirl, who appears in tv programs, but my scarce economical resources and lifestyle probably will put me out of the game soon.

LostAPoint's picture

Chase, how do you deal with the moments where it seems that there's purely no more point to bachelor and it's far easier to settle down. Especially for guys who had their fair share of lays and don't see a real point to go with more.

Chase Amante's picture


Usually, by looking for a top-notch girl who both excites you and fulfills your logical mate criteria, and wifing her up.

This is not an unusual thing. It is the normal human process almost every man (and woman) goes through. There is a period of exploration in youth, where you resist being shackled down while you familiarize yourself with what your various options are. Then once you've sampled enough to build a kind of mental map of what's available to you, you switch over into "I don't need more data; now I just want to grab a girl."

Also worth noting it isn't always a permanent thing. Some guys will settle into a monogamous relationship with a girlfriend long-term, but end the relationship at some point and go back to being single. Other guys marry these girls, or move in with them, or have children with them. Seems to be more about where the guy is at that point in his life than anything else. I haven't noticed too much difference between some of my buddies' prior long-term girlfriends they broke up with vs. the girls they ended up marrying or having children with. For a while you kind of scratch your head and go, "Why that girl? Why not the previous one? They were both pretty much the same, weren't they? And the prior one might even have been a little cuter..."

Might want to check out this article, if you haven't yet:

Why People Settle Down: The 3-Step Settling Curve

It happens to almost everyone... and while in the past we all would've known this, there's a weird thing in the West where we don't educate people on what to expect as they go through life anymore, so everyone ends up 'surprised' by normal human life stages. Best thing to do is know what the stages are, and prepare for them ahead of time - gives you the best outcomes when it's time to change things up.


LostAPoint's picture

Chase, yeah, I know that theory of yours. It makes a lot of sense, but you're different, you still go with it and don't settle. What do YOU do to stay on track and maintain your hunger, while not slipping to marriage?

Motiv's picture

While I respect Chase, I also realize he may not have the time/energy to reply to everyone…

That said, my subject should answer your question. As burning a desire as I myself have to settle, I cannot… my mind fluctuates, and the desire to explore overtakes that to settle down. Make no mistake: one's desire to settle can be very strong. You must decide for yourself which desire wins out.


She enters your world… not the other way around.
Tweak your way to greatness.

Witcher's picture


So when you say to move away from girls, you mean just pick up or most interaction with them? The later one can be a little hard in most places, and work environement.

Prodigalson's picture

Thank you Chase. This article really hit me. I had great success in 2016 and come the new year a few events in my life led to a horrible dry spell (still going) and now I will follow your advice by building back up my life. I'll post back in hopefully 45 days to let you know how things are going.

Tycho's picture

Awesome article that really touched on what I’ve been going thru.

So this summer I was fired from my job and had a really bad falling out with a girl I really liked and invested a lot of effort in (I was way too emotionally invested). This sent me into a DEEP funk. So I’ve been hitting the gym, working on my fundamentals, and just getting my head straight and work life in order. It was also during this time that I came across this site, which has been incredibly helpful.

So recently I decided to start seeing women again - and I’ve had good success, sleeping with both dates I went on and laying groundwork for others. However, I wasn’t really feeling it. I’m not really feeling it at all actually. Infact, I’m not even finding women to be nearly as attractive as I used to. It’s like I’m bored and I’ve lost the sensation seeking mentality (which terrifies me). Is this a temporary thing from my traumatic summer, or is it my natural age catching up to me 39? I want to go back to seeing women as the beautiful creatures they are, and get excited when I bed them. Perhaps a higher selection criteria is in order? Or maybe a short time of celibacy would do the trick?

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