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Bitches Be Crazy (Or, Why Women Love Strong Men)

Chase Amante

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Chapter I – The Role of Evolution

When it comes to theories about the sexual behavior and choices of women, it’s good to keep in mind that these are theories and not absolute truth.

As Eckhart Tolle says, this knowledge should properly be viewed as signposts along your journey in life, and not necessarily a rigid, dogmatic morality. Theories can be valid and extremely useful in helping us create models of the world.

bitches be crazy

After having sex with over 100 women as I have, and having had platonic relationships with hundreds more, you can see how patterns of behavior fit together, and how female psychology becomes largely predictable – as Franco my co-author describes it – with mathematical precision!

Joseph W. SouthAbout the Author: Joseph W. South

Joseph South is a talented seducer who only discovered his abilities with women after his first marriage failed. He teaches men to understand the female mind, and helps them get past their own reservations about hooking up with cute girls.


Anonymous's picture

Not all women become antagonistic or disinterested when a man presents problems and/or weakness...women that are more grounded in reality understand that sometimes the going gets tough. I grew up outside of America in the Caribbean, so my mental model around women came from what I observed in my environment. And what I observed was that if a woman actually cared about/loved a man, no matter what problems he shared, she typically would be there for him, offer support, basically be ride or die. Basically her behavior would dictate the level of care she had...if she knew her man had a deep problem/weakness, she would support him in some kind of way.

But I've been living in America for a while...I can't comment on Europe or Asia, but here in America, what I've witnessed with most of the women I've had relations with has been something completely different. Many just can't stand the idea of weakness in men; if you tell them about your problems, what my friends and I have seen with our own eyes is that most women either become disinterested in that line of conversation - offering little to no advice or emotional support - or they outright become upset with you. It's almost as if they are living in a dream world where they believe that men don't have ridiculous problems to deal with, and that what they want most from the man is for him to provide is strength, fun, and sex...pure good emotions, but none of that icky stuff called "real-life big man problems." It's almost like a man has to be a BMW commercial with these the sense that he presents to them all of the benefits, but hides away all of the problems... like they don't exist.

I figured this out on an unconscious level a long time ago, and I'm sooooo glad to see an article confirming my observations. At first when I realized this is what was going on, it was so foreign to me, because my mental model of women was that if they truly care about you, then they'd ride or die for you and support you thru the good and the bad. And I have to admit that after realizing that most women just don't care about my deep problems, I've gotten to the point where romantic liaisons don't feel all that romantic for me...I don't feel all that excited about any one woman most of the time. It's more of "meh." I might like their company and conversation, I might enjoy the sex, but I could break up with them in an instant and not worry at all. I'm independent and solve my own problems without them anyway so what difference does not having them around make? And it's sad because my earliest relationships with women were not this way... but I've had to evolve to suit the environment that I'm in. And what's weird is that some of these women who I have little to no emotion for, who I ignore and forget about sometimes, feel STRONGLY for me as if they'd cry if I stop talking to them.

I miss the excitement, the fluttering of my heart, but the environment has changed me into a more logical, calculating individual.

The big question is WHY is it that women in America have evolved this way? What is going on? Not all women around the world behave with antagonism or indifference to man that presents problems/weakness.

Anonymous's picture

This is pretty much spot on. I believe that commercialization, social media, somewhat of a fairy tale expectations of being catered to and chased and the perceived notion that there is always a better option available simply by women (and girls) making themselves look prettier are the main reason for this, and it does suck sometimes if you're looking for a relationship here in the states.

Joseph W. South's picture

What I've discovered through research and life experience is, it's two things:

– There are biological reasons why a woman MIGHT disdain a guy if he's weak. Even in traditional countries, too much weakness would not be seen as a good thing. A man still has to get up in the morning and try, if he expects a woman's support. This is natural.

– Our culture in the western world has taken what is a natural biological phenomenon and skewed it to the point where it's barely recognizable. Just watch ten minutes of women's television and it's obvious; women are brainwashed to be ungrateful and completely independent from men.

There are deep economic and cultural reasons for this. I do not think trying to find blame is productive. If you're interested in a long-term relationship you'll want to find a woman who has a good relationship with her father. Also watch how she, her mother and her sisters act around their father. If you see a lot of eye-rolling, you can bet dollars to donuts that's what you'll have in your future. If you see admiration and respect, well, if you're the right type of man you can be reasonably confident that that woman will be the right type of woman.

There are many exceptions to the rule, of course... But when a woman sees her mother admiring and respecting her father, that's usually ingrained in the children.

Franco Lombardi's picture


I just wanted to say that this was a great article, and it has some very valuable information that I've learned over the last few years condensed into a few paragraphs.

I really hope readers take some time to sit down and read this one from beginning to end because internalizing some of this stuff will help them understand, and improve with, women.

Again, great stuff!

- Franco

Kuro's picture

Thanks for the enlightening article, Joseph. I've enjoyed all your stuff thus far.

Vulnerability is one area I struggle with. Some girls think I'm a sniveling wimp, while the rest seem to think I'm cold-blooded.

With those experiences in mind, the following sentence in your article really stood out to me. - "But it’s important to recognize this clear distinction: rare and occasional vulnerability on a usually rock-steady male is sexually attractive to females; persistent vulnerability is repulsive."

Persistent vulnerability sounds exactly like what I've been doing wrong with the women that think I'm a wimp.

Billy's picture

I went out with a woman I met off of Tinder. This was our first date. We talked for a few days on Tinder, traded numbers, date night on Thurs. Ended up meeting in Hollywood (I live in LA), spent an hour there. I noticed her body language over time changed from a bit nervous to very comfortable. Shoulders pointed to me, better eye contact, the whole works. Went to an EDM club after, things got a little closer, more playful touching. Went to a hip-hop club after and that's when the heat really turned on. Lots of grinding, and boom the first kiss came out. Danced more, kissed more etc. Dropped her home, kissed goodnight again. I asked to see her again next week and she said she'd like that. Now I texted her a few days after and she says she is working more hours this week and is unsure when she is free. Is she possibly dating multiple guys? Or should I take this at face value? I am 29, she is 28. I usually initiate the texts as well. I don't want to keep texting her to see when she is free, but I also don't want to seem as if I've gone MIA. Help? Next step? Or should I just move on and brush it off?

wardog's picture

First of all, great job!
I really like your style of writing, it's very specific, analytical and contains lots of useful information with practical advice, i think you fit this site very good so far and i'm looking forward to the things to come.

Besides that i wanted to tell you, that because of this article i started reading "Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man", i just started reading, so i can't make any further judgement on it, but there's one point that i immidiately stumbled upon in the introduction and that is this sentence: "Our book isn't for everyone. Some men are deeply angry, bitter or cynical about women in general; we can't help you."

I find this sentence completely wrong in a book like that, because it dismisses the very cause why most men are so bitter: The lack of understanding female psychology. I was one of those bitter and angry men, until one fateful day i stumbled upon this site, i began to understand why women act the way the do and all the bitterness and angriness went out the window.

- wardog

Joseph W. South's picture

I have to think whether I would write that differently today.

I think what I was trying to say was, if you're looking for woman bashing or anything that would satisfy an MGTOW mindset, you probably won't enjoy this book. We have seen both the light and the dark side of females and decided we were going to learn to love them anyway, and and try to shed the bitterness. I agree it may sound a little patronizing and lacking empathy, the way I wrote that in 2007.

Vince's picture

"...increasing drying sensation between her legs..." do you instead mean moisturizing, lubricating, wetness?

"Ridley also presents a convincing array of statistics which seem to prove that a woman is more likely to be impregnated while she is cheating than she is with her husband or long-term boyfriend."

Yeah, I've heard that many cheating women conveniently stop using contraceptives when getting fucked by a lover

Jimbo's picture

"A stable and steady boyfriend has to ejaculate inside his woman many more times in order to get her pregnant, versus a secret lover who may only have sexual relations with her once or on an occasional basis."

Hmm that's interesting. Why do you think that is though?

Joseph W. South's picture

I think it's because in general, the dangerous nature of it increases female arousal. Usually, for a man to break through a woman's anti-slut defences, her sense of social consequences, the guy has to be pretty "alpha"; he's got to have sexually attractive attributes to the extent that she's willing to risk her stable relationship.

Science has shown us that a woman is more likely to be impregnated if she's aroused sexually and especially if she has an orgasm at the same time or not too long before the man ejaculates.

A long-term lover is going to have trouble being as powerfully arousing over time. In a sense, the long-term boyfriend has "purchased" sexual access by offering stability, predictability, emotional care and so on. And ironically, by expending so much of his own value on a woman, the man's desirability will decrease over time, at least somewhat.

This isn't conscious and it doesn't mean that women won't stay sexually hot for their boyfriends or husbands over a long period of time. But it does highlight the fact that sexually active females have two often-contradictory desires within themselves at most times: the desire to be fucked properly and sometimes impregnated, and the desire for stability and comfort. BOTH desires are connected to their children, the procreation, protection and sustainability of their children. A strong alpha male makes strong, resilient children, but there is also a need for beta males to help nurture and take care of the females in the home over the long run.

Jimbo's picture

Hey. Thanks for responding.

"And ironically, by expending so much of his own value on a woman, the man's desirability will decrease over time, at least somewhat."

Right? And I guess that's the thing with value and attractiveness. Having value and power (be it money, status, popularity, authority, etc.) is attractive to a woman, but if you just give it away her attraction for it will vanish. Because by giving it up like that you're communicating that this value of yours isn't really all that valuable. It's kind of like when you spend so much time with a woman just chatting and making her feel good. What did she do to deserve that time? Are her conversational skills or ideas really that great and valuable that you're enjoying yourself just because of the talk? No she's just selling you hope that she'll put out. And that's just you being a sucker for it. And suckers aren't sexy. These guys are what Patrice O'Neal called "time hoes".

This is why I think in relationships a man should expect from the woman the same amount (though not type) of value that he gives. Like if I'm providing for you, sheltering you, all that, I expect to have a certain authority over you. Why would I pay for you on the first meet if you're not under my charge. Provision is for people under your charge, like your kids and so on. But why would I provide for a stranger? That's just being sucker.

You said "purchase", I'm okay with purchasing a woman, so long as I treat her the way I treat other things I purchase, like my car. Meaning it's mine, I take care of it but only so I can use it, I put fuel in it, make sure its health is fine, protect it from theft and disfigurement. Hell I might even rent it if that can benefit me financially or otherwise. Otherwise he'll just be seen as less of a man. In Chase's 'Asshole' article it was mentioned you should always expect/demand things in return for what you give, and that's sound advice if you don't want people to view what you give, and by extension you, as non-valuable.

Your theory about the more exciting aspect of the hookup making the woman more likely to orgasm and be impregnated makes sense.

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