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Joseph W. South struggled all his life with social anxiety and relationship problems. After going through a costly and painful divorce in 2002, he went on a search for knowledge that would help him figure out the opposite sex once and for all. He atteneded several David DeAngelo seminars live, plus bootcamps with Vin Di Carlo and The Art of Charm.

JWS (as he is known in the seduction community) then launched the Joseph W. South Show podcast. There, he interviewed dozens of dating coaches and pickup artists, from Zan Perrion, to Brent Smith, to many others.

Joseph is one of three authors of the classic book Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man. The book  was  published in 2008 and is available on Amazon Kindle (and via for the print edition). Practical Female Psychology combines knowledge about pickup, evolutionary psychology, and the vast personal experience of the authors with both short and long-term sexual relationships... and applies it to modern long-term relationships.

He offers private coaching in person and via Skype. You may reach him at

Here’s a picture of JWS on a boat with some beautiful women and some delicious chicken wings, about ten years ago.

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