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Indirect Pulls: The Low-Risk Way to Invite Girls to Your Place

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man speaking to woman at a barWhen you want to invite a woman home, but the situation is dicey, rather than risk big and go direct, use the lower risk alternative: invite her home indirectly.

There comes a time in every seduction where you must complete the seduction.

You have to be able to get together with a girl, somewhere private, where the two of you can get intimate.

If you can’t do this, all your efforts are for naught: she won’t end up with you. Sooner or later, she’ll meet someone else who can get her alone, and she will end up with him.

Thus, in many ways, the pull is one of the most crucial parts of a seduction.

It’s not without risk, either. If you try to pull a girl who isn’t ready, she’ll say “no”, and then you need to decide whether to persist (and risk running into a wall of negative compliance) or back off (and risk going backward in the seduction and losing all your momentum with her).

Sometimes you’ll be in situations where a girl has various things going on, and asking her too directly looks tone deaf, but not asking her risks her getting pulled away by the other things going on, and you losing the girl.

How do you handle such fraught scenarios, and pull off pulls despite the risks?

With indirect pulls – an under-the-radar way of both checking a girl’s willingness to go somewhere private with you and get her thinking the pull was in part or in whole her idea.

Picking Up Girls at Night Is Different from Day, Pt. 1: Vibe, Setting, & Energy

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daytime pickup vs. nighttime pickupKnowing how to pick up girls by day doesn’t always translate to picking them up well at night – and vice versa. In this series we examine the differences. Today: setting, energy, & vibe.

Night game is not day game at night time. Many men seem to struggle with night game lately, especially since night game has gone a bit out of fashion. I hear about these issues when I read night game reports or talk to guys on the forums, in the skilledseducer.com chat, and even with my students.

We’ve seen an increase in popularity of day game, with more and more men focusing on this form. Day gamers often assume that their day game knowledge will apply in night game. Obviously, some theories and techniques are relevant in both night and day game, and of course, being a good day gamer will help you in night game and vice versa. But there are major differences, and you need to be aware of them to succeed in day and night game.

And that’s what we will cover today: the major differences between night and day game, and more importantly, how night game is NOT day game at night time.

This is part one of a two-part series. Part one focuses on the major differences with calibrating to the vibe, environment, and setting. Next week’s article will focus on strategic choices that differ between night and day game.

Tactics Tuesdays: Jerking: Make Her Like You LESS

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man and woman flirting at bar[When girls like you TOO much, it can be just as bad for a seduction as when they don’t like you enough. What can you do? Mix a little ‘jerk’ into things to fix the vibe.

Here’s something for our advanced players and up.

Once you are GOOD with girls, you will start finding yourself not uncommonly in situations where women like you too much. If you are an advanced player, you already know why this is bad.

(if you’re not an advanced seducer, you can read this article for educational purposes, though it might sound rather alien to you. Trying the materials from it may lead to calibration errors for you at this point now, too. Circle back around to it once you’ve leveled up; you’ll find it more useful, I promise)

When girls like you TOO much, they start envisioning a future with you, hit the brakes, and get nervous they’re going to screw it up with you if they let you move things too fast. This can completely sink your seductions.

We’ve talked about this a lot on Girls Chase when discussing the boyfriend zone and making it clear to women you’re NOT boyfriend material.

In this article we’ll go one further: not just not being boyfriend material, but actually calibrating your attainability to make sure the women you talk to don’t like you TOO much.

We’ll do that by using a range of tactics that, taken together, we can politely call “jerking.”

Meeting Women in Noisy Nightlife Venues, Part 2: Dealing with Noise

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man and woman smiling in crowded nightclubIt’s tough to talk in a noisy environment. Follow these dos and do nots and you’ll be able to communicate with women despite the din around you.

Hey guys. Welcome back.


I. Voice

  1. Tonality

NEW VIDEO: Picking Up Girls in Your Day-to-Day Life, Part 3

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Are you ready to be “always on”?

This is a subject guys have asked me about over and over again for YEARS.

As soon as guys get into game, they start realizing there are beautiful women everywhere around them. They start getting approach invitations from women in random, unexpected places. And they beat themselves up over and over for missing those wide open opportunities, all because they weren’t “on”.

“Always on” is something of the Holy Grail for pickup-lifestyle integration. If you can achieve it, you become an absolute girl-gathering machine. But HOW do you do it?

In this video, the first premium video in the “day-to-day life” series, I lay it out:

  • How close to “100% always on” can you realistically get? I discuss from a realistic perspective, then lay out the path to actually getting there

  • The secret of “social mode”, and how to use it to keep yourself in the “on” state throughout the day. Hint: once your life is set up right, this becomes almost automatic

  • Creating social momentum during an ordinary day. What sort of interactions work for this, versus which are simply momentum “dead ends”?

  • 9 powerful ways to get your social mode thrumming that apply to any lifestyle. Use these to keep your social engine running, so you can spring into action any time a random good-looking girl shows up – shooting signals at you or otherwise

This video’s premium, which means you’re going to need a GirlsChase.TV subscription to watch it. Pick that up in the next 3 days and you’ll be paying only $12.47 per month for it (it goes up to $15/month next week).

A GirlsChase.TV subscription gets you access to all the highest quality exclusive content on GirlsChase.TV, including regular new videos by me. We’ve got four more videos left in this series on picking up girls in your day-to-day life to come… then after it comes the course every guy’s been asking me to do for the last seven or eight years: Fantastic Fundamentals, a GirlsChase.TV exclusive where we look at each and every fundamental in isolation, to get your attractive persona so ridiculously sexy girls will swoon the moment you step into the room.

Here’s our video on being “always on”:

NEW VIDEO: Picking Up Girls in Your Day-to-Day Life, Part 2

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In Part 2 of my series on Picking Up Girls in Your Day-to-Day Life, I go over the five (5) most COMMON mistakes men make trying to make daily pickups a part of their routine.

These mistakes are easy to make, but they’ll sabotage you quick if you make them, due to the “mental effect”: you do things wrong, it doesn’t work, and you soon conclude, “Well, I guess it just can’t work for me,” and give up.

Or – perhaps worse still – you just keep doing it wrong, and keep not getting good results from it at all, sucking up time you could’ve used to meet heaps of desirable women instead.

In this video I cover:

  • The mistake of not changing your habits… plus why this is so detrimental for pickup-daily life integration, and WHAT habits you need to change to integrate

  • Lacking a NATURAL way to interact with lots of people (i.e., having a large “social net”, like we talk about in Part 5), limiting their abilities to meet others

  • The problem of “over-pickiness.” Guys with the fewest women in their lives tend to be the pickiest daters… but this pickiness doesn’t help you pick better; over-picky guys often don’t date anyone at all!

  • Too-passive behavior when it comes to proposing things, getting contact info, or following up (and exactly why this condemns your day-to-day pickup efforts)

  • Hoping (or expecting) to “magically run into” women like in the movies… yet an integrated lifestyle that reliably funnels you women requires FORESIGHT to construct!

Watch it here:

Meeting Women in Noisy Nightlife Venues, Part 1: Avoiding Noise

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people partying in a crowded nightclubHow do you meet women in noisy venues? Step 1: avoid the noisiest venues, if at all possible. Step 2: if not possible, look for islands of (relative) quiet within them.

Hey guys and welcome back.

Today we will discuss night game.

One of the most common issues in night game is the noise level. Bars and especially clubs can be noisy. For this reason, many tend to favor other ways of meeting women, such as day game.

Those who prefer night game often ask me how to deal with the noise. Most asking me are beginners and are frustrated that they cannot run their game as they want because noise hinders them. More experienced seducers know how to handle the noise and likely use the tricks and advice I will share with you next. Yet they also wonder about how they can tackle this issue better and find more useful ways to navigate the noise level.

I plan to split this guide into two parts. Today we will go over how to avoid the noise as much as possible. Next week I will share tips on handling the problem head-on. Combining these two aspects will result in fewer problems meeting and seducing girls in a loud environment. So I consider both articles to be equally important.

You may think that all you need are a few tools to deal with noise by using your voice, tonality, and pace differently. Even though this will help, it only addresses part of the problem. Because there is no way to remove the noise completely, we need to apply several tools to lessen the problem.

This post is for players of all levels, beginners and masters alike.

NEW VIDEO: Picking Up Girls in Your Day-to-Day Life, Part 1

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For many years guys have asked me, “How do I integrate meeting women into my day-to-day life?”

It’s one of the biggest head-scratchers for guys who’ve been into seduction for a while. Once you’re past that initial hump of basics, where you’re going out often and getting the skill set down, you kind of want to start having approaching women be more a normal part of your life (rather than something you go out expressly to do).

How do you make that transition though? How do you reach the point where you are “on” and able to approach women as you see them throughout the day (and not have it be weird)?

I have at long last gotten around to answering this question – and I did it in customary deep, comprehensive, yet still concrete and tactical form.

Allow me to introduce you to “Picking Up Girls in Your Day-to-Day Life,” a seven-part video series exclusively on GirlsChase.TV.

Part 1, just released today, is here:

4 Smooth Ways to Reframe Her Objections to Casual Sex

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resistance to casual sexWhen a woman objects that she doesn’t do casual sex or one-night stands, what can you do or say? In fact, there are several things – delivered right, they may completely change her view.

Hey guys and welcome back. Today we are going to discuss technical stuff. I will share some simple techniques that are relatively easy to pull off yet very efficient.

These techniques counter a certain form of resistance you may have faced: resistance to having sex the first night, spontaneous, casual sex, and one-night stands. You are opting for a same night/day lay, and she resists.

If this sounds familiar, the techniques I will share today will benefit you.

Perhaps you are having a conversation about sex, and she mentions that she is into casual sex or needs sex with feelings (all sex involves feelings, but she is really saying “sex with significant and romantic feelings). I do not consider this resistance because you are not escalating the vibe. She is just trying to set her own frame or test yours.

Nevertheless, these techniques, or “reframes” will help. You are welcome to use the exact reframe language I share, but you may also try variations or make up your own. This is why I try to explain the mechanism of the technique.

Why'd She Reject You? The 3 "Rejection Factors"

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women on bench rejecting male suitorMost men mix up women’s different reasons for rejection into one big (confusing) soup. But if you want to stop getting rejected, you need to tease out the different rejection factors.

You see a girl you like the looks of.

You approach.

She rejects you.

Why did she reject you?

There's always a reason for it.

If you understood that reason, you could correct for it, and avoid future rejections from future girls who look like her.

Most guys will pick any old reason out of the sky ("I'm too ____" or "I'm not _____ enough!"). Or they may ask women why they rejected them, which only gets them the most superficial reasons, not the root reasons.

Yet there is a way to discern her TRUE reason for rejecting you... roughly-speaking, anyhow... that way you can zoom in on correcting it with the next women you talk to.