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What to Do When Girls Run a Jealousy Plotline on You

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handling jealousy plotlinesSometimes you’ll approach girls, only to have them flirt with other guys and try to make you jealous. What do you do? Ignore it… or, pull out the BIG guns.

Hey guys and welcome back.

Last week we discussed handling congruence and compliance tests. We also covered “weird tests” when a girl puts you in tricky catch-22 situations. I went through the more common tests, although some tests are unique and require case studies like in this post.

Today I want to resume my discussion about tests. We will address a common but frustrating test called the jealousy plot test. This test occurs when the girl you are with talks to other guys in front of you, even when you have a good hook going.

I won’t waste time describing the situation. If you have been going out for a while, you likely have experienced it.

This situation is more common during night game and social circle gatherings.

Passing Women’s Tests: Congruence & Compliance Tests

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TEXTIn romance, sometimes women will test you. They test to see what kind of man you are… but some of their tests are tough. How do you pass them? With these tactics…

Hey guys, and welcome back.

Today I’ll discuss my go-to methods for handling tests. I will cover my three favorite methods and share examples.

Last week, we went over common reasons women test:

  • For congruence – if you are who you say you are.

  • For compliance – to see how compliant you are to them. If you are too compliant, it signifies they have the full power of the interaction and may use you at will. It can also mean that you are a sucker, not a “real” man.

  • As a challenge – to place you in a challenging situation and see how you react. This test screens for attractive traits.

  • For limits – linked to testing for compliance. They will use rude behavior to see how you respond. Women seeking very dominant males may screen for this character trait.

We will cover these techniques today:

  1. Congruence
  2. Compliance

These techniques can be useful for other tests, too. However, from my experience, they are best suited for the two types listed above. However, there are other situations when they may work. I will give examples later.

50 Pickup Lines & Teasing One-Liners Compendium [2022]

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pickup linesPickup lines, flirtatious comebacks, and witty one-liners: all the stuff of good teasing and flirtation. Use these 50 one-liners as a springboard for your own flirtations.

Compendium of pickup lines and other flirtatious one-liners for use in 2022 and beyond.

Night Game and Sleep

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night game and sleepWhen you’re out late at night, it’s bound to effect your sleep. A veteran night gamer shares tips on staying out late regularly without ruining your daylight hours.

Hey guys. Welcome back.

Today I want to discuss lifestyle choices.

Many guys want to try night game. But the usual concern I hear is that they have standard 9–5 jobs, and it’s hard to go out.

I must start by saying that this excuse is invalid. If people have daytime jobs, which they do, and if that’s why they can’t go out, then how come the nightlife is not dead?

Considering that most people have these jobs, and many go out at night (especially girls), why can’t you?

Most people go out at night, especially those higher in the social echelon, like higher-value guys and hot girls. They have more fun in clubs than lower echelon people, including weirdos and geeks. But few of them go out twice a week EVERY weekend.

Yet this is what full-time night gamers do.

I understand that this is perhaps not “9-5 job friendly.” Unless you apply certain measures, it can ruin your sleep and health in the long run. This post is for anyone who wants to become a full-time night gamer. I’ll discuss how to do it while still preserving your health. Even if you don’t have a job that allows you to sleep during the day, this post is still for you.

You don’t need to become a full-time night gamer (going out twice or three times a week). You can go out once a week or once every two weeks—neither option clashes with the standard professional lifestyle. Nevertheless, if this is you, this post is for you.

If you do not occasionally go out at night, you are not taking pickup and seduction seriously and likely will not become a high-level seducer. Night game is amazing because it allows you to get lots of field experience quickly. You’ll find plenty of targets packed in one place. It’s a form of game that forces you to think and act quickly and apply the most techniques. It is pickup on steroids. There are no good seducers who do not do night game occasionally or haven’t done it before. This goes for day gamers too. After all, you don’t want to miss out on the hottest girls!

Let’s talk about going out at night while still maintaining your health. It all starts with developing healthy lifestyle choices.

How to Pick Up Girls in High-End Venues

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picking up girls in high-end venuesHigh-end venues can intimidate. Everyone’s dressed up, and girls don’t signal to approach. Yet, with game, these venues get easier to pick up girls in.

A few weeks ago, I shared a post about picking up girls in meet markets. Today, I’ll follow up by covering pick-up in higher-end venues. The more a place is a meet market, the more my previous advice applies. Similarly, the higher end the place is, the more today’s advice applies.

You’ll also find places somewhere in between both types, and elements of both may apply. I cannot write a post for every venue on earth, so you must rely on your gut feeling, observations, and trial and failure.

Like my initial post on meet markets, we will discuss the stereotype of real high-end venues.

I delayed writing this post because it was important to share two posts first:

  • Knowing how to get into higher-end venues. A big part of the “high-end venue game” is understanding how to get in. It’s easier said than done, so check out last week’s post if you haven’t already.

Remember that game is game at the end of the day, and we are talking about adjustments, not a full 180-degree switch. It is a matter of calibration. You do not need to relearn game from scratch just to go to the high-end venues.

It just requires a few outings, a few moments of reflection, preferably reading posts like these, then chatting with other co-seducers with experience with such venues to handle them without problems.

Tactics Tuesdays: Tease Her About Wanting to Get Rid of Her

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woman making shocked expressionIf you like to tease girls, you’ll like this one: teasing her by implying you want to get rid of her or get her away. Not only can this be a fun, playful tease – it is also a chase frame.

I was reminded to write a post on a favored form of teasing by a recent report on our forum.

In it, the thread starter (Fluxcapacitor) relentlessly teases the girl he ultimately beds by implying that either:

  1. He wants to get rid of her, or

  2. He thinks she is a pariah in general

For example:

Girl: (eagerly) I'm going to Pub X!

Flux: Oh cool, I know to avoid there then.


Girl: Oh well it sucks to be you! (playfully with a giggle)

Flux: It actually does! Then I come out here and bump into you! It just gets worse!

And another:

Girl: I know, I know. But this is where the cool people come.

Flux: I'm surprised they let you in (playful look)

Here's one more:

Girl: It sucks to be you.

Flux: It actually does, and now I've just spent all night with you, how bad is that?!

As a guy who enjoys giving girls a good ribbing, this kind of teasing is one I quite like too.

Today, we're going to take a quick look at how this "get rid of her" / "she's a pariah" teasing works.

How to Screen a Girl's Logistics

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screen a woman's logisticsKnowing a woman’s logistics is important to not waste time. Not all women are logistically available. Logistical screens come in two flavors: visual and verbal.

One of the more important strategic abilities in seduction is that of logistics screening.

Your average guy has little ability to screen women for logistics. The result is that he wastes a lot of time talking to women who are logistically unavailable. Meanwhile, women who were far more logistically available slip away from him, unnoticed and unapproached.

A man who’s skilled at logistical screening, on the other hand, saves time, saves heartache, and enables himself to scoop up women with a consistency a more “logistically blind” man can only dream of.

How do you develop this ability to sniff out a woman’s logistics, and focus on the women who are more available (instead of the ones who aren’t)?

You learn the signs to look for – and the information to seek out.

Chase's 14 Basic Approaching Rules for Pickup Newbies

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man feeling anxious about approaching woman on the streetWhen you’re new to approaching women, it can be tough to know which girls to meet. Use these 14 basic approaching rules to know when to go in and what to do.

The other day I wrote an article with a few rules on how to start doing day game.

It was clear from the reactions that there are newer guys who struggle with some of the most basic rules around approaching. I haven’t really gone into a lot of these before because:

  • I just figured these rules out naturally as I approached and I find guys who are doing the fieldwork tend to figure them out naturally too, and

  • These rules can be bent or broken as you get more experienced, so why write a list of rules that are only worth sticking to for new guys? I don’t want to give guys more rules that become constraints later on

But it occurs to me now that guys who are pretty new maybe want some constraints to better focus their approaching to get more from it coming out of the gates.

In the past I’ve talked a fair bit about having an overall process for approaching, such as in my article on how to approach a girl… but I haven’t really talked about some of the most basic rules of beginner-level approach targeting.

So I’ve conjured up the most basic approaching rules I could… and I’ve assembled together a list of 14 basic approaching maxims I recommend pickup newbies to follow.

Nightlife Staff: Least Important to Most Important

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TEXTSome nightlife staff are more worth knowing than others. So who do you really need to know? The DJ? Bartender? Promoter? The right connections make nightlife much easier…

Hey guys and welcome back.

Last week, I discussed how to deal with meat markets, and the week before, I went over how non-selective meat markets compare to selective, higher-end venues.

It would have been natural to follow up on how to pick up in higher-end venues since this would be a good contrast to how it works in typical meat markets.

But today’s post is not about that for a couple of reasons:

  • What is the point in discussing those venues if most of you are unable to get into them?

  • Getting in, as well as “gaming” in those venues involves social circle game. You need to know some staff or key contacts to get in. Knowing these people will greatly assist you.

Therefore, I decided to write two posts before getting to my “how to pick up in high-end venues” guide. First, I’ll cover dealing with venue staff, and next, how to get into these selective places.

Today, let’s review how to deal with the venue’s staff. Whom should you befriend? How do you befriend them?

This post will not cover much revolutionary information, but it will contain many tips you can implement today.

The list below ranks venue staff from least important to most important.

How to Start Doing Day Game & Meet Girls by Day

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TEXTNew to day game? It may seem scary to begin. All those girls rushing around during day… And no natural, unawkward way to meet them! Fortunately, it’s easier to begin than it seems…

We’re just about to rerelease our killer day game course “Meet Girls Everywhere” (or MGE), with expert day game coach Hector Castillo. MGE’s an awesome training course you’re sure to love if you’re at all interested in meeting girls by day.

Today I figured I’d talk a little about first starting day game, because it’s one of the common hurdles guys new to day game face: “How do I begin doing day game?”

Going to parties or nightlife is one thing. You’ll have anxiety around approaching there, but pound back a few brewskis or get your wingman to cheer you on or pull you into one of his sets and before you know it you’re talking to girls.

Day game is different. There’s no social atmosphere there. Women aren’t standing around waiting for an approach. Many of them are busy, many are distracted, and few are expecting to talk to someone. It can feel ‘wrong’ striking up a conversation with a stranger… isn’t doing so intrusive? Aren’t you supposed to not talk to strangers? You’re supposed to go to special walled environments like bars to do that, not outside in the open air!

It's a little silly when you think about it, because for millions of years of hominid evolution, we sure didn’t have rules of “you cannot talk to women outside of walled edifices serving fermented hops.” For one, we didn’t have walls… For another, we also did not have barrels of fermented anything, let alone ice cubes and little umbrellas to stick in them.

Getting started with day game is thus a bit like becoming an evolutionary throwback… One leaves aside the polite rules and unspoken strictures of modern society, and becomes a little bit of a caveman roaming the streets 10,000 years into the future.