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How to Know If You'll Succeed: How Many Men Do It?

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know if you'll succeedThat way you meet girls… how many other men are doing it? What’s the competition like? Often, if you’re willing to be strategic, you can raise your odds above other men.

Here's a simple metric to go by when selecting a new niche to meet women in:

How many folks are doing it?

Few guys seem to ask themselves this before they dive into things.

They just dive in.

Nevertheless, with a little due diligence before selecting a niche, you can save yourself mountains of extra work... and frustration.

Night Game’s 5 BIG Benefits (+ How It Differs from Day Game)

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night game benefitsNight game doesn’t always get a lot of love. But it has a lot of love to give. Here are 5 big benefits of night gaming… plus how night game differs from meeting girls by day.

Hey guys, and welcome back.

Considering night game is not getting much love lately, I am dedicating two posts to it to give it the love it merits. I want to convince those who aren’t into it to give it a chance. Trust me; you are missing out—just AS MUCH as those night gamers who’ve never tried day game.

What is amazing about the field of seduction and pickup is that you have a vast library of knowledge, theories, techniques, and different playing grounds with different dynamics. Various “weapons” (seduction tools) work differently in certain scenarios, while new maps will give you a unique experience. This may confuse many, but the truth is, they are just different tools—similar to a video game where you can choose the weapons that fit you best!

This makes it all exciting and fun. I had a night game student who struggled and was getting demotivated. I told him, “Hey, why don’t you try day game for a bit?” He was hesitant but eventually went for it. The change of scenery and dynamics gave him more results and made him excited again—soon, he became a better night gamer.

I see no reason why this shouldn’t work the other way around. The true seducer is the guy who masters the trifecta: social circles, day game, and night game. An advanced guy will specialize in one field (or multiple). You are wrong if you think Hector Castillo, our social circle (and day game) expert, has never done night game and pulled from it. You are equally wrong if you think that Dan, our major day game expert, has never practiced night game.

Be open-minded. Try out things and give them a chance. Stubbornness never helped anyone in this field.

Here are more reasons why night game is amazing.

Debunked: 7 Common Myths About Night Game

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night game mythsMeeting girls via night game is loud, chaotic, boozy, hard, exhausting, and trashy… right? It can be… but only if you’re doing it wrong. It can ALSO be so much more…

Hey guys.

Lately, I have realized that aside from online game (mostly apps), which I don’t think are good for seduction, that day game has grown in popularity.

(Read Chase’s posts and mine for more details on using apps for seduction)

I do consider day game a fantastic way to meet girls. I won’t trash day game since it is a legit and efficient type of game. I have the utmost respect for good day gamers.

I used to practice day game back in the day and met my first real girlfriend on the bus. I once met a girl during day game who I had a threesome with on the second date. I have had instant pulls.

Even though I have dropped day game in favor of night game, it does not mean I am clueless about day game. I understand the benefits and cons.

I am not fond of day game because I am mostly busy then. I tend to be a night owl, so I am not in a good mood during the day and am usually sleepy and tired. I tend to find day game a bit dull as the process is slower. I am not saying it is less efficient than night game. In day game, you deal with FAR fewer wildcards than in night game. For me, night game is more action-packed and high-paced. Night game is pickup and seduction on STEROIDS. Any day gamer will accept this statement, even though they may not like it.

I have noticed over the years that fewer men are veering away from night game. I‘m not sure why. Perhaps it is because of the YouTube trend where cringey guys use neo-direct game, filming their one out of 200 successful approach attempts on the street. This form of game is unlikely to work in night game since they will get harshly rejected over and over. This will worsen due to negative social proof as other girls see them get rejected repeatedly, making other girls more likely to reject them in turn.

Fun fact: I saw one of those famous YouTube seducers in-field, running his stupid game—only to eventually have girls avoid and reject him before he even approached since every girl was scared of him. Worst-case scenario, you will get kicked out by the bouncer.

But neo-direct game doesn’t work in clubs, and it doesn’t work in day game anyway, so this should not be a reason to avoid night game. I honestly do not know why men are looking away from night game, but please share your reasons in the comment section.

Today I will share the pros and cons of night game. In this post, I will try to debunk a few myths and misunderstandings of night game, and help you see that those perceived cons are not bad. In my next article, I will discuss the many benefits of night game.

As you will see, it is better than you thought.

Pickup Problems Faced by Intermediate Seducers

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pickup problemsIntermediate-level playboys have problems too. Their problems picking up women are different from beginners. They get some success now… but now come the plateaus, inconsistency, and ego.

Hey guys, welcome back.

Today I want to address a rarely discussed subject: issues intermediate and advanced players face with their learning curves. We often talk about difficulties beginners face, such as approach and escalation anxiety, lack of motivation and confidence, and even becoming depressed.

I know coaches who specialize in helping beginners. They spend time motivating them and playing the role of a therapist so beginners deal with whatever issue they may face while teaching them the basic skillset.

Many products are also geared toward beginners. They give a basic understanding of social dynamics and teach them the fundamentals of pickup and seduction.

Fewer products or coaching programs are dedicated to intermediate practitioners and even fewer to advanced guys. I will get to why that is.

I am careful about calling a top-tier advanced guy a student since they might hire me as a consultant to get an external perspective or learn about something I specialize in to master a new area.

Take a moment to jot down some challenges these two groups of students face. Then I will share a few words on dealing with these issues.

The 4 Best Ways to Introduce Girls to Your Wingman

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wingman introsThere are four good ways to introduce your wingman to girls. Which you choose will depend on how well (or not) the girls have responded to you so far.

How do you approach girls with a wingman?

If you're like a lot of unskilled guys, you'll both go barreling in at once, distracting and possibly intimidating the girls.

The girls are then forced to divide their attention between two guys, and you and your 'wingman' end up in a de facto competition to try to get the girls' attention onto yourselves.

For obvious reasons, this is not so effective.

Another way I've seen guys do it wrong is the one guy opens, and the other just stands out in space and never introduces himself or gets introduced.

Not much good you can do as a wing when you're never in the conversation to, you know, wing.

What we want is to get your wingman in there with you, in a way that helps you with the girl you want and (assuming her friend is cute) sets him up to succeed with her friend too.

We need a little more strategy for this than "both guys go talk at once" or "one guy talks and the other just waits, possibly forever."

Let's talk about opening things with a wingman properly.

Can You Get Every Girl?

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get every girlIs it possible to attain every girl if you get good enough with women? Or are there limits? A realistic look at the upper echelons of ladykilling skills.

Hey guys.

Today I would like to offer a few words about what is achievable and what we can hope to attain in pickup and seduction. There are two schools of thought on this subject.

The first is the pessimistic view that a girl is either into you or not, and at the first sign of a challenge, you need to consider it a rejection.

And the other is the optimistic view that you can get any girl.

Both these extremes are flawed. I will attempt to show you why and then present my view.

We will approach this by covering both views first and discussing why each is flawed. Then I will give you my perspective, which is a synthesis of both.

Meet Girls Spots and the Cheerleader Effect

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meet girls spots & the cheerleader effectMen gravitate to places filled with hot girls to do their approaching. Such venues are rarely the best place to meet girls… but men keep going due to the cheerleader effect.

We had a conversation on the forum the other day about better spots to meet women where your odds of successful hookups are higher.

At one point in the conversation Alek Rolstad noted that he's always had the HIGHEST odds of meeting girls who are straightforward to pick up in gay-friendly nightlife venues. That's been my experience too.

A member who's struggled to get traction picking up girls in-field (having been more of a dating app guy) commented that women in gay clubs in the US are "trashy" and that perhaps it's different in Europe.

It's true, there are some trashy women in gay-friendly US clubs. There are nevertheless some genuinely hot women there, too, and they are far easier to get together with there than they are just about anywhere else.

Thing is, most guys won't go to these places.

It's not even just because "there's gay guys there and I don't want people to think I'm gay."

Instead, it's because of something else, that affects men in all their types of venue selection:

Most guys don't pick the venues where it's easiest to get laid.

Most men, rather, gravitate toward venues where the cheerleader effect is on fullest display.

How to Be Consistent Picking Up Girls

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pickup consistencyThere are many ways to be more consistent when out picking up women. More seductive tools, greater awareness of your surroundings, less reliance on mood, and more.

Hey guys. Welcome back.

This post is for advanced guys or those who want to work their way into the advanced level.

I’ve written much about consistency and getting results consistently before. I’ve also written about getting a high meet-to-lay ratio (how many you meet compared to how many you seal the deal with).

Both are closely correlated since a higher meet-to-lay ratio means more consistency.

Getting a high meet-to-lay ratio and becoming consistent correlates with how tight your game is and how good you are with women.

I’ve mentioned that calibration was the key to the high meet-to-lay ratio, and thus consistency. I want to elaborate on what leads to consistency. So today, I’ll discuss what makes one consistent.

First, a few words on the meet-to-lay ratio.

Tactics Tuesdays: Opener Cycling

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opener cyclingIf at first your opener doesn’t hook, try, try again. That’s the basis of opener cycling: using more than one opener on one girl. Don’t just open weak then plow.

Not every time you open a girl will she open with gusto.

Sometimes all you get is a blasé response.

She doesn't reject you, per se, but she isn't exactly ready to dive into a conversation.

You may want to just move on from a girl who's disinterested like this on the opener.

However, what if you want to persist?

If you just stand there and keep talking to her in the same way that failed to engage her the first time around, it doesn't work (I tried plenty of times as a beginner!).

Instead, you can use something I call 'opener cycling'... where you break up your early conversation, staccato-style, to attempt a variety of openers to see if you can't get her to hook.

Tactics Tuesdays: Back Turns and Freeze Outs

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back turns and freeze outsIf a girl is being snippy or you’ve hit a wall with her, make her chase you with a back turn… or just simply freeze her out.

There are a couple of old seduction community tactics I'd like to talk about today:

Back turns and freeze outs.

These are useful tactics when used correctly.

When used incorrectly they can make you look bitter at times, clownish at others.

The most key element of a successful back turn or freeze out thus is calibration: timing it right, using it correctly, and not doing it too short or too long.