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Picking Up Girls In Meet Markets

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woman looking over her shoulder and smiling in nightclubMeet markets can seem like appealing places to head to to pick up girls. But how do you up your odds here without relying just on luck?

July was an amazing month in Paris. Tons of tourists merging with the Parisian local population generated an amazing nightlife.

After the COVID lockdowns, I am finally settled in this beautiful city and have access to great venues.

One is David Lynch’s club, Silencio, one of Europe’s, if not the world’s most exclusive and hard to get into places: amazing crowd, crazy hot girls, and good venue logistics. I’ve been there three times and pulled twice, which is a good score for any venue.

I frequent selective clubs, which usually have pickers selecting the crowd. I prefer these venues to the typical “meet markets” because they have a higher concentration of hot girls plus a good women-to-men ratio—very beneficial. They typically have better in-venue logistics than meet markets, which often consist of one big room, much noise, and chaos, although there are exceptions.

Negative Social Proof: 9 Anti-Social Signals NOT to Send

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woman rejecting a man at a bar, giving him negative social proofWhen you go out, look lonely, and pile up obvious rejections, people notice, especially in social places. What can you do to avoid this ‘negative social proof’ while out?

You’re likely familiar with the concept of ‘social proof’.

Social proof is the principle whereby people like, trust, and feel more comfortable with people and choices that are already approved (proofed) by others (social).

Social proof is a useful advantage to have. While the concept can seem a little abstract, its real world results can be vast. Good social proof can lead to:

  • Much warmer receptions from those you approach

  • More ‘slack’ cut for you in your interactions

As good as social proof can be, it’s a double-edged sword, yet its other edge is little discussed: the woman-repulsing bane of negative social proof.

High-End Venues vs. Meet Markets

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high-end venues vs. meet marketsGoing out to meet women? The nightlife venue you choose has a big impact on your odds. Meet markets are good for lower level playboys, but at elite levels, selective is where it’s at.

Hey guys, welcome back. Today I’ll discuss night game.

As you know, venue selection is a crucial part of night game. Selecting the wrong venue (whether it’s not suited for you and your game or just a poor choice) will greatly affect your night and may determine whether your night is successful—or not.

I have written plenty on venue selection and calibration, so I will not repeat myself here.

Today I’ll compare the differences between selective clubs and typical “meet markets.” Which places are the best for pick up? I’ll go over the pros and cons of both types.

Many men dislike more selective places because they can be intimidating. Some men perceive that girls are harder to get there. Some of these girls tend to be more beautiful and seem more reserved. They do not seem to openly flirt or show a sexual vibe.

On the other hand, the typical meet markets tend to have a sexual vibe and girls may be more sexually open and willing to flirt. More importantly, the places are far less intimidating.

So, which places are the best? Most guys starting out in night game tend to favor typical meet markets. Beginners usually go to those venues—the same with intermediate guys. We will get to why that is shortly.

Elite night gamers tend to favor selective venues. There are some exceptions to the rule, but generally, the exceptions are good reasons for not sticking to the norm.

Strategic Calibration: Flexibility in Seduction

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strategic flexibility in seductionWhen the strategy you’re using with a woman doesn’t work, you can keep trying variations of it… or you can switch things up, & be “strategically flexible.”

Welcome back. In this series, we’ve previously discussed how to calibrate strategically. You can calibrate your technical choices depending on the situation. Many men who start getting good at this tend to apply the wrong technique to the wrong circumstance. They try to smash in a nail with a screwdriver: it works, but it requires extra work, and the results are not as good.

In our last article, we discussed understanding which technique to use and when.

Today’s post covers what to do when a technique does not work on a girl in certain situations. I came across this masterpiece by our own beloved Chase, who posted about this subject on the forums not long ago.

Instead of repeating everything Chase said, I decided to make this post a commentary on Chase’s original post while adding my contributions. All quotations are from Chase’s original post.

When Girls Try to Implicitly Reject You

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girl implicitly rejects youIf she implies she’s rejecting you, it isn’t always over. Follow this guide to know when to walk away… versus when to draw out her true objection & overcome it.

Not every rejection you get from a girl is explicit.

Many will be implicit.

Explicit rejections sound like this:

  • “I have a boyfriend.”
  • “I’m not dating right now.”
  • “Sorry, I’m not interested.”

Implicit rejections, though, sound like this:

  • “I don’t really live around here.”
  • “I think I’m a lot younger than you.”
  • “You’re not really the type I go for.”

Implicit rejections are a double-edged sword: they’re considerate, because they allow you to exit the conversation while saving some face… yet at the same time they deny you a clear objection to counter and can at times feel more like you’re bailing due to lack of skill or social pressure than due to rejection.

This article will be about when to push through implicit rejections and seek a true objection you can counter to improve your prospects with the girl, versus when to simply accept the implied rejection and walk away.

Strategic Calibration: Using the Right Techniques at the Right Time

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man deciding on pickup technique to useA big part of calibration is deploying the right tactics for the right situations. You must be able to tailor the way you talk to girls & what you do with them to contexts.

Hey guys, and welcome back.

Today, I’m continuing on the topic of calibration and will focus on strategic calibration: knowing what technique to use and when. Sometimes what you should do is clear: X happens, so you apply solution A. But sometimes, it is not straightforward, and this is what I will shed some light on with this article.

Calibration is not something you can describe fully with words. It isn’t easy to teach because you can only learn calibration through field experience since it relies on you making calls depending on multiple variables. Nevertheless, I hope this and future posts will facilitate your learning process.

I’ll discuss what strategy you should rely on and when by going through different contexts. Next week, we will discuss how to tackle various forms of resistance and calibrate accordingly. I doubt this post will cover many new techniques for the most seasoned reader. However, it can serve as a recap or shed some new light on current knowledge.

What to do and when to do it has been covered in the past, for instance:

  • Posts about venue calibration: what strategies to use in different venues with varying social dynamics. Should you opt for social proof-based game? Verbal game? Non-verbal game? Physical plus light verbal game? It depends on the venue. This information should serve as THE starting point in your overall strategic assessment (keep in mind that events may cause you to change strategy as your outing progresses).

  • Posts about factors to focus on at different interaction phases. For instance, during the early phases, you should focus on opening successfully, hooking, and finally isolating. This post covers more on this dimension and builds on things we’ve discussed in the past (although we will go more in-depth today).

NEW VIDEO: Picking Up Girls in Your Day-to-Day Life, Part 7

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The seventh and final installment in my GirlsChase.TV video series “Picking Up Girls in Your Day-to-Day Life” is here.

In this (free) video I arm you with eight (8) great tips to bolster your results as you use the daily-life pickup tips we covered in the other videos in the series.

In the video, you’ll discover:

  • How ACTIVE (or not) you have to be to pull this type of lifestyle off. Hint: you don’t have to be a “super extrovert” to make daily life pickup a reality

  • What to do to keep your day-to-day life picking up even when you’re busy (or if you’re someone who simply doesn’t like socializing a lot)

  • An important “activities” tip that lets you avoid burn out. Follow this tip to keep your daily life picking up fun & easy!

  • The “burning the candle at both ends” problem – I ran into this while “integrating” and wish I knew then the advice I have for you here…

  • Why it’s so key you actually LIKE the people you’re building your lifestyle with (you can get into “volume” lifestyle building, but the liking consideration is very important)

  • Doing your socializing in “bursts” rather than always being the social guy all the time – how to do this (without losing momentum) and who this “uneven” style is suited for

  • One thing to keep an eye out for WHILE doing your pickup and socializing… many guys overlook this, but it gives the guys who don’t a great extra “edge” and benefit!

  • A final lesson on building an integrated pickup/daily lifestyle that suits YOU, not one that is completely carbon-copied from me or someone else

This final video is a FREE installment in the series, which you can watch even if you’re not a GirlsChase.TV Premium subscriber.

Of course, you’ll still need a subscription to watch the really meaty Parts 3-6 in the series… but if you don’t have one yet you can watch this video + Parts 1 & 2.

Here’s my video on daily life pickup bonus tips & tidbits:

Strategic Calibration: 3 Levels of Seductive Adjustment

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strategic calibrationThere are three levels of calibration in seduction, and they all matter: the micro, meso, and macro levels. You must calibrate each level for a truly optimal seductive strategy.

Hey guys.

What to Do When a Girl Brags, Boasts, or Shows Off

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girl pointing and braggingSometimes girls brag. But not always for the same reason. How can you tell WHY she’s bragging… and what the appropriate response to that is?

Most of the time you probably think of bragging as being a male behavior.

Most of the time you’d be right.

Sometimes, though, it isn’t. Sometimes girls brag, too.

There are different reasons why women will do it, and while we’ll discuss those, we aren’t overly concerned with them here today.

Instead, what we’re concerned with today is something different:

What to do when a girl brags to you.

Picking Up Girls at Night Is Different from Day, Pt. 2: Strategies Unique to Night Game

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female bartender mixing drinkDay game strategies can work at night… in some situations. Yet there are strategies unique to night game, and if you’ll do night game, you’ll want to take full advantage.

Night game is not day game done at night. Last week I shared why this is by focusing on the overall dynamics of vibe and social codes. Today, I want to dig deeper and discuss how night game and day game differ and, more importantly, how you can learn these differences to avoid making unnecessary mistakes in night game so you get the most out of night game.

This post is for day gamers trying to convert to night game or want to give night game a shot (and you should because it is fun and will make you a better day gamer!). Seasoned night gamers may benefit from this post, too.

I will explain how the tactics for day and night game differ strategically.